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How will the Greek elections change the political debate in the UK?

25 January 2015 19:38

If you were looking for clues as to how the result of the Greek elections will affect our politics in the United Kingdom, here’s a handy hint. This is the… Continue reading

Nigel Farage on the Andrew Marr show this morning. Photo: BBC.

Five points from Nigel Farage’s interview on Marr

25 January 2015 12:12

First Cameron, then Miliband – now it was Nigel Farage’s turn to be granted the status of a January interview on the Marr sofa. And there was plenty to discuss: the Sunday… Continue reading

Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir delivers his speech on communities during the Ukip annual party conference at Doncaster Race Course in Yorkshire. Picture date: Friday September 26, 2014.

Do these allegations explain why Ukip’s Amjad Bashir defected to the Tories?

24 January 2015 21:04

Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir has defected to the Conservative Party this evening, following an internal party investigation. Tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph reports that Bashir, who was the party’s communities spokesman, says… Continue reading

Is Cllr Karen Damzcuk about to defect to Ukip?

Karen Danczuk gets closer to Ukip

22 January 2015 11:20

When Simon Danczuk met Nigel Farage for a pint in December, the Labour MP was accused of plotting a defection to Ukip. While Danczuk denied this at the time, his wife… Continue reading


Ukip is sticking to the mainstream line on the NHS

20 January 2015 10:29

One  reason that Ukip seems rather quiet at the moment is that it doesn’t have very much policy to talk about. And one reason for that is that there’s a row going… Continue reading

Facebook officials chose the 'sceptical' room for their meeting with Ukip

Coffee Shots: Facebook HQ ‘sceptical’ of Ukip

20 January 2015 10:00

When Ukip officials arrived at Facebook HQ for a meet-and-greet, they were surprised to be led to a boardroom that went by the name of ‘sceptical’. However, far from a tense affair,… Continue reading


Will South Thanet care that Al Murray has a gig in Dartford on election night?

19 January 2015 13:00

On election night, Al Murray will not be in South Thanet as is the usual custom among candidate hopefuls. Instead, the 46-year-old comedian will be performing a gig in Dartford. Despite… Continue reading


Al Murray in Twitter spat with Ukip MEP

15 January 2015 16:20

Although Nigel Farage referred to his new political rival Al Murray as the first ‘serious opponent’ he has encountered in South Thanet, not all of Ukip are amused that The Pub Landlord is running… Continue reading

Nigel Farage speaking at a press conference in Westminster this afternoon. Photo:  Mary Turner/Getty Images

Nigel Farage: a two-bit demagogue and believer in lazy ‘Root Causes’

13 January 2015 15:29

Nigel Farage has performed a useful public service this week. Yes, really, he has. The UKIP leader, you see, is a believer in Root Causes. He is, in fact, a Root… Continue reading

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Has anyone seen Nigel Farage?

13 January 2015 11:16

‘Ukip seems to have imploded,’ one ‘mainstream’ politician remarked to me yesterday. ‘We haven’t heard anything from them.’ True, Ukip have been rather quiet since Christmas, but anyone in the… Continue reading

george osborne

Boffo new Tory election strategy: reinforce negative stereotypes

11 January 2015 17:55

Following the success of the Tories’ last anti-UKIP strategy session, I’ve been leaked details of the latest election planning at CCHQ: [...] I say, what’s the most damaging – and widely-held… Continue reading

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The Tories need to ‘weaponise’ Ed Miliband’s incompetence

11 January 2015 10:40

Ed Miliband was on Andrew Marr’s sofa this morning, drawing 2015 battle lines. It all looked very encouraging – if you are a conservative, that is. Miliband started discussing the… Continue reading

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Ukip MPs infiltrate Conservative HQ’s Twitter feed

6 January 2015 18:05

If social media is going to play a deciding role in the general election, the brains at Conservative HQ ought to take a closer look at who they promote on… Continue reading

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Has Ukip given up persuading one would-be Tory defector?

6 January 2015 17:11

Has one Ukip defection become less likely? Before Christmas, top Tories were falling over themselves to tell Basildon and Billericay MP John Baron how much they valued him and how… Continue reading

Cologne Cathedral's lights are switched off in protest against a rally by Pegida (Photo: Getty)

Germany is shackled in the immigration debate. But Britain isn’t so must lead the way

6 January 2015 16:29

Today Angela Merkel will meet David Cameron in Downing Street. She will tell him what she can do – and what she cannot do – to help keep Britain in the… Continue reading

Mark Reckless doesn't seem too worried about his Tory opposition

Claws out in Rochester: Mark Reckless not worried by Tory candidate

6 January 2015 12:58

Things are getting heated in Rochester after Conservative HQ announced that the lacklustre Kelly Tolhurst will return as their candidate for the general election. The businesswoman put on a dismal display when she… Continue reading

Ed Miliband addresses party activitists as he launches the party's 2015 election campaign (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Do Cameron and Miliband secretly feel the same way about the EU?

5 January 2015 11:57

At last, an actual dividing line. Ed has used his first proper speech of the 2015 campaign to declare that his party would never, ever leave the EU: ‘We must… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers A Speech On Immigration

Cameron avoids a New Year slip-up

4 January 2015 13:50

In 2010, David Cameron stumbled in his first New Year broadcast interview over the Tory plans for a married couple’s tax allowance. This slip-up knocked him and his party off… Continue reading

Matthew Parris, Isabel Hardman, Fraser Nelson, Douglas Murray, Damian Thompson and James Forsyth look back on 2014 in our end of year special podcast.

Podcast special: end of year roundup and predictions for 2015 and the general election

30 December 2014 15:00

2014 is drawing to close, so it’s time for our annual end of year podcast — looking back on an exhilarating year both in Britain and abroad. James Forsyth reflects on the Scottish referendum… Continue reading


Kate Chisholm’s radio top five from 2014

25 December 2014 9:00

1. My top gong would be shared by June Spencer and Patricia Greene for their brilliant character acting on Radio 4’s The Archers, creating in Peggy and Jill two resilient… Continue reading


Listen: Lucy Powell tries to dodge questions on leaked Ukip document with ‘it’s irrelevant to you!’

19 December 2014 14:21

How has Labour managed to make such a mess of its response to the leak of a document on dealing with Ukip that came out on Monday that it’s still… Continue reading

Nigel Farage on Phone Farage this morning.

Ukip MPs decline to comment on Nigel Farage’s ‘chinky’ remarks

19 December 2014 13:14

Another week, another controversial set of controversial remarks from Nigel Farage — this time, it’s about the use of the word ‘chinky’ by Kerry Smith, who was running to be… Continue reading


Watch out Labour, Ukip are coming for you

18 December 2014 17:35

How much of a threat is Ukip to Labour? The tanks of the people’s army have been on the Conservatives’ lawn for some time but we now have an idea… Continue reading

Lucy Powell told MPs they could get a 'quick and dirty' briefing on Ukip.

Labour’s ‘quick and dirty’ briefing

18 December 2014 14:12

More fallout from the Labour Ukip leak reaches me. Some sources in the party remain amazed that it apparently never crossed the desk of Yvette Cooper, given her role in the… Continue reading


Labour tries to deal with dysfunctional campaign machine after Ukip leak

18 December 2014 8:56

After spending all week stamping all over their own report about how to approach Ukip, Labour is now trying to work out what on earth led to the row. It’s… Continue reading