Illustration by Christian Adams, courtesy of The Catholic Herald

Francis backs Pell’s reforms: centuries of expense-fiddling at the Vatican are brought to an end

3 March 2015 14:06

Phew! I was worried that the smear campaign against Cardinal George Pell mounted by the pigs at the Vatican trough would persuade Pope Francis to water down Pell’s plan to… Continue reading


The hit job on Cardinal Pell was inevitable: he’s cleaning out the Vatican stables

28 February 2015 13:14

Ever since Cardinal George Pell was appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the Vatican’s finances, I knew a hit job was coming; and I was doubly certain when he… Continue reading

Pope Francis says it is OK to smack your children to discipline them — as long as their dignity is maintained (Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty)

The pope is right – smacking your kids is sometimes OK

10 February 2015 13:35

One good thing has come out of the fuss over the pope’s comments about it being ok to smack your children (so long as their dignity is maintained); it has flushed out… Continue reading

Pope Francis. Image: Getty

Pope Francis: despite the glowing headlines, the jury is still out

23 December 2014 18:15

How many of Pope Francis’s spiritual diseases do you suffer from? The pontiff laid out no fewer than 15 of them in an ‘exchange of Christmas greetings’ yesterday. They included ‘spiritual Alzheimers’,… Continue reading

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After the Pope’s Synod-on-family fiasco, let’s judge Catholicism on Catholic terms

19 October 2014 22:29

The Church’s extraordinary Synod on the family hasn’t gone down terribly well with secular pundits. It’s been billed as a failure on the BBC, which declared that gay Catholic groups… Continue reading


Fear and loathing in the Vatican

18 September 2014 23:03

Here is a picture of Cardinal Raymond Burke, whose grand title of Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura is matched only by the magnificence of his ecclesiastical dress. He is famous… Continue reading


Podcast: Britain’s jihad, the Pope vs the Vatican, and the existence of ‘The One’

21 August 2014 9:46

The murder of James Foley by an Isis fighter ‘with a London accent’ has been treated with understandable revulsion. But we shouldn’t be surprised, says Douglas Murray in his cover… Continue reading


The Pope and ‘paedophile cardinals’: another clue that Francis is at war with the Vatican

18 July 2014 17:46

Today’s front-page splash in The Catholic Herald reads: ‘Vatican in a spin as Pope Francis grants an explosive new interview’. That interview, with La Repubblica, quoted Francis as saying that… Continue reading

Chris Patten attends a mass with newly appointed cardinals held by Pope Francis at St Peter's Basilica on February 23, 2014 in Vatican City. Image: Getty

Chris Patten keeps failing upwards – now he’s advising the Pope. Poor Pope.

10 July 2014 8:24

There is a wearying inevitability to the announcement that Pope Francis’s reforms of the Vatican media will be overseen by Lord Patten of Barnes. Of course it was going to… Continue reading

Pope Francis I

Already, Pope Francis is the victim of cheap journalistic smears

14 March 2013 14:06

So the new Pope was ‘cosy with dictators’, according to the papers. The only sources for that assertion seem to be Latin Americans left-wingers who are obviously and implacably hostile to… Continue reading

The Conclave Of Cardinals Have Elected A New Pope To Lead The World's Catholics

The Vatican didn’t choose Pope Frankie to annoy us

14 March 2013 9:22

It is surely too early to demand a pogrom against Roman Catholics, as some now wish, simply because the church now has an Argie pope. It is true that Pope… Continue reading

Pope Francis I appears for the first time. Picture: Getty

What can we expect from Pope Francis?

13 March 2013 21:51

Some striking facts about Pope Francis. Fact one: the Cardinals have elected a 76-year-old with only one lung. This undermines the idea that Pope Benedict stepped aside so that a… Continue reading

Is this the face of the next pope? Image: Getty

Papal Conclave: would a result today mean Angelo Scola is Pope?

13 March 2013 14:30

White smoke from the Vatican this afternoon may signal that the new Pope is Cardinal Angelo Scola. But the longer the papal conclave goes on, the more likely it becomes… Continue reading

Cardinal Keith O'Brien Image: Getty

Keith O’Brien’s resignation is no good thing. But it might be good for the Catholic church

26 February 2013 16:33

The downfall of Cardinal Keith O’Brien could not have been more complete if it had been orchestrated by Stonewall, which, if you recall, awarded him Bigot of the Year for… Continue reading

Justin Welby could find the announcement of the next Pope overshadows his enthronement. Picture: Getty

An Almighty diary clash?

24 February 2013 13:04

Will the arrival of a new Pope clash with the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury on March 21? The mere possibility has caused real anxiety among Church officials.… Continue reading

There is a rumour in Rome that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by a 'gay mafia'. Picture: Getty

Take the Vatican ‘Gay Mafia’ talk with a pinch of holy salt – for now

22 February 2013 22:26

A rather feverish mood around the Vatican today: La Repubblica’s sensational splash suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI was pushed out by a ‘gay mafia’ within the Church hierarchy has set Latin… Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI celebrating Ash Wednesday Mass earlier today. Picture: Getty

How Pope Benedict’s wisdom was often lost in translation

13 February 2013 22:31

The pope made his first public appearance since his resignation today, before putting ashes on the foreheads of pilgrims for Ash Wednesday. It’s one of those jos which isn’t itself… Continue reading

Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze (C) att

Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze: the next Pope?

11 February 2013 12:03

The first papal resignation since 1415 will throw the world’s attention on Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, who is the bookies’ favourite to succeed Benedict XVI. Not so long ago, the… Continue reading