The Spectator Podcast: Summer of terror

30 July 2016 10:00

After a week where both Germany and France suffered terror attacks, the question of the relationship between Islamic terrorism and Europe’s…


The Spectator Podcast: Summer of terror

28 July 2016 7:50

In a week in which both Germany and France have suffered terror attacks, the question of the relationship between Islamic…

Storm Kate, which could soon become Storm Barney

There’s a transgender storm coming…

13 November 2015 10:41

The weather chart does not usually echo social trends, but Monday might be an exception. We could be about to…

Iraqi boys playing in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah on January 10, 2013 (Photo: AFP/Getty)

Winter is coming – the other terror stalking Iraqi Kurds

19 October 2014 11:51

The heroic Kurdish resistance in Kobane rightly commands headlines. A larger disaster, however, looms in Iraqi Kurdistan where – absent…

A downpour at the Chelsea Flower Show. Image: Getty

The Spectator at war: Making heavy weather for the enemy

16 October 2014 8:30

From The Spectator, 17 October 1914: In view of the possibilities, naval and aerial, we cannot help thinking that it…

Flooding Continues To Affect The Somerset Levels

Maria Eagle is talking nonsense about floods and climate change

11 August 2014 15:06

The Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle headed off to Woking today, where she addressed an audience of environmentalists at WWF’s…

Drink water, say the public health officials.

Warning to all fasting Muslims!

17 July 2014 9:49

Are all of Britain’s fasting Muslims about to die because of the heatwave? This is what’s worrying me as I…

Train services were brought low by the recent storm. (DANIEL SORABJI/AFP/Getty Images)

Media storm stops a train near you

28 December 2013 12:06

It’s right, isn’t it, that the storm we’ve just had was far, far, worse than the Worst Storm In A…

Seasonal Weather Returns To The UK

Met Office in crisis meeting as sun comes out

18 June 2013 9:00

The Met Office is apparently holding a ‘crisis meeting’ today to discuss why Britain’s weather refuses to behave itself these…

Reports of the demise of snow in Britain have been exaggerated. (PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images)

What’s happening? Snow was ‘disappearing from our lives’ in 2000

27 March 2013 7:30

Enormous thanks to OGT for alerting us all to the brilliant article from the Independent – published on Monday March…

Is this snow really a result of climate change? Photo: Getty Images.

This extreme weather is a consequence of exhaustive reporting

25 March 2013 11:07

Just as a follow up to what I was talking about below. Here’s the government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir John…

Gritters in Wales this weekend. Image: Getty

What’s strange about this weather? Nothing at all

23 March 2013 12:59

How can we stop weather hyperbole? I am so staggeringly bored of waking up each morning to headlines which insist…

Image: Getty

I need your help

1 December 2012 15:48

I am in southern Italy and there has been thunder and lightning pretty much continuously since Tuesday. I am quite…

The gates of hell

19 December 2010 11:50

Some blogs get you the news from wizards of Wall Street, or the war-torn back alleys of Baghdad. But here…

The Big Society vs A Culture of Hopelessness

13 October 2010 0:52

As we all know, Dave has had some problems defining his Big Society idea. It’s more conducive to thumb-sucking pieces…

More trouble lies in wait for the government

8 January 2010 18:42

Labour lost the first week of the long election campaign. The Hoon and Hewitt plot and the late and tepid…

The Politics of Snow

8 January 2010 16:47

With admirable opportunism Sunder Katwala argues that the current frosty conditions make the case for more, not less government. As…

Gloomy Thought of the Day

14 June 2009 2:43

The nights will soon be drawing in. That is all.