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Former CIA agent Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an Independent candidate in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August

How the Mormons dumped Trump

26 October 2016 15:22

Evan McMullin is running for president of the United States. A Mormon from Utah, a former CIA undercover agent, he…

Trump vs Clinton: The verdicts on the final debate

20 October 2016 10:10

Donald Trump grabbed the headlines in last night’s debate by refusing to say whether he’d accept the result in the…


Donald Trump last night exposed himself as Chavez without the beret

20 October 2016 8:53

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s character but the big problem is not that he is a bad person…

Donald Trump isn’t out of the race yet

16 October 2016 9:01

Speaking of which, who will be President Trump’s treasury secretary, and does it matter? After this week’s ‘locker-room’ revelations, the…

Donald Trump has truly shown his nasty side

15 October 2016 9:06

Given all the outrageous things that Donald Trump has done and said already, why has he got into so much…

Donald Trump’s sinister threat to jail Hillary should worry us all

12 October 2016 16:29

In the autumn of 2008, a gaggle of American conservatives gathered for a conference at that most godless of progressive…

Hollywood A-listers should stop shrieking and admit Trump was right – when you are a star, women let you do what you want

12 October 2016 12:32

As awful as Donald Trump is, as oafish his attitude to women, I think his celebrity haters are even worse.…

Forget Hillary vs Trump. Here’s why I’m voting for Evan McMullin

12 October 2016 9:18

To use Donald Trump’s own parlance, the Republican presidential nominee is getting ‘schlonged’ in the polls. Following the release of a…

The intelligent case for voting Trump

9 October 2016 11:52

Last week more than 130 right-wing thinkers put their names to a defiant document — a list of ‘Scholars and…

Controversy Surrounds Trump's Bid For President After 2005 Recording Reveals Lewd Comments About Women

Republicans revolting against Donald Trump should look at the Labour Party, and despair

9 October 2016 11:07

The Donald Trump story and the Jeremy Corbyn story are same tale told by different countries. A political party reinvents…

How are we to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon?

9 October 2016 9:00

How are we to explain the Trump phenomenon? A good friend (well to the right of me) who lived in…

Is the Trump tape really that shocking?

8 October 2016 16:22

The funniest thing about the lewd Donald Trump tape is how unshocking it is. It’s less of an ‘October surprise’…

Hillary will beat Trump. But her presidency will be hamstrung just like Obama’s

8 October 2016 16:01

The more you study history, the more you realise how hopeless it is to try predicting the future. Even sophisticated…

Obama’s sky high approval rating spells good news for Clinton

7 October 2016 16:51

Did you see the news? Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in to win the election. OK. No-one is saying it quite yet.…

Trump fans should be proud to call themselves ‘the Deplorables’

25 September 2016 8:30

Hillary Clinton hazarded that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’. The Kaiser called the BEF a…

The women who paved the way for Hillary’s bid for the White House

19 September 2016 12:37

If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the first female president of the United States, taking over from the first…

Prince Harry meets Chris Christie in New Jersey (Photo: Getty)

Was Britain banking on a Chris Christie presidency?

9 August 2016 15:56

A fun game for football fans involves trying to recall players who were earmarked as future Premier League stars and fell hilariously…

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There’s nothing ‘anti-establishment’ about this US election

30 July 2016 9:57

This year’s US presidential election campaign has broken the mould, apparently. Never before have two ‘anti-establishment’ candidates in the shape…


The Spectator Podcast: The American tragedy

21 July 2016 8:22

When Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign just over a year ago, few expected him to make it so far.…

The horrific truth is that Donald Trump could actually win the US presidency

28 May 2016 15:49

Think Donald Trump is too vulgar, too crazy to actually make it to the White House? Then you probably thought…

Donald Trump: The impossible has happened

26 May 2016 16:45

Do you remember when they said it wasn’t possible? When the pointy-headed wonks in Washington DC and the New York…


Clinton and Trump triumph in New York: What happens now?

20 April 2016 8:38

It’s no real surprise that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both secured victory in New York overnight and the…

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY

Dear Guardian, stop patronising America

14 April 2016 13:41

Oh dear. I’ve always admired Jonathan Freedland, and he usually writes so well about America. But his latest contribution to…


Ted Cruz defeats Donald Trump in Wisconsin Republican race

6 April 2016 7:46

Donald Trump has been dealt a major blow in his bid to wrap up the Republican nomination after Ted Cruz’s…

Lena Dunham takes a selfie with Hillary Clinton

Feminists want to ‘protect’ Hillary Clinton. Do they realise they are doing her dirty work?

5 February 2016 13:01

‘Do you really not like Hillary Clinton, or are you just sexist?’ Cosmopolitan actually asked that question last week. Claiming that…