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What do CoffeeHousers want for Christmas?

21 December 2011

3:21 PM

21 December 2011

3:21 PM

Quentin Letts certainly wants a lot from good ol’ Father Christmas. In the
festive double issue of The Spectator he pens a wish-list that contains no less than 56 items. Here are
some of the highlights:

A referendum on Britain’s future in Europe… Or, a Linguaphone course to brush up my German.

A protest march through Islington by striking taxpayers.

An announcement from David Cameron that he is scrapping the Ministerial and Other Pensions and Salaries Act 1991, which granted pay-offs to Cabinet ministers. (The Act was also responsible
for setting the Commons Speaker’s indecently generous pension. Double bingo!)

Less windbaggery from Speaker Bercow. And if we taxpayers must shell out for an oil painting, can’t we have a portrait of Nicholas Soames instead of the runty Squeaker?

A Westminster lobby pass for blogger Guido Fawkes. Golly, he’d liven things up.

A box of hankies for Ed Miliband.

Which leaves just one question: what do CoffeeHousers want for Christmas? The best — be it either the funniest or most considered — response will bag its author a bottle of
Pol Roger.

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