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30 March 2012

2:35 PM

30 March 2012

2:35 PM

A quick post to point CoffeeHousers in the direction of the Spectator’s
new Facebook Timeline. Now you’ll be able to use Facebook not just to catch up on our latest print and web content, but also to read a
comprehensive history of the magazine stretching back to our first issue in 1828. Here are some of those historical highlights, to give you a sense of it, although there’s much more detail on the
Facebook Timeline itself:

1835: The Spectator attacking the Duke of Wellington as ‘utterly destitute of political principle’

1853: Describing Charles Dickens as a ‘popular’ writer whose work is ‘without profoundly
affecting their intellects or deeply stirring their [readers] emotions’

: Calling for the legalisation of homosexuality

: Becoming the first paper to back Margaret Thatcher in Conservative leadership election

: Discussing the Spice Girls’ eurospecticism.

: Spotting the potential of David Cameron as a future leader

If you think we’ve missed off any major events, please do let us know below. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy delving into our 184-year history.

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