Listen: Lucy Powell tries to dodge questions on leaked Ukip document with ‘it’s irrelevant to you!’

19 December 2014 14:21

How has Labour managed to make such a mess of its response to the leak of a document on dealing with Ukip that came out on Monday that it’s still… Continue reading

Nigel Farage on Phone Farage this morning.

Ukip MPs decline to comment on Nigel Farage’s ‘chinky’ remarks

19 December 2014 13:14

Another week, another controversial set of controversial remarks from Nigel Farage — this time, it’s about the use of the word ‘chinky’ by Kerry Smith, who was running to be… Continue reading


Watch out Labour, Ukip are coming for you

18 December 2014 17:35

How much of a threat is Ukip to Labour? The tanks of the people’s army have been on the Conservatives’ lawn for some time but we now have an idea… Continue reading

Lucy Powell told MPs they could get a 'quick and dirty' briefing on Ukip.

Labour’s ‘quick and dirty’ briefing

18 December 2014 14:12

More fallout from the Labour Ukip leak reaches me. Some sources in the party remain amazed that it apparently never crossed the desk of Yvette Cooper, given her role in the… Continue reading


Labour tries to deal with dysfunctional campaign machine after Ukip leak

18 December 2014 8:56

After spending all week stamping all over their own report about how to approach Ukip, Labour is now trying to work out what on earth led to the row. It’s… Continue reading

Rochester and Strood Parliamentary By-Election

Nigel Farage: Bigger Than Jesus

17 December 2014 12:09

Ukip’s commonwealth spokesperson Winston McKenzie – he of Carnival of Colour fame – is never far from controversy. It was only a matter of time before a devout Ukipper compared their… Continue reading

(Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

The Union needs balance

16 December 2014 13:45

Today’s Guardian long-read on the Scottish referendum is a great piece of journalism. Both Alistair Darling and Danny Alexander argue in it that when David Cameron stepped out of Downing… Continue reading

Nigel Farage with Steph and Dom Parker. Photo: Channel 4.

Poor Farage was stitched up by Steph and Dom

16 December 2014 10:38

Steph and Dom are the posh-sounding, drunk couple from Gogglebox – the surprise hit programme where people are recorded sitting on sofas giving a running commentary on the TV shows… Continue reading

(Picture: Channel 4)

Steph and Dom Meet…Nigel Farage: the last authentic politician or tipsy fool?

15 December 2014 23:07

Would you invite Nigel Farage around for drinks and dinner? Steph and Dom Meet…Nigel Farage shows what happened when the ‘posh couple’ from Gogglebox did just that. The Ukip leader comes… Continue reading


The ideal Christmas present for the xenophobe in your life

15 December 2014 12:44

Stuck with gift ideas for that slightly xenophobic, older family member this Christmas? Then look no further than the Ukip website. They are currently auctioning off a painting of their… Continue reading

Will Labour take on Ukip over immigration?

Four things we’ve learnt from the leaked Labour/Ukip paper

15 December 2014 10:49

How will Labour respond to the threat from Ukip? Thanks to today’s scoop by the Telegraph’s Ben Riley-Smith, we now know. A leaked internal memo (pdf here) singles out immigration as the biggest… Continue reading

Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

Nigel Farage and Richard Desmond’s cosy deal making

12 December 2014 14:32

Ukip are cock-a-hoop this afternoon with news that controversial proprietor Richard Desmond is to donate £300,000 to Farage’s party ahead of the 2015 election. Express sources confirm that Dirty Desmond… Continue reading

UKIP leader Nigel Farage delivers his keynote speech at the annual UKIP (UK Independence Party) party conference. Image: Getty

Labour briefs MPs on the Ukip threat in their constituencies

12 December 2014 8:54

Unfortunately for Labour, it cannot dismiss Nigel Farage as a ‘pound shop Enoch Powell’ quite so easily as Russell Brand did last night. The party knows that Ukip can take… Continue reading

Natasha Bolter and Roger Bird: the investigation continues.

Revealed: the cringeworthy horror of Ukip chat-up lines

9 December 2014 18:19

The Roger Bird-Natasha Bolter saga continues. Text messages between the Ukip romantics have revealed by the Telegraph which paint Bolter in a less favourable than Bird. While the Ukip investigation is ongoing,… Continue reading

Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

As political scandals go, Ukip’s latest offering is hardly a knee-trembler

9 December 2014 10:04

The Natasha Bolter story is a little peculiar, no? Ms Bolter, formerly of the Labour Party and more latterly a rising star in Ukip, has been telling the press how… Continue reading

Natasha Bolter, the former Ukip PPC who has made allegations about Roger Bird.

Ukip’s Roger Bird suspended over sexual misconduct allegations

9 December 2014 9:50

The reason behind Roger Bird’s mysterious suspension as Ukip general secretary has been revealed. The splash of today’s Times makes several allegations (£) about Bird and Natasha Bolter, a Labour defector to… Continue reading


The Tory voters who are still vulnerable to Ukip

9 December 2014 8:53

Today’s conclusion from the British Election Study that Ukip will hurt the Tories far more than it will damage Labour at the General Election is unsurprising, but still important as… Continue reading

Ukip's General Secretary Roger Bird.

Ukip general secretary Roger Bird suspended over ‘impropriety’ allegations

8 December 2014 18:26

To the delight of its enemies, Ukip has just announced its general secretary has been suspended over ‘impropriety allegations’. According to a statement released by the party, claims have come to… Continue reading

(Photo: Andrew Yates/Getty)

Listen: Roger Helmer reveals Ukip’s approach to candidate selection

8 December 2014 15:45

Ralph Atkinson ranted this weekend that Ukip have ‘standards of democracy lower than the unelected European Commission’ after he was allegedly ousted as the Ukip candidate for Hastings and Rye in… Continue reading

United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights, Francois Crepeau attends a press conference in Doha on November 10, 2013. KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images

Another UN official who makes me more likely to vote Ukip

7 December 2014 22:49

The latest half-witted United Nations official to stick the boot into the United Kingdom is one Francois Crepeau, UN ‘Special Rapperteur’ (nope, sorry, don’t recognise the term), on the Rights… Continue reading

Paul Lambert, Ukip's new Director of Communications. Photo: BBC.

Ukip hires BBC’s Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert as new Director of Communications

7 December 2014 13:00

Ukip has announced that BBC political producer Paul Lambert will be the party’s new Director of Communications. Ukip has offered the job to various prominent figures but it has not been filled… Continue reading


Tories attack Nigel Farage over breastfeeding remarks

6 December 2014 12:24

Ukip’s crisis is the Conservatives’ gain. Following Nigel Farage’s comments about ‘ostentatious’ breastfeeding, Conservative HQ have been promoting this graphic online, with a title noting that Farage is ‘making it up… Continue reading

Ukip's Tim Aker

The Ukip juggernaut continues: Tim Aker wins Thurrock council by-election

5 December 2014 12:22

Ukip’s Tim Aker is now juggling three jobs. Last night, the 29-year-old won a by-election in the Aveley & Uplands ward in Thurrock, adding councillor to his existing titles of MEP for… Continue reading

Mark Reckless Wins The Rochester And Strood By-Election For UKIP

Eight different ways Ukip would spend Britain’s international aid budget

4 December 2014 16:26

The Autumn Statement was Ukip’s first economic test as a Westminster party, so how did they fare? In their initial response, economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn lambasted George Osborne for ‘smoke and… Continue reading

Mark Reckless Wins The Rochester And Strood By-Election For UKIP

How will Ukip use its first Autumn Statement in Parliament?

3 December 2014 11:35

A lot of focus today will be on how Labour would cut the deficit (and perhaps how George Osborne actually plans to get it done rather than just talking about… Continue reading