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Eric Pickles and Chris Kelly. Image: Flickr/DCLG

Chris Kelly distressed by Ukip rumours and has denied them to closest family

29 September 2014 19:42

Like all MPs suspected as potential Ukip defectors, Chris Kelly is being hounded by colleagues, whips and journalists all desperate to find out what he’s up to. He and his… Continue reading

Boris Johnson Stand For Selection As An MP

Loyal Boris rallies the troops

29 September 2014 19:28

Boris Johnson was on loyal form tonight at the Conservative Home rally. He told the audience that the Tory advantage on leadership and the economy would see voters coming over… Continue reading


Conservative conference: Liz Truss and Sajid Javid hit Labour

29 September 2014 11:30

Two of the brightest rising stars in the Conservative party, Sajid Javid and Liz Truss, addressed the Tory conference. After an angry day yesterday where Grant Shapps and the PM… Continue reading

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

George Osborne’s task: to make his party enthusiastic about government

29 September 2014 9:07

There’s a funny mood at this Tory conference. It has more energy than the Labour conference, but partly that energy is anger at Mark Reckless’ defection, rather than enthusiasm. MPs… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces His New Cabinet

Don’t trust this woman: Tory whips warn MPs off Brooks Newmark trap

28 September 2014 19:24

If you’re a Tory MP who hasn’t been paying much attention to the news and is wearing paisley pyjamas tonight, the Conservative whips are looking out for you. They’ve sent a… Continue reading


Tory conference: Bitter jokes at the Tax & Spend Inn

28 September 2014 13:51

The Conservative conference pub is back again this year, with its usual bitter jokes about Labour. Mr Steerpike had an exclusive peek at the posters they’re using to poke fun… Continue reading

Day Two - UKIP Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Mark Reckless: The away day row that made me lose my faith in David Cameron

27 September 2014 22:30

What made Mark Reckless decide to defect? Coffee House earlier revealed the timeline that led to the Tory MP standing on the conference stage in Doncaster today, but after his… Continue reading

Photo: Getty Images.

Tories ready for tough by-election fight

27 September 2014 16:51

When Douglas Carswell defected, many Tory MPs were quick to say that an aggressive campaign against him would be counter-productive. There is none of that talk today. listen to ‘Podcast… Continue reading

Day Two - UKIP Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Podcast special: Mark Reckless defects to Ukip

27 September 2014 16:44

Mark Reckless dropped a bomb on the Ukip conference in Doncaster today, announcing his surprise defection from the Tories. In this View from 22 special, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss why Reckless… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

How Mark Reckless’ defection happened – exclusive details

27 September 2014 15:50

Mark Reckless has been talking about moving to Ukip for months, those who know him say. It was only in the last two weeks that he decided he was definitely… Continue reading

Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Visits Riverlight Development

Tories to offer discounted homes to first-time buyers

27 September 2014 14:16

The Tories have begun to roll out their conference offer to voters. Today, they’ve announced that if re-elected, first time buyers under 40 will be offered properties to buy at… Continue reading

Bill Cash

Tory plan to force through EVEL advances

27 September 2014 11:07

As reported earlier this week, a group of Conservative MPs are keen to get English votes for English laws sorted as soon as possible. Bill Cash has sent William Hague a… Continue reading


Commons vote for strikes against IS in Iraq

26 September 2014 17:19

By 524 votes to 43, the House of Commons has voted to support air-strikes against Islamic State in Iraq. The margin of victory is not surprising given how limited the… Continue reading

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell Visit Clacton On Sea

Will two more Tory MPs defect to Ukip?

25 September 2014 18:42

Ukip’s party conference is underway in Doncaster. The party is hoping for an event that runs more smoothly than last year, where Nigel Farage sacked Godfrey Bloom for hitting a… Continue reading


Government publishes motion on attacking Isis

25 September 2014 16:16

Today’s Cabinet meeting agreed the following motion on attacking Isis in Iraq. Note the stipulation that attacks on Isis in Syria be subject to a separate vote in the House… Continue reading

MPs discussed amending the Commons standing orders at the Chequers summit. Picture: Getty

How long will Tory unity on EVEL last?

25 September 2014 13:21

The 1922 Committee meets at 2pm today, and William Hague will address it. The meeting was originally arranged to discuss the post-referendum settlement for Scotland and England, and English votes for… Continue reading

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Parliament recalled to discuss airstrikes on Isis in Iraq

24 September 2014 18:17

Number 10 has just confirmed that Parliament will be recalled on Friday to vote on a motion authorising British involvement in air strikes against Isis in Iraq. A spokesman said:… Continue reading

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Labour conference: Andy Burnham gives the only speech that should worry the Tories

24 September 2014 12:57

Andy Burnham has just delivered the best speech from a Labour MP at conference. Taken from the autocue, it was emotive, stirring, tribal, and just what delegates needed. It seemed… Continue reading

Day One - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Ed Miliband’s unlucky conference

24 September 2014 9:29

Ed Miliband is not having much luck this conference. First, there’s the fact that it has come straight after the Scottish referendum, making it feel a bit small. Second, other… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

Ed Miliband: a prophet without notes

24 September 2014 9:14

Why does Ed Miliband think memorising a speech is more important than convincing voters that Labour really can be tough on the deficit? It wasn’t just his performance yesterday, in… Continue reading

Refugees Fleeing ISIS Offensive Pour Into Kurdistan

Westminster prepares for recall to discuss air strikes

24 September 2014 8:55

Parliament is expected to be recalled on Friday to discuss British military intervention against Isis. David Cameron will hold talks with his Iraqi counterpart today, with Haider al-Abadi expected to… Continue reading

Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

The deficit and immigration: were there two worse topics for Ed Miliband to forget?

23 September 2014 22:35

No notes speech have been Ed Miliband’s political party trick. His One Nation speech two years ago ended speculation about his leadership and last year’s energy price freeze effort knocked… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

Ed Miliband’s speech, like the rest of this conference, was poor but just about enough

23 September 2014 17:10

Whether or not Ed Miliband’s speech was a success depends on what sort of aim he had for it: heave Labour over the general election line using his party base,… Continue reading

Labour Party Conference - Daily Life

Labour conference: Miliband bashes rich and big business to pay for NHS ‘Time to Care’ fund

23 September 2014 14:16

Ed Miliband, due to address Labour conference shortly, is to announce a £2.5 billion NHS Time to Care Fund for thousands more nurses, doctors, caseworkers and midwives. Time to Care… Continue reading


Shadow ministerial munchies

23 September 2014 10:07

Fancy a cheeky chew on Chuka, a bite of Balls or a munch on Miliband? At last night’s Sky party at Labour conference, the Shadow Cabinet were out in force… Continue reading