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Vote for Melanie!

12 January 2009

12:19 PM

12 January 2009

12:19 PM

A bit like Andrew Sullivan’s blog in the last Gulf war, Melanie Phillips’s magnificent blog has become THE place to go for everyone who wants to know what’s REALLY happening in Gaza. Mel, we salute you!

But here’s the annoying thing. Until very recently, Mel was looking to be the runaway winner in the Best British Blog category of the 2008weblog awards, which she thoroughly deserves. Thanks, though, to a spot of smearing from a dreary, leftie website, Mel’s blog has now been overtaken by an even more dreary site called Created In Birmingham.

Look, I’m a Brummie myself. I love the accent, I love the people, I love the sense of humour (which urinates on that of your average Liverpudlian from several miles high), I love a good Balti and many more Midlands things. But all Created In Birmingham is is a community blog for arts events in Birmingham. There’s nothing special about it at all. You can’t ever imagine anyone ever going: "Wow! I really must log on this very instant to Created In Birmingham to find what abstract artists are up to in the Aston area."

Mel’s blog on the other hand, is the dog’s cojones. And I’m not saying this because I’m a Spectator writer or because I know Mel (I’ve bumped into her, what, twice maybe?). I just think it’s really annoying that a blog so courageous and frankly indispensible is in danger of being pipped to the post by a website that isn’t in the running on merit, but purely because of some heavy campaigning by a few technoliterate Brummies.

So please fellow Mel fans, get off your arses and vote for her here. Otherwise, there’ll be no justice.

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