Welfare Uprating Bill

Labour distanced itself from comments by Stephen Timms in which he committed Labour to relinking benefit rises to inflation. Picture: Getty

Labour opposes benefit cuts: for now, anyway

22 January 2013 9:08

Last night’s debate on the bill capping benefit rises at 1 per cent was far more revelatory than it might first have appeared. It wasn’t Labour’s conclusion that the Tories… Continue reading

Labour's former housing minister John Healey has tabled an amendment to the welfare uprating bill. Picture: Getty

Former housing minister calls for review of benefit rises bill

21 January 2013 12:14

The Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill returns to the Commons this afternoon for committee and remaining stages. As I reported last week, rebel backbench Lib Dems, the Labour front bench team… Continue reading

Andrew George has tabled a series of amendments to the welfare uprating bill. Picture: PA

Lib Dems and Labour to push for changes to benefits uprating bill

14 January 2013 15:16

Round two of the row over rises in benefit payments is on the way, with Lib Dems and opposition parties tabling a series of amendments to the government’s legislation. I… Continue reading

Labour's opposition to today's welfare bill doesn't sit well with their support of public sector pay cuts. Picture: Getty Images

Ed Balls reverses over his own progress on fiscal responsibility

8 January 2013 13:56

The battle-lines over the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill — which faces its second reading in the Commons this afternoon — have been drawn. Labour has tied its opposition to the… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith attacked Labour's stance on the Welfare Uprating Bill this morning. Picture: Getty

Tories make hay with Labour’s welfare stance

8 January 2013 8:55

The Welfare Uprating Bill won’t fall into difficulty when it has its second reading in the Commons today, but with around five Lib Dem MPs expected to vote against or… Continue reading

Sarah Teather announced today that she will rebel against the Welfare Uprating Bill. Picture: Getty

Sarah Teather dents the Coalition’s unity message by announcing her benefits rebellion

7 January 2013 13:29

Coupled with Lord Strathclyde’s resignation over the way the Coalition worked in the House of Lords, Sarah Teather’s announcement that she will rebel against the government tomorrow is extremely poor… Continue reading

David Cameron on a visit this week. Today he said he didn't bicker with Nick Clegg in private. Picture: Getty

In a preview of David Cameron’s 2013, Europe dominates his New Year interview

6 January 2013 10:33

David Cameron’s New Year interview on Marr was dominated not by the economy but by Europe. In a sign of what the promise of a speech setting out his European… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The Government's Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Why the Tories aren’t worried about the benefit wars

20 December 2012 15:00

The government has just published the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill, and everyone’s pointing to polls which underline their own point about whether limiting the rise in benefits payments to 1… Continue reading

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Ed Miliband vs the working class

14 December 2012 16:37

Who’s on the side of the strivers? Is it George Osborne, who’s cutting benefits in real terms for the next three years, which he defends as ‘being fair to the… Continue reading

Ed Balls, a competitive force on the football pitch, believes he is winning on the benefits argument, too. Picture: Getty

Why Ed Balls is so confident about benefit wars

14 December 2012 14:19

The debate over benefit uprating will run and run because both sides think they are winning. George Osborne thinks the public resent generous benefits rises. Liam Byrne and Ed Balls… Continue reading

Liam Byrne says the balance of welfare in this country is 'completely out of whack'. Picture: Getty

Liam Byrne interview: The welfare system is ‘completely out of whack’

13 December 2012 11:34

Liam Byrne is a modernising, Blairite Labour MP, and in case you were in any doubt about that, he conducts his interview with Coffee House sitting next to a framed… Continue reading

Ed Balls today said Labour would probably oppose the Welfare Uprating Bill. Picture: Getty

Ed Balls says Labour will oppose the Welfare Uprating Bill

11 December 2012 13:23

Ed Balls gave the clearest indication yet today that his party would vote against the government’s plans to cap benefit rises to 1 per cent rather than in line with… Continue reading

Ed Miliband is making noises about opposing the government's latest benefits cut. Picture: Getty

Will he, won’t he? Ed Miliband makes noises about benefits war

9 December 2012 9:46

Ed Miliband is ready to wage war with David Cameron and George Osborne over the Welfare Uprating Bill, which will see benefits rise by 1 per cent a year, rather… Continue reading