Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Image: Getty

Nigel Farage faces down ‘Establishment’ plot

15 April 2014 12:49

This morning’s edition of The Times reported (£) that Nigel Farage could face a probe into claims, apparently lodged by a former UKIP official, that nearly £60,000 of ‘missing’ European Union… Continue reading

Nigel Farage needs to ensure that fewer of his MEPs defect to other parties. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Ukip needs to reduce its defection rate to be taken seriously

15 April 2014 11:36

Party-switching has been relatively common among British MEPs in recent years.  In the past ten years, 13 MEPs have ended their term of office in a different party to the… Continue reading

Basil Fawlty: still representative of the typical Englander? Photo: BBC.

Modern Britain: little islanders who love the Queen and Richard Branson

14 April 2014 15:03

Who and what represents Britain today? Our country has changed significantly in the last few decades; but, a batch of YouGov polls published this weekend suggest that traditional notions of… Continue reading

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Downing Street has forgotten that its business is politics

13 April 2014 11:03

The Sunday papers resound with the sound of Tory MPs thinking aloud about how to deal with ill-discipline: principally expenses and harassment. On harassment, the Sunday Times reports the 1922… Continue reading


Clegg lost against Farage, but that’s not the point

4 April 2014 11:37

Why did Nick Clegg bother debating Nigel Farage? The Ukip leader bagged two decisive victories in the battles. But that doesn’t mean the Lib Dem leader has failed to set… Continue reading

Electorial count staff tally the votes f

The other awkward May elections and why they matter

3 April 2014 16:06

After all the excitement of Nick vs Nigel and the endless mutterings in the Tory party about uprisings following the European elections, you might be forgiven for thinking that the… Continue reading


The major parties don’t get UKIP, and neither does the BBC

3 April 2014 9:35

So, in the second debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg the UKIP leader won by 69% to 31%, according to the post-debate polls. That, you would think, should be… Continue reading

FILES - This pool picture provided 03 Se

Nick vs Nigel: Clegg gets a little help from Farage’s mate Vlad

2 April 2014 8:37

Nick Clegg ‘lost’ last week’s LBC debate with Nigel Farage, not for want of trying to sound reasonable or appear at ease and polished, but because there are simply fewer… Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

Clegg, Farage and the poverty of Britain’s EU debate

28 March 2014 11:09

Two of the writers I most admire have fallen out over the Clegg vs Farage debate. James Kirkup calls it for the Lib Dem leader (his reasons here) and Peter… Continue reading

Nick Clegg And Nigel Farage Debate Britain's EU Membership

Clegg and Farage’s real mission: getting their voters to turn up

27 March 2014 17:22

‘You guys always love the zero sum game, you know, politics as Premier League football,’ Paddy Ashdown said this morning when asked whether he accepted whether his leader had lost… Continue reading


Budget 2014: Has Osborne come up with a silver bullet for dealing with Ukip?

19 March 2014 15:21

The Budget today contained a host of measures that’ll benefit the silver savers; those in, or coming up to, retirement. From January next month, pensioners will be able to buy… Continue reading

Nigel Farage on the Sunday Politics today. Photo: BBC.

Nigel Farage and ‘new Ukip’ are running away from disaffected Tories. Why?

16 March 2014 14:00

Who votes Ukip? It’s a question psephologists have been trying to answer for years but Nigel Farage had a clear response on the Sunday Politics today: not just disaffected Conservatives.… Continue reading

These gentlemen have much to talk about concerning the latest polls. (Image: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Polling worries for Miliband – and for Cameron

14 March 2014 17:17

There’s been much hullaballoo this afternoon over a Populus poll that shows a Labour lead of one point. The usual caveats apply (it’s just one poll!); but, nevertheless, this sample… Continue reading

Why might this man want to avoid 'the politics of blame'? (Image: Getty)

Nick Clegg’s comedy act

10 March 2014 12:45

I much recommend Nick Clegg’s weekend speech. Since it was given at the Liberal Democrat Spring some people may have missed it. There is hardly a line that cannot draw a… Continue reading

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

Nick Clegg loves Britain, and fighting Farage

9 March 2014 15:25

Nick Clegg’s spring conference speech seems to have been written entirely with Nigel Farage in mind. The Lib Dem leader has decided to go after the Ukip chief, and today’s… Continue reading

UKIP Annual Spring Conference 2014

Say it loud, say it proud: UKIP are a party for reactionary xenophobes

3 March 2014 12:49

Sometimes what doesn’t occasion interest or drama or controversy is more interesting – or at least more telling – than what does. So perhaps it is a tribute to the… Continue reading

UKIP Annual Spring Conference 2014

Nigel Farage: We can win the European elections

28 February 2014 16:49

Nigel Farage likes to argue he’s not a normal politician. He says what he thinks and what other people think too. He certainly didn’t do what other politicians are trying… Continue reading

American director Spike Lee. Photo: Andy Kropa/AP/Press Association Images

Spike Lee’s love letter to Ukip

28 February 2014 7:30

Tell me: does this passage from American director Spike Lee’s recent rant against the gentrification of Brooklyn not sound like a press release from UKIP? ‘I’m for democracy and letting… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Net migration is up, but net migration is a meaningless term

27 February 2014 15:34

The latest figures showing a big increase in net migration are a blow to the Conservatives, although it obviously reflects on the relative strength of the British economy; at least… Continue reading

Illustration: Stephen Collins.

MP who discussed defection with Ukip tells Coffee House: I couldn’t trust Farage

27 February 2014 11:57

The Telegraph’s Chris Hope has a very interesting interview with Ukip Treasurer Stuart Wheeler in which he says seven Tory MPs had lunch with him to discuss a possible defection… Continue reading

Picture: Carla Millar

The Workers’ Party?

26 February 2014 8:53

Much hilarity among those of a leftish persuasion in Westminster that the Conservatives might dare call themselves the Workers’ Party, as Grant Shapps enthusiastically did yesterday. Mind you, when Shapps… Continue reading

A Day With Nigel Farage at the EU Parliament - Strasbourg

He said ‘yes’! Farage agrees to debate Clegg on EU

21 February 2014 10:05

He asked… and Nigel said yes. The Ukip leader and his party colleagues had whipped Westminster into a state of great suspense in the 24 hours between Nick Clegg’s phone-in… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Is Nigel Farage wimping out on scary Nick Clegg’s debate challenge?

20 February 2014 13:07

Who knew Nick Clegg was so scary? As James revealed this morning, the Lib Dem leader has challenged Nigel Farage, never knowingly silent, to a televised leaders’ debate for the… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Liberal Democrat Party Conference

Nick Clegg to challenge Nigel Farage to a head to head debate on Britain’s EU membership

20 February 2014 7:15

I understand that Nick Clegg is to challenge Nigel Farage to a debate on Britain’s EU membership ahead of the European Elections this May. The Liberal Democrat leader will issue… Continue reading

Nick Clegg Gives A Speech On Britain In Europe

Why Nick Clegg is so keen to pick a fight with Nigel Farage

17 February 2014 18:50

Before the European Elections in May, don’t expect either David Cameron or Ed MIliband to engage with Nigel Farage. Both the Tory and Labour leaders think that the best strategy… Continue reading