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Americans are unable to resist the siren call of Clinton and Trump

5 May 2016 17:17

Imagine, if you will, two epileptics trying to share a bowl of noodles and you will get a sense of…

Can America survive Donald Trump?

5 May 2016 16:37

There have been many hyperbolic headlines about Donald Trump these last few days and weeks, so I’d like to add…

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It’s Trump vs Hillary: a race that should terrify all conservatives

4 May 2016 18:44

This morning, Ted Cruz bowed out of the race. Now, John Kasich has given up. As a result Donald J. Trump, the most…

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 26: Surrounded by his supporters, Republic

The Cruz-Kasich alliance has failed to stop Donald Trump

27 April 2016 9:57

Another Tuesday, another triumph for Donald Trump. The Republican frontrunner had a clean sweep at last night’s primaries, winning easily…

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Boris v Barack on Brexit

16 April 2016 10:55

The US President flies into town next week to wish the Queen a happy 90th birthday and to encourage Britain…

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Viva Obama! Viva Fidel! Viva Jean-Claude Juncker!

24 March 2016 12:04

In Cuba, they are shouting: ‘¡Viva Obama! Viva Fidel!’ What a slogan. The FT headline ignorantly described this as a…

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Donald Trump, American Iconoclast

7 March 2016 12:28

What’s different about Donald Trump? Forget about the hair for a while, if you can. What sets him apart is…


What Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday triumph says about America

2 March 2016 13:38

It was, in the end, the best possible night for Donald Trump. On Super Tuesday, 12 American states voted for…

GOP Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Holds SC Primary Night Gathering

Can Marco Rubio now catch Donald Trump? It’s a big ask

21 February 2016 1:23

It was obvious that Donald Trump would win the South Carolina Republican Primary tonight. Polls are never that far off.…


The Jeb Bush family nostalgia tour isn’t working

16 February 2016 11:27

Remember when Tony Blair begged Labour supporters not to go for Jeremy Corbyn? Remember how well that turned out? Yesterday…


Did Donald Trump go too far against Jeb Bush last night? Probably not

14 February 2016 10:46

If Jeb Bush is to have any chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2016, he needs a ‘media moment’.…

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The irony of Bernie Sanders: why American kids love the 74-year-old socialist

10 February 2016 11:37

Manchester, New Hampshire ‘Anybody here got any student debt?’ asks Bernie Sanders halfway through his speech at a rally in…

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US election 2016: New Hampshire primary – as it happened

9 February 2016 23:55

New Hampshire The Spectator’s deputy editor Freddy Gray is currently in New Hampshire. Here’s his report from the evening as the…

A New Hampshire voter leaves a polling booth earlier today (Photo: Getty)

Will the New Hampshire primary see the return of ‘the crazy’?

9 February 2016 14:59

As the first results of the Iowa caucus began to come through, a remarkable prospect dawned on US election analysts.…

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Marco Rubio is the only candidate who understands America’s global role

6 February 2016 10:00

Last week, I was in the United States, where the media are even more subject to groupthink than their British…

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Why is Jeb Bush still running?

5 February 2016 16:46

Washington, DC The Bush family hates to lose. Yet Jeb Bush — child of one president; brother of another —…

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Can Donald Trump be the ‘establishment’ candidate? Yes, he can

23 January 2016 12:56

It sounds ridiculous, I know. The Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, could never want Donald Trump. Everybody knows…

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Donald Trump is capitalising on America’s declining middle class

22 January 2016 17:31

While watching MPs in the House of Commons debate banning a politician they find disagreeable, my first thought was to…

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Spot the difference: Trump wants to ban people; people want to ban Trump

20 January 2016 13:17

The shamelessly censorious MPs and petition-signers who want Donald Trump banned from Britain are basically saying: ‘Oh my God, he…

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Why the smart money is still betting against Donald Trump

14 January 2016 14:57

Would you bet against Donald Trump becoming president? Lots of us have. British gamblers have reportedly put more than £1…

<> on November 19, 2015 in Newton, Iowa.

Donald Trump represents the views of millions of Americans. Does the BBC not realise this?

8 December 2015 10:30

If you saw the BBC Ten O’Clock News last night you will have witnessed Nick Bryant’s dispassionate, even-handed treatment of…


There’s absolutely nothing polite about political correctness

12 November 2015 12:44

I hope anyone who sees footage of the two shrieking women at Yale and Missouri will finally concede that political correctness is not…


Yale students have exercised their right to be treated like children

9 November 2015 15:01

Shrieking girl. There it is. I’ve been trying to think of a less gendered, less belittling phrase for the subject…

Joseph "Joe" Biden, Jr. (born November 20, 1942) 47th and current Vice President of the United States since 2009.

Joe Biden’s moment is now

13 October 2015 23:27

On 7th February 2000, for the first time in American history, a First Lady (a sitting one at that) took…


Maggie’s great, but can’t the US find an inspiring American woman to go on their banknote?

19 September 2015 19:53

Banknotes, again. Now it’s America’s turn to suffer the unintended consequences of an ill-implemented campaign to inject some XX chromosomes…