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The Tories are extending their lead on the economy

31 January 2012

1:52 PM

31 January 2012

1:52 PM

It looks like Dave’s still made of Teflon. Even after the economy shrank by 0.2 per cent
and the unemployment rate rose to its highest point since 1995,
the public still think his party is better at handling the economy than Labour. And the Tories’ lead on what is by far the most important issue to voters hasn’t just survived all this
bad economic news — it’s actually grown.

Before Christmas, 31 per cent said the Tories would best handle the economy, against 27 per cent for Labour. In today’s YouGov poll, that four point lead has trebled to become a 12 point lead — the biggest
since autumn 2010:

This demonstrates once again that, even after 20 months of the coalition, voters still hold Labour more responsible for our economic woes than the current government. It also provides more evidence
of Labour’s problem that Douglas Alexander put his finger on at the weekend:
‘that economic failure for the Tories did not translate into political success for us’.

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