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Bookbenchers: Philip Davies MP

12 August 2012

5:01 PM

12 August 2012

5:01 PM

Philip Davies is the Conservative MP for Shipley and the present holder of the Readers’ Representative at the Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards. He is the latest MP to answer our Bookbencher questionnaire. He is known by some as the ‘darling of the right’, but perhaps he should now be nicknamed ‘The Gruffalo’.

1) Which book’s on your bedside table at the moment?

What are the odds: The Bill Waterhouse Story by Bill Waterhouse

2) Which book would you read to your children?

My favourite children’s book is A Squash and Squeeze by Julia Donaldson, who wrote The Gruffalo.

3) Which literary character would you most like to be?

The Gruffalo!

4) Which book do you think best sums up ‘now’?

1984 by George Orwell

5) What was the last novel you read?

I don’t tend to read novels but the last novel I probably read was Even Money by Dick Francis

6) Which book would you most recommend?

Giving a Little Back by Barney Curley

7) Given enough time, which book would you like to study deeply?

Encyclopaedia Britannica or Time Form Chasers and Hurdlers

8) Which books do you plan to read next?

The Michael Spicer Diaries

9) If the British Library were on fire and you could only save three books, which ones would you take?

The three volumes of Margaret Thatcher’s autobiographies:

The Downing Street Years
Path to Power

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