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Iran: Jews make Gays

6 September 2012

12:50 PM

6 September 2012

12:50 PM

An article in an Iranian state-controlled newspaper has claimed that the Jews are spreading gays. According to Mashregh News the ‘Zionist regime’ (with the help of the US and UK) is deliberately spreading homosexuality to pursue Zionism’s real goal of world domination.

Quite how you can dominate the world through gays, I don’t know. It’s true that the very hard to spell Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir became the world’s first openly lesbian head of state in Iceland a few years ago. And only last year Elio Di Rupo became the first gay Prime Minister of Belgium. But if Israel is in fact the force behind this then it seems to me one of the worst run Zionist operations of recent years.

If I were planning world domination via gays, I would probably begin by installing gays as President or Prime Minister of America, Britain and even Iran, not Iceland and a tiny European country that quite often does without a Prime Minister anyway.

I suppose it is possible that the apparently hetero Barack Obama, David Cameron and Iran’s own Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are in fact gay Zionist sleeper agents. But I come away from the story with the suspicion that Mashregh news has not checked its sources. Though in their defence, the same article’s claim that Tel Aviv is a gay paradise is close enough to the truth to make you wonder, though the claim will inevitably lose the paper some readers in San Francisco, not to mention our own city of Manchester.

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