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The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

How useful is Sadiq Khan’s endorsement of Owen Smith?

21 August 2016 12:03

Sadiq Khan’s endorsement of Owen Smith is rather handy for the ailing Labour leadership contender, given Khan is one of…

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Owen Smith: We should get Isis round the table for peace talks

17 August 2016 13:23

Victoria Derbyshire seemed very anxious as Labour’s two-hour-long hustings between Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn wore on this morning to…

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Court of Appeal rules in favour of Labour party in latest leadership contest twist

12 August 2016 15:32

In the past few minutes, the Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the Labour Party’s block on anyone…


Why does no-one think of the Lib Dems?

11 August 2016 14:41

Talking to Labour MP these days is a pretty miserable business, to the extent that many journalists are starting to…

Labour Leadership Election

Labour’s moderates are stuck until they can solve their membership problem

10 August 2016 19:13

We are still not entirely sure when the Labour leadership contest will end, but in these dusty days of recess,…

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Why would Theresa May want to clamp down on special advisers?

8 August 2016 17:52

Theresa May’s plans to limit both the number of special advisers and the way in which they are appointed are…

Labour Leadership Election

Labour members win court case on leadership contest

8 August 2016 11:34

Isabel Hardman and Lara Prendergast discuss what’s next for Labour: Could Labour hold its autumn conference without a confirmed leader?…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Why an early election would be bad for the Tories

6 August 2016 10:35

Ten points ahead in the polls, Theresa May regarded as the best Prime Minister by a majority of voters and…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Decision time approaches for Theresa May

30 July 2016 10:35

Parliament is off for the summer, and the exodus to the beaches has begun. But Theresa May isn’t heading off…

Theresa May Holds First Prime Minister's Questions

Why Prime Minister May has been a surprise

23 July 2016 10:33

As we come to the end of Theresa May’s first full week as Prime Minister, she hasn’t quite been the…

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey. Picture: Getty

Len McCluskey warns that the security services might be trying to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn

22 July 2016 17:20

The Labour leadership election has become even more bizarre today. Len McCluskey, the leader of Unite the Union and a…


Theresa May gets a warmer than expected reception in Paris, and a pledge on the border

21 July 2016 20:38

Paris was meant to be the more difficult leg of Theresa May’s first European tour as Prime Minister. But May’s…

Labour Leadership Election

What matters in Labour’s leadership contest is what works

21 July 2016 13:57

Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to strike a contrast between his beliefs and those of his Labour leadership rival Owen Smith would…

Liz Truss

Liz Truss attracts far more vitriol than her male non-lawyer predecessors. Why could that be?

21 July 2016 10:41

A politician with no legal training and limited experience of the legal world becomes Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor. The…

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Makes Her First Statement As The Country's New Leader

The net migration reckoning draws nearer

20 July 2016 14:58

Is the new government under Theresa May going to ditch the target to drive net migration into the tens of…


Angela Eagle pulls out of Labour leadership contest

19 July 2016 17:26

In the past few minutes, Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour leadership contest, citing insufficient nominations in the…


Theresa May’s first Cabinet meeting gives us a glimpse of her leadership style

19 July 2016 15:12

Theresa May’s first Cabinet meeting wasn’t accompanied by the kind of eye-catching announcement you would have expected from Tony Blair…

Multi-Million Nuclear Submarine Upgrade To Secure 2,000 UK Jobs

The political theatre of the Trident debate

18 July 2016 19:57

The Trident debate might be about national security, but all the parties have political points they want to make. Indeed,…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Corbyn savaged by his own MPs as he refuses to read out Labour policy on Trident

18 July 2016 18:07

If you wanted evidence to support the repeated assertion from Labour MPs that Jeremy Corbyn cannot continue as Labour leader,…


Theresa May takes control

16 July 2016 10:35

Theresa May has demonstrated this week that she isn’t interested in being continuity Cameron. Her reshuffle was, as I say…

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU

Theresa May has just shown she really is serious about Brexit

13 July 2016 22:41

‘Brexit means Brexit’ has been Theresa May’s message since she started running for the Tory leadership. But Brexit could mean…

David Cameron's Last Day As The UK's Prime Minister

David Cameron’s legacy is out of his control

13 July 2016 17:38

It was a rather cruel pathetic fallacy that the Prime Minister who had to resign early after creating a political…

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU

Where will Theresa May get her policies from?

13 July 2016 15:02

Theresa May takes over as Prime Minister this afternoon much sooner than she expected at the start of the week.…

Jeremy Corbyn Attends A Momentum Rally

Labour chief whip complains to Corbyn and Momentum about abuse of MPs

13 July 2016 10:52

Labour MPs are becoming increasingly agitated about the amount of abuse and intimidation they are receiving, to the extent that…

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Victory for Corbyn as Labour’s NEC puts him on the ballot

12 July 2016 20:16

Jeremy Corbyn will be on the Labour leadership ballot. After a contentious meeting that lasted for almost six hours, the…