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Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Labour could U-turn on the benefit cap

28 May 2015 17:13

The most striking aspect of Labour’s response to the Queen’s Speech yesterday was that it is ‘sympathetic’ to the Tory plan to lower the £26,000 benefit cap for workless households… Continue reading

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George Galloway’s presence will spice up the London mayoral campaign

28 May 2015 15:40

George Galloway’s announcement on Twitter this afternoon that he is standing for London Mayor hasn’t surprised many, given he suggested he would do so before he even lost his seat… Continue reading

SNP MPs in the Commons today.

SNP MPs rebuked for clapping in the Chamber. Will Tory and Labour hecklers be next?

27 May 2015 17:02

The SNP have done a rather good job this afternoon of uniting the rest of the Commons against them by indulging in the shameful practice of – brace yourself –… Continue reading

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Yvette Cooper snaps up six more MP supporters for her leadership campaign

27 May 2015 13:43

Six more Labour MPs have endorsed Yvette Cooper as leader: Coffee House has the names exclusively. Emily Thornberry Ian Austin Jim Cunningham Karen Buck Lyn Brown Steve McCabe They’re an… Continue reading


Cameron will struggle to get human rights reform past parliament at any stage

27 May 2015 10:37

David Cameron has decided to stall on human rights reform for now, partly because the Tories couldn’t quite work out how to get the reforms they wanted, and partly because… Continue reading


Will Nick Clegg’s response to the Queen’s Speech mean anything at all?

27 May 2015 9:17

Could there be a sadder sight today than Nick Clegg, intervening on behalf of his now tiny ‘minor party’ in the Queen’s Speech debate? The Lib Dem leader is responding… Continue reading

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Cameron tries to bring the campaign into government

26 May 2015 19:36

Tomorrow’s Queen’s Speech will be almost cut and pasted from the Tory manifesto. Partly, this is because Number 10 believes that the Salisbury convention dictates that the House of Lords… Continue reading

Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant interview: Labour has to speak to voters ‘at the end of the line’

26 May 2015 17:57

Chris Bryant is haunted by Labour’s general election defeat. He has taken his former colleague Douglas Alexander’s office, and Commons staff have been appearing to collect the former Shadow Foreign… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Chuka Umunna endorses Liz Kendall for Labour leader

26 May 2015 10:39

After pulling out of the Labour leadership contest himself, Chuka Umunna has given his star-studded endorsement to Liz Kendall, along with his leadership team of Emma Reynolds, Stephen Twigg and… Continue reading

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael prepares to make his first speech of the year setting out his case for Scotland remaining part of the UK at Stirling University..

Malcom Bruce defends Alistair Carmichael: ‘lots of people have told lies’

26 May 2015 9:10

Alistair Carmichael’s battle to remain an MP is turning into a debate about whether it’s acceptable to lie in public office. The SNP are keen to talk the up the notion… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

David Cameron is trying to manage the referendum – and his party – properly

25 May 2015 10:29

The government’s announcement that EU migrants will not be able to vote in the EU referendum tells us a number of things about the way David Cameron is approaching this… Continue reading


Cameron confident about renegotiation result: but will it please voters?

22 May 2015 18:17

David Cameron was in an extremely confident mood when he addressed the press at the end of today’s EU summit in Riga. He continually joked about journalists needing to write… Continue reading

Ed Miliband speaking in Nuneaton during the general election. The seat, which failed to go red on 7 May, will host the first Labour leadership hustings. Picture: PA

BBC announces Labour leadership hustings from constituency symbolising party’s failure

22 May 2015 12:17

After Harriet Harman announced that Labour would ‘let the public in’ to its leadership contest, the BBC has announced that it will broadcast a hustings with the candidates on 17… Continue reading

Labour MPs (L-R) Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Tristram Hunt and Liz Kendall address delegates at the Progress annual conference in central London on May 16, 2015.

Kendall, Cooper and Burnham all have perceived weaknesses to overcome

21 May 2015 12:52

Now that Liz Kendall has enough MPs backing her to make it on to the ballot paper for the Labour Party leadership contest, the three main candidates are all starting… Continue reading


Germans propose linking the British renegotiation to Eurozone reform

20 May 2015 17:48

Wolfgang Schäuble’s decision to link the British renegotiation to changes to the governance of the Eurozone is highly significant. In an interview the German Finance Minister told the Wall Street… Continue reading

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Tristram Hunt bows out of Labour leadership race and backs Liz Kendall

20 May 2015 10:42

Tristram Hunt is not standing as Labour leader and will instead back Liz Kendall, he finally confirmed at the end of a long speech this morning. The party’s Shadow Education… Continue reading


The Labour leadership checklist

19 May 2015 13:04

There seems to be a checklist for Labour leadership hopefuls which all of them are very keen to tick off. When launching a campaign, a candidate must say that their… Continue reading

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Dan Jarvis backs Andy Burnham in Labour leadership contest

18 May 2015 20:59

As far as endorsements go, Andy Burnham is winning the Labour leadership contest hands down. He has managed to recruit Dan Jarvis – someone who has gained huge respect and… Continue reading

The stakes are raised for Miliband’s speech Photo: Getty

Ed Miliband’s fate shows that how you win a leadership contest matters almost as much as winning it in the first place

18 May 2015 18:58

Any new party leader needs legitimacy, an acceptance that they won the contest fair and square. Ed Miliband didn’t have this because he lost in two of three sections of… Continue reading

Tristram Hunt. Illustration: Ian Tovey

Can Tristram Hunt persuade enough MPs to back him for Labour leader?

18 May 2015 17:58

The Labour leadership candidates are starting to release lists of names supporting them, with more announcements on the way. So far Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham, who reckon they have… Continue reading

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Harriet Harman: Labour needs to let the public in

18 May 2015 10:37

How does the Labour party recover? Harriet Harman set out how it will try to come back from its latest election defeat in a speech this morning which told the… Continue reading

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What Michael Gove told his civil servants

17 May 2015 13:18

Michael Gove has been keeping a relatively low profile since being made Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor last weekend. I understand that he is keen to master the brief, and… Continue reading

A picture shows the front door of number

George Osborne poaches Daily Mail’s political editor

16 May 2015 18:34

George Osborne has moved to strengthen his personal, political operation by hiring the political editor of the Daily Mail James Chapman as his director of communications. This beefing up of… Continue reading


Exclusive: Nigel Farage ‘never resigned’ from Ukip in ‘stitch up’

15 May 2015 15:54

It has been alleged that Nigel Farage never formally resigned from Ukip as part of what party sources have told the Spectator was a stitch up to avoid a leadership… Continue reading

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London can be Blue again

14 May 2015 17:32

In the midst of a glorious election night for the Conservatives on 7 May, London stubbornly resisted the swing across the rest of the country and went a darker shade… Continue reading