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The View from 22 – Cameron on the run

12 July 2012

8:00 AM

12 July 2012

8:00 AM

Have the Tories’ manoeuvres over Lords reform signalled the end of the coalition? In this week’s magazine, our leader argues that Tuesday’s rebellion shows that Tories are back in full force, while James Forsyth writes that a coalition break-up date before 2015 is now not a case of if, but when.

But Nick Clegg is not the only party leader to suffer from Tuesday’s Lords revolt. In this week’s View from 22 podcast, recently-resigned PPS Conor Burns MP accuses David Cameron of not appealing sufficiently to his own party:

You see this so often when you watch interviews on television – someone speaking for the coalition, you see someone speaking for the Liberal Democrats but you rarely see someone who is poised to speak for the Conservative Party. I think there is a sense that colleagues feel that the Conservative voice is not heard as strongly as it should be.

David, I think when he actually leads the Conservative Party, when he says things on Europe, the speech he made on welfare, he gets a very warm support of feelings from colleagues. But it doesn’t happen enough.

Burns warns the Lib Dems that they have no basis to reject the boundary review, based on the lack of Tory support for Lords reform:

The deal that was done was a very clear and explicit deal on AV in return for a equalisation of constituency boundaries. The Prime Minister, I think is more than entitled to hold Nick Clegg to that. You can’t then start bolting on on extra bits because you didn’t win your referendum.

Our blogger Nick Cohen also speaks about his cover feature – the ‘Censorship Olympics.’ He discusses how our basic human rights and freedoms of speech have been demolished by an overeager government desperate to host the event. Freddy Gray also discusses the Libertarian US Presidential candidate Gary Johnson and whether he has any chance in the upcoming elections. You can listen below with the embedded player or subscribe through iTunes. As ever, we’d love to hear what you think, good or bad.

The View from 22 – 12 July 2012. Length 24:06

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