Winter fuel payment

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Tories and Labour to make pledges knowing they are bad policy

23 February 2015 8:12

This week, the two main parties plan to make iconic pledges that they hope will appeal to their core vote,…

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Number 10 defends policies as excess winter deaths soar by 29%

26 November 2013 13:23

The Health department says there is a perfectly good explanation for a 29% rise in the number of excess winter…

Despite Ed Miliband's protestations, Ralph Miliband was a Marxist when Marxism was threatening our way of life.

Ed Miliband’s energy announcement may be nonsense, but it could become popular

24 September 2013 16:37

First politicians banned cheap energy. They are creating an affordability crisis by insisting on the rapid deployment of expensive technologies…

It's time to be realistic about the WFA

It’s time to be realistic about benefits. Wealthy pensioners need to be able to decline theirs

24 August 2013 11:00

Universal pensioner benefits like the Winter Fuel Allowance (WFA) cost the Exchequer over £8 billion a year. This is not…

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Can you really give back your pensioner perks?

29 April 2013 16:30

This weekend, Iain Duncan Smith sparked a furore when a Sunday Telegraph interview quoted him as saying he would ‘encourage…

David Cameron at the pre-election rally where he made his pledge on pensioner benefits in 2010. Picture: Getty

Winter fuel payments, broken promises, and the EU referendum

1 February 2013 18:11

Another day, another confusing briefing about public spending. Yesterday Downing Street got itself into a lather over defence spending. Today…

Nick Hurd said he would 'congratulate' pensioners who donated their winter fuel payment to charity. Picture: Getty

The winter fuel payment silliness continues

27 December 2012 16:22

On the subject of welfare, while the Lords debates whether a disabled person who can walk further than the length…

David Cameron at the pre-election rally where he made his pledge on pensioner benefits in 2010. Picture: Getty

The Tories mustn’t make another silly pledge on benefits in 2015

17 December 2012 14:19

As the country approaches a general election, a party leader, desperate to reassure a key group of voters, makes a…

David Gauk

The fiscal nimbyism that still terrifies the Tories

2 November 2012 11:54

If you’re the tax personality of the year, as David Gauke is, the pressure’s on when you give an interview…