Game of Thrones: ‘Our Island Story’ for the HBO generation

7 April 2014 16:23

When I was a boy I used to love the stories of the old kings of England, devouring book after book on the subject until I could rather involuntarily memorise… Continue reading


Remember what really bad, racist TV looked like? I give you London Live

1 April 2014 19:27

So Lebedev’s London Live has launched. And I don’t know about you but I’m hooked. I’d totally forgotten what really bad TV looked like. It’s as if the chief execs… Continue reading

Zvetelina Vassileva (Desdemona) and Johan Botha (Otello) in San Francisco Opera's 2009 production of Otello. Photo: Lance Iversen, The Chronicle

Televising theatre and opera will not attract new audiences. It will repel them

28 March 2014 16:52

Always try to get the worst seats for the opera. Upper circle. Foyer. Toilet. The nearest bus stop. The further back the better. You’ll regret it if you don’t. There… Continue reading

The Good Wife (CBS/More 4)

Silk vs The Good Wife

24 March 2014 17:40

American TV drama trumps British TV drama – it’s a well-worn but unfair cliché. It’s not that British drama is necessarily bad – some of it is very good –… Continue reading

The W1A team

First look at the BBC’s BBC mockumentary W1A

20 March 2014 0:05

So, OK, here’s the thing with W1A: it’s just as brilliant as 2012. So that’s all good. By which I mean the two most memorable characters from the BBC’s Olympics mockumentary –… Continue reading

Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg, Kaiser Wilhelm II and General Moltke depicted in 37 Days (Picture: BBC)

The BBC’s march to war

18 March 2014 9:23

Perhaps we are growing war-weary – weary, that is, of the gathering storm of World War One documentaries on the BBC. There have been so many, not just Max Hastings… Continue reading


Spectator Play: The highs and the lows of what’s going on in arts this week

27 July 2013 10:52

The Tate Britain has recently undergone a ‘sorely needed’ rehang, which Andrew Lambirth explores in this week’s Spectator.  As a ‘welcome return to the great tradition of the chronological hang’… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Katie Hopkins – this is why we have political correctness

8 July 2013 14:00

I’ve been reminded just why political correctness exists: Katie Hopkins of the Apprentice, the TV show that glorifies the entrepreneurial ideal and the psychopathic levels of self-confidence that accompany it.… Continue reading

David Cameron was interviewed on This Morning. Picture: ITV

The danger of the This Morning ‘paedophile list’

8 November 2012 13:53

The Prime Minister goes on a mid-morning talk show and is forced to respond to a list of alleged paedophiles that the presenter has taken off the internet. If you… Continue reading