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George Galloway’s fifty shades of rape

21 August 2012

10:15 AM

21 August 2012

10:15 AM

The supporters of that exhibitionist monkey Julian Assange are becoming ever more bizarre. George Galloway MP, for example, has been sounding like a High Court judge in 1973: those women were not ‘raped’, he says of the accusations against Assange; calling that sort of thing rape diminishes the concept of rape — it was just “bad sexual etiquette”. So, there are — as Ken Clarke once pointed out before he was eviscerated by the liberal hate mob – different gradations of rape and some things which are called rape are not rape at all.

As it happens, I think Galloway has a point. But as far as George is concerned this application of common sense is to be made only when a hero of the nursery left is accused. Otherwise, rape is rape is rape etc. Meanwhile the ambassador who went a bit mental, Craig Murray, decided to go on Newsnight and actually NAME one of the women accusing Assange. What a radical act. He was of course slapped down by presenter Gavin Esler.

Meanwhile, to show that the left is able to think two contradictory things simultaneously, there’s a perfectly reasonable piece by Tanya Gold in The Guardian – complaining about rape jokes at the Edinburgh fringe.

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