Women rallying against Donald Trump, shortly before his election in November 2016. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Only the right kind of women are invited to march against Donald Trump

21 January 2017 9:39

The Women’s March on Washington is going to be big. Officials say 1,800 buses have been registered to park in…

Is sexism really stopping more women from becoming MPs?

10 January 2017 13:05

The reliably irritating Women and Equalities Select Committee under its unfailingly irritating chair, Maria Miller, has come up trumps again,…

Colouring book for adults

Women are becoming more and more infantile. It’s time to grow up, girls

27 May 2016 13:10

I consider myself such an extreme feminist that I make Germaine Greer look like Greer Garson. (Ask your gran.) But…


A wake-up call for women: act now or you will suffer in retirement

4 May 2016 10:00

Are women sleepwalking into a retirement nightmare? That’s the suggestion behind new research published by investment group Fidelity. It revealed…


Children or a pension? The true cost to women who put their financial needs on hold

22 April 2016 10:24

More women than ever face old age in poverty after a report this week revealed that they were sacrificing their…


News from Labour: Labour says Labour is pro-women

7 January 2016 17:42

It’s safe to say this week hasn’t been the best for Labour. As well as a never-ending reshuffle saga, Corbyn was…

A still from the film Cairo Drive

The films the Arab world doesn’t want you to see

4 November 2015 16:35

‘I want a woman to be President,’ declared one of the ambulance drivers interviewed by Sherief Elkatsha for his film…

Winning Melbourne Cup jockey Michelle Payne with Prince Of Penzance. Image: Getty

Michelle Payne’s Melbourne Cup win is proof that women jockeys can triumph – if they’re given the opportunity

4 November 2015 13:54

Much has been written in these pages – both by Robin Oakley and myself – about the lack of female jockeys in…

A revellers blows bubbles on the first evening after the gates open at the Glastonbury festival near Pilton, Somerset on June 23, 2010.  Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Women are to blame for the big Glastonbury sell-out

5 October 2015 10:37

I suppose you can look at it two ways. Glastonbury, and rock festivals generally, were once patronised by music obsessives;…


Coffee Shots: Nigel Farage caught in the ladies’ loos

29 July 2015 15:52

Although Ukip is said to have a ‘women problem’ thanks to low ratings from females in comparison to other parties, their…


Force Majeure reviewed: meaty and hilarious – but it may wreck your relationship

24 April 2015 13:13

If you’re unsure about the man (or woman) you’re dating, go and see this film. It’ll cause rifts in a…

Labour's campaign so far: Picture: Carla Millar

Labour to reach women with a barbie bus

10 February 2015 17:53

Labour is launching its women’s campaign tomorrow, and Guido has discovered that part of this special campaign is a special…

An 1867 cartoon from the magazine 'Punch' depicting John Stuart Mill advocating female suffrage (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Liberate women…from the rotten dictatorial group-think of ‘feminism’

31 October 2014 16:33

Good on David Cameron for refusing to wear that hideous T-shirt. Feminists these days spend an awful lot of time…

(Photo: DPA/Getty)

The horrid, helpful egg-freezing scheme at Facebook and Apple

16 October 2014 13:08

Was the chief operating officer of Facebook, one Sheryl Sandberg, involved, do you reckon, in the company’s exciting invitation to…

(Photo: Hulton Archive)

Uterine transplantation is the final gynaecological frontier

10 October 2014 14:02

The successful transplantation of a uterus represents the last major surgical goal in the field of reproductive gynaecology. This feat…

Hayley Turner. Image: Getty

Why are there so few female jockeys?

27 August 2014 21:44

In this week’s ‘The Turf’ column, Robin Oakley bemoans the lack of female jockeys in horse racing. This, he claims,…

England's players celebrate with the trophy on the podium after winning the IRB Women's Rugby World Cup final match between England and Canada. Image: ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images

Women have cracked the glass ceiling. Now let’s smash through it

19 August 2014 14:49

It seems barely a day goes by without another crack appearing in the glass ceiling. This week, I found it…

Image: Getty

Tories select raft of women – in no-hope seats

8 August 2014 9:57

It has been bought to my attention that amongst the Conservative Party candidates selected this week, women outnumbered men two…

Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Stop mollycoddling girls and let them compete with each other

7 August 2014 14:21

I was pleased to read this week that my old headmistress, Judith Carlisle, has launched a campaign to root out…

(Photo: Getty)

Celebrating diversity means imposing misogyny

22 July 2014 13:55

People talk about their commitment to equality and diversity so readily they must assume there is no conflict between the…


Women in Parliament group serve ‘Eton Mess’ at Speaker’s House lunch

14 July 2014 16:14

The Speaker’s House hosted the launch of ‘Women in Parliament’, a cross-party initiative to get more women into parliament, today.…

There are better ways to screen for illness than an internal vaginal examination. (Image: JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD/AFP/Getty Images)

Let’s call time on the unpleasant ritual of vaginal examinations

9 July 2014 12:11

An internal examination is an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience for many women. The process involves a doctor inserting two gloved…

The hopelessly miscast Nicky Morgan

My generation of women will have the confidence to run the country

27 June 2014 11:21

Uh oh. The ‘all-women shortlist’ is again being touted as a good idea for the Conservatives, this time by Nicky…

Michael Fabricant poses with the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate outside the UKIP campaign offices during the Eastleigh by-election. Picture: Getty

This storm about Michael Fabricant punching women is nonsense

20 June 2014 14:31

Oh come on internet. Pull yourself together. Michael Fabricant has tweeted about punching a woman and people are going mad. It’s…

Keep Britain Tidy - Photocall

In defence of Kirstie Allsopp, feminist

3 June 2014 15:20

Kirstie Allsopp was yesterday quoted in the Telegraph saying that women should shun university in favour of buying a flat…