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Brighton abolishes gender

28 October 2012

7:51 PM

28 October 2012

7:51 PM

Yet more exciting news from my favourite city, Brighton. Maybe I should do a weekly Brighton update. Or maybe we should just leave them alone and ignore them; it is not a bad thing to have a large proportion of Britain’s most irritating people corralled in one ghastly laager. I don’t mean the poftahs, by the way. I mean the rest of them.

Anyway, the local council is planning to abolish the titles Mr and Mrs. This is because Brighton, apparently, has a large number of residents who for one reason or another are unable to choose which one of the two they are. They sit there, pen in hand, quite stumped. The proposal is for all official documentation to be addressed to “Mx”. But why stick with the reactionary, fascistic, patriarchal, M? Surely they should get rid of that as well? A local transgender activist, Steph Scott, was delighted by the move. ‘Being called Mr or Mrs forces me to choose between genders,’ Mx Scott lamented, ‘It assumes people live in binary world.’ Indeed. Whereas, in fact, you live in Brighton, a different kettle of fish altogether.

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