Ukip’s leadership race: All the runners and riders

25 October 2016 15:20

Following Steven Woolfe’s decision to quit Ukip, the party’s prospects don’t look good. Woolfe – who was the frontrunner in Ukip’s…


Watch: Ukip leadership candidate says sorry for ‘gay donkey’ gaffe

24 October 2016 14:26

Steven Woolfe has said Ukip is in a ‘death spiral’ and on the basis of the latest candidate to join the…

Theresa May’s Ukip opportunity

23 October 2016 11:13

Since Nigel Farage’s latest resignation as Ukip leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can…

UKIP Launch Their Election Manifesto

Suzanne Evans and Paul Nuttall announce Ukip leadership bids

23 October 2016 10:18

Suzanne Evans, former deputy chairman of Ukip, has announced her intention to run for the leadership of the party. ‘I think I’m…


Arron Banks revisits old wounds

22 October 2016 10:00

During the EU referendum, there was a fierce contest between Vote Leave and Grassroots Out over which would win the…

UKIP Leaders Give Immigration Election Speech

Steven Woolfe’s departure shows how far off becoming a well-run political party Ukip is

17 October 2016 18:47

Steven Woolfe isn’t just dropping out of the Ukip leadership race tonight, he’s quitting the party altogether. He has left…

UKIP Leaders Give Immigration Election Speech

Why I don’t want to lead ungovernable Ukip, by Steven Woolfe

17 October 2016 18:03

Six years ago, I joined Ukip. Since then, I have campaigned with all my energy, time and determination to champion…

Ukip’s slow search for a new leader risks throwing away a golden opportunity

17 October 2016 10:20

Labour’s current turmoil gifts Ukip an open goal. Or at least it should do. But instead of taking the opportunity…


Corbyn leaves Ukip an open goal, and they miss it

8 October 2016 10:31

Jeremy Corbyn is taking Labour ever further away from its traditional working class voters in the north and the midlands.…


Ukip snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

7 October 2016 15:24

It’s day three of Ukip’s latest leadership contest and the party has found itself splashed across the front pages of…

UKIP Leaders Give Immigration Election Speech

Ukip’s Steven Woolfe ‘conscious and recovering’ after ‘altercation’ in Strasbourg

6 October 2016 12:36

The latest Ukip leadership contest to succeed Diane James has descended into chaos after Steven Woolfe was rushed to hospital. The…


Diane James stands down as Ukip leader

5 October 2016 7:56

Diane James is standing down as Ukip leader after only 18 days in the job, blaming ‘personal and professional reasons’ and a lack…

Jeremy Corbyn is ‘relaxed’ about migration. He might not be after the next election

28 September 2016 9:19

What does Jeremy Corbyn have to say to Labour voters worried about migration? Not a lot, seems to be the…


New Ukip leader says Putin is one of her heroes

18 September 2016 12:05

Diane James, Ukip’s new leader, did her first major TV interview as Ukip leader this morning. And very revealing it…


Diane James is Ukip’s new leader – but will she be haunted by Nigel Farage?

16 September 2016 13:41

Diane James is the new Ukip leader. The party’s home affairs spokesman won with 8,451 votes. She beat Lisa Duffy into second place by…


Nigel Farage says farewell: ‘We brought down a prime minister’

16 September 2016 12:43

Nigel Farage has just delivered his speech at Ukip conference, in which he declared that he had put ‘absolutely all of…


Questions over Ukip’s future on the eve of its conference

15 September 2016 14:08

Ukip’s autumn conference kicks off tomorrow in Bournemouth. With the new leader set to be announced, there had been hopes…

What performing stand-up in Ukip country taught me about racism

18 August 2016 15:00

Most people would say UKIP lends itself to comedy better than Denis Healey’s eyebrows lent themselves to tweezers – but…


How Breitbart hijacks right-wing populism

17 August 2016 16:43

The news that Donald Trump’s new campaign manager is Steve Bannon, head of the right-wing media site Breitbart, has shocked…

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What was Nigel Farage doing at the German embassy?

16 August 2016 10:49

After Nigel Farage achieved his aim of taking Britain out of the EU, he announced that he would be stepping down…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Why an early election would be bad for the Tories

6 August 2016 10:35

Ten points ahead in the polls, Theresa May regarded as the best Prime Minister by a majority of voters and…

Steven Woolfe excluded from Ukip leadership race

3 August 2016 12:14

Steven Woolfe has been barred from standing for Ukip leader. The party’s national executive committee has ruled that he didn’t…

Ukip’s leadership race kicks off. Who are the candidates hoping to replace Nigel Farage?

3 August 2016 8:01

The final shortlist for who will replace Nigel Farage has been unveiled – and the frontrunner Steven Woolfe has been…

Coffee House Shots: Ukip’s leadership contest

2 August 2016 17:03

Ukip’s leadership race has barely begun but the contest has already delivered plenty of drama. The frontrunner Steven Woolfe missed out on…

The perks and pitfalls of Twitter for political gamblers

2 August 2016 11:14

On Sunday morning Channel 4’s Michael Crick put out the following Tweet about Steven Woolfe, the Manchester-born barrister and MP…