Cameron starts playing catch-up over the EU referendum vote

19 October 2011 20:24

Adjust your calendars, CoffeeHousers. The parliamentary vote on an EU referendum is no longer set for next Thursday. As the Mail’s James Chapman revealed this evening, Downing Street has moved… Continue reading


Managing the boundary changes

12 September 2011 13:13

MPs are queuing down the corridor on the first floor of Portcullis House as they try to get hold of a copy of the proposed boundary changes which have just… Continue reading


070, licensed to rebel

21 August 2011 21:02

It’s no surprise that 70 Tory MPs have formed a Eurosceptic group, as the Sunday Telegraph reveals today. They are the modernisers now. The new Tory intake are strikingly robust… Continue reading


Whipping up a storm

29 June 2011 15:58

The mini Tory rebellion last night, 15 Tory MPs voted to allow couples to transfer their personal tax allowance, has further strained relations between the whips office and some backbenchers.… Continue reading


A reshuffle of the whips office?

25 June 2011 12:25

It is tempting to treat the whole circus animal affair in the Commons this week as just a big joke, the Palace of Westminster turned into the Palace of Varieties.… Continue reading


Why a major reshuffle is unlikely

21 February 2011 11:53

The clamour for a reshuffle is getting louder. Caroline Spelman is said to be a leading candidate for ejection, following her awful performance over the forestry sell-off. Many also want… Continue reading


Should MPs be given a free vote on Kelly’s reforms?

29 October 2009 17:52

No, was Harriet Harman’s answer. With a very peculiar turn of phrase, the Leader of the House said that MPs would “have their say” without having a free vote, which… Continue reading