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Monarchy is Better than a Republic, Part XIX

16 October 2009

12:20 AM

16 October 2009

12:20 AM

At a town hall meeting in New Orleans yesterday, ABC News reports that:

President Obama, like any other President, has his fair share of critics. Even fourth-graders have noticed.

Why do people hate you?", a fourth-grade boy asked Obama at a town hall event in New Orleans today. "They’re supposed to love you. And God is love."

Obama’s answer is actually pretty reasonable. But this is what happens when you make a mere elected politician assume the status of Priest-King. It is, in its own way, a corrupting influence. I don’t blame the kid asking the question since, heck, there are plenty of professional journalists in DC who basically think along the same lines. This isn’t Obama’s fault, but it’s a problem nonetheless. Monarchy may not make much "sense" but it is at least a pragmatic solution that, these days, looks much better than an elected Chief Executive who is also Head of State.

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