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Labour shadow cabinet

Labour MPs spitting fire after Trident showdown with Thornberry

8 February 2016 22:16

Emily Thornberry’s briefing to the parliamentary Labour party meeting this evening either went ‘swimmingly’ or was ‘worse than I thought’,…


Corbyn to miss Labour Trident briefing tonight

8 February 2016 16:49

Emily Thornberry will tonight address Labour MPs at the weekly meeting of the Parliamentary Labour on her Trident policy review.…


Can the fighting Leave factions work together?

8 February 2016 16:17

Despite all the fighting over which faction is working with who that’s taken place over the past few days, MP…

Greg Clark understands the effect that creeping urbanisation will have on public services. Picture: Getty

Tory whips jittery about local government finance rebellion

8 February 2016 14:42

Communities Secretary Greg Clark is giving a statement this afternoon in the Commons on local government finance. This sounds like…

Boris for In? Mayor teases readers in column

8 February 2016 8:45

They may not be allowed to speak out yet, but everyone is trying to find out what senior eurosceptic Tories…


Who will be out for Out?

6 February 2016 10:30

The Leave campaigns continue to bicker with each other in increasingly absurd fashion, but it would be wrong to think…

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Split in Labour Leave over whether it has left Vote Leave

5 February 2016 16:09

This might seem impossible, but the row between Vote Leave and Labour leave has become even more complicated. This afternoon,…

Kate Hoey. Image: Getty

Labour Leave to split from Vote Leave

5 February 2016 9:47

Following reports of a furious row between Labour Leave and Vote Leave in the Guardian and the Times, I understand…

Voila! Cameron's deal, depicted by Morten Morland in the cover of this week's Spectator

Why Cameron needn’t worry about Leave’s nine-point lead – yet

5 February 2016 8:51

Funnily enough, David Cameron’s EU deal hasn’t gone down all that well with voters. The Times this morning gives the…

Unemployment Figures Set To Rise Further In UK

Tory MPs press ministers on sickness benefit cuts

4 February 2016 17:00

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill has its third reading in the House of Lords on Monday before returning to…

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How not to defend the charity sector from criticism

4 February 2016 12:24

If you wanted an interview that summed up what is wrong with the charity sector at the moment, you’d struggle…


Vote Leave changes board after infighting: will this calm the Out camp down?

3 February 2016 22:10

The Monty Python-esque scrapping in the ‘Leave’ camps may calm down a little after the Vote Leave campaign this evening…

Multi-Million Nuclear Submarine Upgrade To Secure 2,000 UK Jobs

Labour delays Shadow Cabinet row on Trident

3 February 2016 15:37

Labour has delayed its Shadow Cabinet discussion of the party’s Trident review until next week, after yesterday’s meeting ran out…

Singapore President state visit to Britain - Day One

Theresa May helps David Cameron with strong hint she’ll support ‘Remain’ campaign

2 February 2016 20:24

Theresa May’s decision to say that the draft settlement for Britain’s relationship with the EU forms ‘a basis for a…

Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

David Cameron’s two problems: benefits and Poland

2 February 2016 14:12

From his speech and question session on today’s draft EU deal, it’s clear that David Cameron plans to spend the…

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Draft EU deal: five things you need to know

2 February 2016 12:51

David Cameron is insisting that there is more work that needs to be done on the draft deal for Britain’s…


Draft EU deal waters down Cameron’s migrant plan

2 February 2016 12:00

Donald Tusk’s draft proposals for Britain’s EU renegotiation are out – and the focus is on whether David Cameron has…


Britain’s new EU relationship to be revealed: but is it that different?

2 February 2016 8:55

Today at 11am we will find out what Britain’s new relationship with the EU will look like. Downing Street insists…


Donald Tusk to table Britain’s draft EU deal tomorrow at noon

1 February 2016 18:11

This is the analysis of the latest EU referendum negotiations in tonight’s Evening Blend email, a free round-up of the…

Mark Pritchard

Who will join Mark Pritchard in the reluctant Inners club?

1 February 2016 16:43

Tory MPs have been buzzing today about Mark Pritchard’s announcement that he would be supporting the campaign for Britain to…


Emergency brake breakthrough, claims Downing Street

31 January 2016 22:34

Donald Tusk will not circulate the proposed draft UK/EU deal tomorrow. It had been thought that Tusk would put out…

David Cameron Meets President of The European Council Donald Tusk

Cameron seeks to beef up ’emergency brake’ as eurosceptics fight each other

31 January 2016 20:31

David Cameron and Donald Tusk have been discussing Britain’s beef with the European Union over a dinner of beef this…

Summer Returns To Oxford

David Cameron is plain wrong about Oxford and race. Here’s why

31 January 2016 10:55

I applaud the Prime Minister for pointing out the scandalous lack of black students at Britain’s top universities, but he’s…


Downing Street expects draft EU deal to disappoint

30 January 2016 10:30

We are only days away from seeing Donald Tusk’s proposed text for the UK/EU deal. The President of the European…


England named worst in developed world for literacy. So yes, school reform is needed.

29 January 2016 17:41

Today’s OECD study of basic skills ranks England lowest in the developed world for literacy, and second lowest for numeracy.…