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Negotiations Continue On Capitol Hill One Day Before Debt Limit Deadline

Debt emergency over – now for the Republican Party’s existential crisis

16 October 2013 20:22

Phew! America has stopped banging its head against the debt ceiling. For now. The world’s pre-eminent power can carry on ruining itself for a while longer — until the next… Continue reading

Is Britain getting fatter? And how is the NHS coping coping?

The View from 22 podcast: fat Britain, Westminster reshuffles and Obamacareless

10 October 2013 9:07

Does Britain have an obesity problem? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson discuses the bizarre steps taken by the NHS to deal with our growing weight problem.… Continue reading

Niall Ferguson, a prominent deficit hawk. Image: PA

America is not facing a debt crisis. Why pretend otherwise?

8 October 2013 14:29

The maths of America’s financial problems are fairly simple. Every year the federal government spends more than it brings in so must borrow to fill the gap. This is fine… Continue reading

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How is Obama escaping blame for the government shutdown?

1 October 2013 13:06

Barack Obama may not be a great president, but he is a wizard at the blame game. He has fought ‘fiscal brinkmanship’ battles throughout his presidency, and he tends to… Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton, the Unstoppable Power Machine

30 September 2013 18:35

Hillary Clinton is overwhelming favourite to be America’s next President  - and this time nobody, especially not no pesky filmmaker, will get in her way. Charles Ferguson, who was working… Continue reading

Barack Obama has been named 'Islamophobe of the Year'

Barack Obama and public opinion on Syria

6 September 2013 17:14

There are a number of obvious differences between last week’s vote in Parliament and the forthcoming Congressional vote on Syria. But today when he gave his closing statement at the… Continue reading

David Cameron and Barack Obama bond over a barbecue in the Downing Street garden. Picture: Getty

Obama follows Cameron by seeking Congressional approval for Syria strike

31 August 2013 19:26

As he licks his wounds after this week’s Commons defeat on Syria, David Cameron will have been given a huge boost this evening to hear that President Obama has decided… Continue reading

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Cameron and Obama: our relationship is still special

30 August 2013 21:11

David Cameron and Barack Obama spoke this evening about their special relationship. Normally when people start talking a lot about their relationships in public, it’s because something is wrong (or… Continue reading


The Thin Red Line

23 August 2013 9:33

The elasticity of President Obama’s ‘Red Line’ on Syria seems to be being stretched to breaking point following this week’s chemical weapons attack by Bashar Assad in a Damascus suburb,… Continue reading

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Zimmerman verdict: the American Left only likes juries when they get the result they want

16 July 2013 17:22

There is almost nothing more emotive than a murder trial, particularly when it takes place in the United States and involves the shooting dead of a black boy on the… Continue reading

Egyptian President Morsy Ousted In Military Coup

Egyptian coup underlines America’s diminishing influence in the Middle East

5 July 2013 13:53

This week’s coup in Egypt leaves President Obama’s administration in an awkward position. Although the State Department has insisted it remained neutral in the dispute, American taxpayers have been supporting… Continue reading

Obama and Cameron in the Oval Office today. Picture: Getty

Barack Obama appears happy to help a leader in a spot of bother

13 May 2013 17:38

Barack Obama just threw a protective arm around David Cameron at their joint press conference, stressing that ‘you have to see if you can fix what’s broken in an important… Continue reading

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The suspiciously sudden rehabilitation of George W. Bush

24 April 2013 14:21

Are we hearing the opening chords of the George W. Bush redemption song? The Atlantic thinks so. This week he’s opening his huge presidential library, and a new Washington-ABC poll shows that… Continue reading

Martin Luther King was assassinated on 4 April 1968. Picture: Getty Images

45 years ago: The death of Martin Luther King

4 April 2013 18:21

45 years ago tonight, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was shot and killed as he stood on a motel balcony, aged just 39. Here is the leader from the following… Continue reading

A rally for a ban on assault weapons; but what exactly is an 'assault weapon'? Image: Getty

America’s ‘gun culture’: Does anyone actually know what an ‘assault weapon’ is?

18 February 2013 11:50

Before British coverage of the American debate on gun control goes any further, I have to hope the BBC and a lot of other Anglo-Saxons who really ought to be… Continue reading

Singer Jennifer Hudson performs 'America The Beautiful' with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus prior to the start of Super Bowl. Picture: Getty

Sandy Hook and the Super Bowl

4 February 2013 18:18

Last night’s Super Bowl advertising gives an interesting insight into the ongoing gun debate following the Newtown shooting in December. Super Bowl adverts have become a phenomenon in their own… Continue reading

Chuck Hagel testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing to become the next secretary of defense. Picture: Getty

What if Chuck Hagel is just another plodding politico?

1 February 2013 14:43

It looks as if the anti-Chuck Hagel lobby, despite a successful day yesterday at his confirmation hearings, won’t prevent their nemesis from becoming US Secretary of Defense. Yesterday Hagel seemed… Continue reading

Beyonce performs at the presidential inauguration. Picture: Getty

Sketch: Obama’s inauguration

21 January 2013 21:00

It was like Narnia at today’s inauguration. Half a million Obama fans gathered in Washington to shiver as their leader was sworn in for the second time. (Or the fourth,… Continue reading

Barack Obama at his swearing-in today. Picture: Getty

Obama’s left-wing inaugural address

21 January 2013 18:38

Obama’s second inaugural address was probably one of the most left-wing speeches he has made since the Democratic primaries in 2008. It hit all the liberal notes, from women’s equality… Continue reading

Barack Obama gives his inauguration speech. Picture: Getty

In 2013, Obama sees peace. Cameron sees war.

21 January 2013 18:23

Barack Obama has just delivered an upbeat inauguration address, proclaiming that a “a decade of war is ending”. Just a few moments earlier David Cameron gave MPs a blood-sweat-toil-and-tears speech,… Continue reading

Barack Obama unveils proposals for decreasing gun violence in the US. Picture: Getty

Briefing: Obama and gun control

16 January 2013 18:43

‘We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change. We will be told that the causes of such violence are complex, and that… Continue reading

How can the Republican party rescue itself? By looking to Richard Nixon. Image: Getty

Nixon’s lessons for today’s Republicans

9 January 2013 16:27

If the past few weeks are any indication, conservative Republicans learned very little from the 2012 election. While the party’s establishment tries to claw its way back from defeat, tea… Continue reading

General Norman Schwarzkopf with Colin Powell. Picture: Getty

General ‘Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf: a tribute

3 January 2013 14:12

‘Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf was a formidable figure: formidable in size, in his fearsome temper—and as a genius in the art of war. I first met the General in Oman a… Continue reading

President Obama gives a statement after Congress agreed on a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. Picture: Getty

Fiscal cliff: what happens next?

2 January 2013 11:15

Last night Congress agreed on a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. If you’re a little hazy on the detail of what that cliff actually was, it’s well worth reading… Continue reading

Police tape off the house where Adam Lanza lived with his mother. Picture: Getty

It is NOT the time to talk about mental illness

21 December 2012 11:31

Of all the online reactions to the Newtown horror, the most disturbing was probably the blog post written by Liza Long, the mother of a 13-year-old boy with an autistic spectrum… Continue reading