How the Democrats infiltrated the Catholic Church

19 October 2016 14:52

Right-wing Americans see liberal conspiracies everywhere. Often their claims are fatuous — Donald Trump has just announced that the 2016…

Guru Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy. Photo: Rosie Hallam/Getty Images

Inside the Ecuadorian embassy with Julian Assange: Risk reviewed

25 May 2016 12:10

‘This film would not have been possible without the following encryption tools,’ is one of the least expected film credits…

Has turned into a hermit with Noel Edmonds' hair: Julian Assange (right). Images: Getty

Julian Assange is a narcissist and a nut. But if America comes for him we should take his side

19 August 2014 17:33

This is an extract from Hugo Rifkind’s column in this week’s Spectator, out on Thursday Poor Julian Assange. Call me…

Julian Assange - one of the Guardian's information gatherers. Image: Getty

The left might not believe it, but The Guardian was morally wrong

10 October 2013 17:29

The Guardian seems to be hurt that larger selling Fleet Street newspapers (ie almost all of them) have not rallied…

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the Ecuadorian Embassy on December 20, 2012. Image: Getty

Bradley Manning awaits sentence. Would the real Julian Assange please stand up?

31 July 2013 17:51

Bradley Manning’s relationship with Wikileaks has, inevitably, brought Julian Assange back into the papers. Viewed on the frontpage, Assange is egimatic.…

Kingmaker? Perhaps not

Could Malcolm Tucker take on Alan Rusbridger?

28 February 2013 12:21

Sad news has broken. If the online speculation is true, it appears that casting agents for the upcoming Guardian movie…

Is this to be the Hollywood face of Ian Katz? Image: Getty

Down-turn Abbey, the movie

2 January 2013 13:30

A brief flurry of excitement in Guardian-land over the festive period as the news trickles out about who might be…

Image: Getty Images.

Why did Pete Townshend play the finale to the Olympics?

28 August 2012 16:02

I returned from holiday to discover that the silly season has turned into something much more serious. The daily list…

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Seeks Asylum In The Embassy Of Ecuador

Galloway and Murray’s smears ignore how simple the Assange case is

22 August 2012 14:30

The remorseless smears of the alleged victims of serious sexual assault by George Galloway MP and Craig Murray, our former…

Julian Assange addresses his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Photo: Getty.

Assange’s balcony scene

19 August 2012 18:55

Julian Assange appeared in public for the first time in two months this afternoon to make a statement about his…


The Chinese lantern is dimming

14 May 2012 16:01

Does anyone believe Chinese GDP figures? Officially, the economy is roaring at 9 per cent a year. But thanks to…

Al-Qaeda Meets John Landis

28 April 2011 14:11

According to the US military, sporting a Casio F-91W wristwatch* is a telling sign that you may be up to…

Fired for Telling the Truth, That’s the Washington Way

13 March 2011 18:31

Of course PJ Crowley, the State Department spokesman, had to go for his gaffe. That’s what happens when you tell…

When a leak starts to smell

27 January 2011 19:53

Bill Keller, the executive editor of The New York Times, has written a highly readable piece chronicling his paper’s tempestuous…

A tale of ego and hypocrisy

6 January 2011 18:01

Sarah Ellison has profiled Julian Assange and his relationship with the Guardian for Vanity Fair. Read the whole piece for…

The Wikileaks Double Standard

14 December 2010 16:02

You don’t need to share Julian Assange’s politics or his objectives to think that he’s the victim of at least…

Oh Christ, Bloody Lockerbie Again

8 December 2010 3:49

Whaddyaknow, Wikileaks have some Lockerbie-related cables? Unfortunately they’re only about the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and so less interesting…


6 December 2010 18:04

Now the Wikileaks are beginning to become dangerous. Before, the leaks contained high-level tittle-tattle, confirmation of existing analyses and embarrassingly…

Some perspective on the Helmand Wikileaks

3 December 2010 11:12

Today’s Wikileaks will make uncomfortable reading for all parts of the British defence establishment – ministers, both old and new,…

The ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory

2 December 2010 17:46

This has to be the ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory story. Why have the Wikileaks disclosures been so soft on Israel?…

Leaked embassy cable: what the Americans thought of Thatcher

1 December 2010 18:39

Forget the children of Thatcher, here’s what the Americans were saying about the Iron Lady herself when she became Tory…

The Guardian’s Wiki-spin

1 December 2010 16:23

In today’s Wikileaks revelations, it is Mervyn King’s turn to be pushed through the mill. Did he act politically when…

Nothing Miliband says can rain on Mr Confident’s parade

1 December 2010 14:38

Back from Zurich, where he’s been helping FIFA determine the winner of the world’s greatest bribery festival, Cameron was in…

Pakistan’s double game comes under the spotlight once again

1 December 2010 9:31

The leak that keeps on leaking has one or two embarrassing titbits about our domestic policymakers this morning. Yet far…

Breaking: American Diplomats Know How To Read Newspapers

1 December 2010 0:57

One thing the Wikileaks cables reveal, frankly, is the banality of much diplomacy. People tend to think of diplomats as…