War on terror

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Why is Britain arming countries that support terror in the Middle East?

9 September 2014 11:38

Why is the UK still supplying arms to those who helped fund the so-called Islamic State, and what leverage does…

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The current political climate rewards authoritarians, not civil libertarians

1 September 2014 14:48

The talks between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives on the anti-terror measures that David Cameron will unveil this afternoon…

UK Terrorism Threat Level Raised To Critical

David Miranda’s detention shows that the state is not only malevolent but stupid too

19 August 2013 10:56

The problem is less that the state is malevolent but that it is stupid. And that stupidity means that a…


Who is optimistic about the Middle East now?

3 August 2013 14:23

This weekend’s closing of US embassies in the Muslim world and the British embassy in Yemen combined with the warning…

Investigations Continue Into The Brutal Street Killing Of A British Soldier

You’re going to lose. It is only you against many.

23 May 2013 13:15

If, in the aftermath of an act of would-be terror, the people refuse to be terrorised does it still remain…

William Hague led this afternoon's Commons debate on Europe. Picture: Getty

William Hague: Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan is where the threat to the British homeland is coming from

3 February 2013 12:29

On the Sunday Politics, William Hague confirmed that the greatest terrorist threat to the British homeland come from Somalia, Pakistan…

French Mirage 2000 D aircrafts flying over Mali. Photo: ABACA/PA Images

The Americans accuse the French of being too ambitious in Mali as British involvement grows

26 January 2013 12:16

It might have been pushed down the news agenda this week by David Cameron’s Europe speech and the bad economic…

French Mirage 2000 D aircrafts flying over Mali. Photo: ABACA/PA Images

Can the West solve a problem like Mali?

19 January 2013 12:08

I fear that we are all going to have to learn a lot about Mali and the Sahel—and fast. It…

Senators Speak To Media After Vote On Stopgap Spending Bill

Rand Paul: Leader of the US Senate's Tiny Awkward Squad - Spectator Blogs

16 November 2012 15:52

Speaking of politicians worthy of your support, here’s Senator Rand Paul doing his thing: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is holding…

Hitchens vs Galloway

30 March 2012 15:35

Since he has previously been elected in Glasgow and London, I don’t know if it is so astonishing that George…

No More Heaves in Helmand

13 March 2012 9:42

Rory Stewart’s article on Afghanistan, published in yesterday’s Evening Standard, makes a succinct case for speeding up the west’s withdrawal…

Afghanistan Isn’t Working

12 March 2012 14:03

For years now, Afghanistan policy has been governed by a simple question: Do the unknown costs of leaving Afghanistan trump…

Sir Simon Jenkins Is Peddling Weapons-Grade Tripe. Again.

3 February 2012 12:38

Via Norm, I see that Sir Simon Jenkins is up to his old tricks, publishing yet another meretricious column on…

Beyond Gaddafi, America turns its attention to Pakistan

21 October 2011 9:24

It’s hard to recall a more grisly complement of newspaper covers than those this morning. Only the FT refrains from…

The randomness of al-Qaeda’s evil

12 September 2011 9:05

After all the nerves and security in New York, Washington and London, the only attempted terror plot on the anniversary…

From the archives: 9/11

9 September 2011 17:37

This Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Here is the article Stephen Glover…

Will Pakistan’s politics help al-Qaeda’s new leader?

16 June 2011 15:32

Just as any major employer would, al-Qaeda released a statement earlier to confirm the identity of its new boss. “Sheikh…

The Good John McCain Surfaces

13 May 2011 0:31

Every so often the good John McCain reappears. His recent Senate speech on torture and the hunt for Osama bin…

Osama bin Laden at home

7 May 2011 21:00

They may be mostly silent, and their content is rather mundane, but the five Osama bin Laden “home videos” released…

Osama bin Laden Was Not America’s Useful Enemy

5 May 2011 14:41

The Guardian is a great newspaper but, lord, does it ever print some claptrap. Via Messrs Geras and Worstall comes…

After bin Laden

5 May 2011 13:51

In this week’s Spectator, on sale today, we have an outstanding lineup on bin Laden’s death and its aftermath. I…

Stray Thoughts on the Execution of Osama bin Laden

4 May 2011 16:13

Just as it’s difficult for death penalty opponents to be too upset by the verdicts of the Nuremberg tribunal, so…

CIA director blasts Pakistan’s intelligence service

3 May 2011 17:46

“It was decided that any effort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardise the mission. They might alert the targets.”…

Pakistan responds

3 May 2011 9:05

The covers of our newspapers are emblazoned with Bin Laden this morning — but it is an article in a…

Why Bin Laden’s death matters

2 May 2011 19:52

The more we hear about the operation that killed Bin Laden, the more impressive it becomes. US Navy Seals held…