Damian Green strikes a softer tone on welfare

4 October 2016 17:29

Under David Cameron, it was sometimes tricky to tell who was in charge at the DWP. Iain Duncan Smith favoured…

The Universal Credit is supposed to streamline benefits from October 2013. Picture: Getty.

Tories face the new political reality on welfare

22 March 2016 10:36

Are there going to be more welfare cuts or not? In an afternoon in which the government tried to calm…

Ministers Attend The Government's Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith warns government in danger of ‘dividing society’

20 March 2016 10:28

In one of the most extraordinary political interviews of recent times, Iain Duncan Smith has warned that the government ‘is…


Emergency brake breakthrough, claims Downing Street

31 January 2016 22:34

Donald Tusk will not circulate the proposed draft UK/EU deal tomorrow. It had been thought that Tusk would put out…

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Welfare reform is no longer the sole responsibility of the DWP

18 January 2016 15:22

The government came to office in 2010 with the promise of revolutionising the welfare state as we have known it.…

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The new benefits trap: why I’m proposing an amendment to the Welfare Bill

15 December 2015 15:00

One of the government’s big achievements has been helping people off benefits and back into work. But the latest stage…


It’s time to smash the whole welfare system

27 November 2015 17:40

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, with its backtracking on the slashing of tax credits, leaves a huge question hanging over 21st-century…


Tory MPs hold their breath for tax credit changes

29 October 2015 11:00

George Osborne received a fulsome banging of desks last night at the 1922 Committee, joking that he should come back…

Lords At State Opening of Parliament, UK

Government defeated twice in the Lords on tax credits

26 October 2015 20:16

The government was defeated twice in the Lords tonight on tax credits, with the motions put down by Baroness Meacher…


George Osborne could revolutionise welfare – but does he know what he’s doing?

14 September 2015 19:35

Have we ever had a more political Chancellor of the Exchequer? I doubt it. The political skills of George Osborne…

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Labour MPs push for an amendment to the welfare bill

16 July 2015 11:21

The Labour welfare rebellion advances further, with Helen Goodman tabling a ‘reasoned amendment’ to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.…


What should be done about welfare? Don’t ask the Shadow Cabinet

14 July 2015 17:17

The Shadow Cabinet has split all ways on what to do about welfare. Andy Burnham says he wants a reasoned…

Harriet Harman Speaks On The Labour Party Future

Harriet Harman: Labour will not do ‘blanket opposition’

12 July 2015 14:43

Ever since Labour started having to respond to Tory policy announcements, there have been little fissures in the party over…

Demonstrator's signs are seen at an Anti Austerity demonstration at Bank Of England on June 20, 2015 in London, England.

David Cameron makes the case for the Tories’ moral mission

22 June 2015 9:16

David Cameron has never particularly warmed to the language of compassionate conservatism. In the past, that side of the conservatism…

Iain Duncan Smith must beware of ignoring warning signs about the implementation of the universal credit. Picture: Getty.

Iain Duncan Smith to stay at Welfare

10 May 2015 22:06

News has just broken that Iain Duncan Smith is to remain as Secretary for State for Work and Pensions. Now,…

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Why has Rachel Reeves tried to blame the OBR for Ed Miliband’s job predictions?

5 May 2015 16:27

Who is to blame for Ed Miliband getting the job projections so embarrassingly wrong? Famously, he used to go about advocating his ratio…

The Trussell Trust’s misleading figures on food bank usage help no one

22 April 2015 14:29

A day after the BBC admitted to misquoting David Cameron on foxhunting, the broadcaster made another admission of error last night over…

Liberal Democrats Leader Nick Clegg Visits Scotland

Nick Clegg sets out red lines for coalition negotiations with Labour and the Tories

13 April 2015 20:59

Nick Clegg produced Lib Dem red lines for any coalition with either Labour or the Tories in an interview with…


David Cameron: ‘This is a high stakes, high risk election’

28 March 2015 13:50

The Tories want to frame this election as a straight choice between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. So, today Cameron…

David Cameron Makes Key Welfare Speech In East Sussex

Will Cameron’s new benefits policy ever take off?

18 February 2015 18:52

Will the Tories really dock benefits from obese people and those with drug or alcohol addictions if they refuse treatment?…


Bold new Tory election strategy: Tax cuts for our chums; welfare cuts for you

17 February 2015 11:29

“There’s a lot we need to do in this party of ours. Our base is too narrow and so, occasionally,…

Work and Pensions Select Committee

Lord Freud offers ‘full and unreserved apology’ for disability comments

15 October 2014 14:04

Lord Freud has apologised for suggesting that disabled people were not ‘worth’ the minimum wage. He said: ‘I would like…

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Tory nerves over Osborne welfare gamble

30 September 2014 19:33

Will George Osborne get away with his conference gamble that hits working families? The Chancellor’s speech would have received a…

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Government loses ‘bedroom tax’ vote

5 September 2014 14:02

The government has just lost a vote in the House of Commons on the ‘bedroom tax’/removal of the spare-room subsidy/underoccupancy…

George Osborne

Osborne’s choice: important projects or welfare

5 August 2014 8:54

George Osborne can’t quite help himself. Today he’s continuing his Northern charm offensive, which has been impressively choreographed. He gave…