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The View from 22 – international justice, school sports and unfair GCSE results

23 August 2012

8:44 AM

23 August 2012

8:44 AM

Is there a downside to our glowing era of ‘international justice’? In this week’s cover feature, Douglas Murray writes that our carefully designed system can trap criminals, giving them no way out and potentially leading to even more horrific acts. In our View from 22 podcast, Douglas expresses some of his issues with how signatories perceive the International Criminal Court:

‘It is a replacement for being a serious military power, it’s cheaper in the end and gives people this wonderful cloak. Any politician who wraps themselves in the ICC wraps themselves in a wonderful moral aroma that was actually fought for and earned by many hard working people. But it has not been earned by this generation.’

Melissa Kite also joins to discuss our newfound enthusiasm for sport in schools thanks to the Olympics. She questions whether we actually aiding the education of our pupils or just punishing the less physically adept ones. Finally, Neil O’Brien, director of Policy Exchange, joins to discuss our leading article on GCSE results and the correlation between schools’ location and the quality of education. Fraser Nelson offers the his thesis:

‘I may be proved completely wrong but I suspect if you are a 16 year old, there’s another way to work out what your results are before you open the envelope – just work out if you are from a rich or poor neighborhood. There’s a horrible correlation in the English comprehensive education system. You go to a rich area and your school is likely to be good and you’ll get good results. If you live in a poor area, you will get bad results.

It’s not because the poor kids are thick, it’s because they are short changed, or betrayed some might argue, by a system which gives the rich a lot better service than the poor.’

And what do Fraser and Douglas think of Julian Assange’s successful bid for asylum and George Galloway’s views on rape? Listen think with the embedded player below to hear their moments of the week. You can also have the latest podcast delivered straight to your machine by subscribing through iTunes. As ever, we’d love to hear what you think, good or bad.

The View from 22 – 23 August 2012. Length 27:19
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