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Lame duck unleashed – Bulgarian in London asks ‘what next’ on US immigration

5 November 2014 12:52

London Careening through the city in a minicab last night, en route to a pub in Bloomsbury that had promised to…

GOP Senate Candidate Jodi Ernst Casts Her Vote In Her Iowa Hometown

The Republicans will win the Senate tonight. Here’s how

4 November 2014 14:34

The Republicans will win the Senate tonight in their biggest such win in a generation, even though two states may…

Maggie and Ronnie back in 1988. (MIKE SARGENT/AFP/Getty Images)

Row builds over the US Senate’s silence on Lady Thatcher

16 April 2013 13:54

Further to my report yesterday, the Heritage Foundation, the giant conservative think-tank that has its own Margaret Thatcher Centre to study and promote…

The late Margaret Thatcher touches the flag draped coffin of former President Ronald Reagan on 09 June 2004. (STEPHEN JAFFE/AFP/Getty Images)

US Senate strangely silent over Margaret Thatcher

15 April 2013 16:23

In deference to Lady Thatcher’s immense popularity across the Pond, the US House of Representatives paid tribute to her. But…

Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, will be up for reelection next year. Picture: Getty Images

America’s new political battles begin

17 November 2012 14:40

It may be less than a fortnight since the 2012 US elections, but it’s never too early to start speculating…

With the elections over, Speaker Boehner and President Obama have resumed negotiations aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff. Picture: Getty Images

Briefing: The US fiscal cliff

9 November 2012 15:49

With the elections over and Barack Obama returned to the White House for four more years, the attention of US…

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are both very likely to keep their jobs after next week's elections. Picture: Getty Images.

US Elections: Will everything just stay the same?

30 October 2012 17:06

We’re now just a week away from election day in the United States. And after all the campaign rallies, all…

Elizabeth Warren is one of several Democratic Senate candidates who has pulled ahead recently. Picture: Getty Images

Democrats pull ahead in key US Senate races

18 September 2012 10:09

When I looked at the battle for the United States Senate back in July, I said it’d be tough for…

Senate To Vote On Debt Limit Bill, After House Passed It

The fight for the Senate

15 July 2012 13:00

The battle for control of the White House is, of course, the big US politics story of the year. But…


America’s version of the ‘tax the rich’ debate

17 April 2012 9:27

While the battle continues to rage over the government’s plan to cap tax relief, on the other side of the…

Parliament prepares to take on Murdoch

13 July 2011 9:00

Politicians are swarming all over the phone hacking scandal today, in even greater number than during the past week. If…

What’s Wrong with the United States Senate?

12 January 2011 22:21

Plenty, obviously and not the least of it is the sort of person that gets elected to the world’s most…

Victory, but there’s little triumphalism as Republicans look to court America

3 November 2010 9:05

Hysteria has lapsed into disaffection: it was a bleak night for President Obama. But, despite the apparent immediacy of a…

Republicans take control of the House, Democrats cling on in Senate

3 November 2010 6:43

The Democrats have lost control of the House of Representatives. The Republican party looks to have picked up more than…

Security Theatre Comes at a Price

7 September 2010 17:02

Quick public service announcement*: you’ve only got a few hours left to register to avoid having to pay £9 every…

Is the United States Senate Broken?

10 August 2010 15:30

In one sense, yes it is. The Senate may be the world’s most exasperating deliberative body. As with it’s Roman…

Robert Byrd, 1917-2010

28 June 2010 13:05

Robert Byrd, the longest serving Senator in American history, has died aged 92. Byrd will be remembered not only for…

In a major blow to Obama, Democrats lose Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat

20 January 2010 7:18

In a stunning result, the Republicans last night won Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in a special election in Massachusetts.…