Working class


A sugar tax would be (another) tax on the poor

22 October 2015 18:22

The fat man of Europe is getting fatter. His teeth are rotting from the sugar in his coke and chocolates. He…

A series of election posters produced by the British Labour Party during the 1950s (Photo:  Getty)

Labour lost the working-class vote a long time ago

12 May 2015 15:10

What’s Labour’s problem? Following its fantastic drubbing at the polls, the most common answer to that question is that the…

The Left often fails to see the social and moral contexts through the economic fog.

Owen Jones’s letter to Ukip voters exposes the Left’s blind spot

16 January 2014 14:47

I try to avoid mentioning Owen Jones because he already gets so much attention from people on the Right, including…

Do the Tories dislike the British working class? Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Is eastern European immigration a result of the working class being demonised?

16 August 2013 12:00

We had a Bulgarian chap do up our house. Lovely guy, worked all day and never wanted a break, and…

In today's Guardian, George Monbiot, former anarchist and man of the people, describes his conversion to the bourgeoisie. Image: Getty

George Monbiot joins the bourgeoisie

26 December 2012 18:42

They always manage to pull something special out of the hat at Christmas, over at the Guardian. Last year it…

Miliband admits immigrant workers in pole position

26 September 2011 14:55

So, like squeezing blood from a stone, Labour has at last admitted that unconstrained immigration from what was once called…

DD’s classy intervention

23 January 2011 23:08

David Davis’ interview on Jon Pienaar’s show this evening has revived the debate about whether or not it matters how…

Spectator Exclusive: Britain’s welfare ghettos

9 October 2010 20:15

Today we are releasing a brand new picture of the nation’s welfare ghettos. Our research gives a disheartening insight into…

How the coalition makes room for Labour

7 June 2010 11:00

Whoever wins Labour’s leadership, whether it’s a breed of Miliband or Balls, its future will be dominated by its understanding…

Can Labour re-engage with its core vote by attacking middle class benefits?

14 September 2009 8:59

Derek Simpson’s complaint that Labour has failed to keep in touch with its core vote and his half-threat to withdraw…