Sunrise over the Sound of Jura, Christmas morning.

Christmas Quiz 2014: The Answers

29 December 2014 11:13

Here, earlier than is traditional, are the answers to this year’s Christmas Quiz. As always scoring is discretional but if five marks are awarded for an entirely correct answer then… Continue reading


Christmas Quiz 2014

24 December 2014 17:18

Greetings from the Isle of Jura whence the sixth (!) edition of this blogs’ annual Christmas Quiz comes to you wherever you may be cloistered this festive season. As always you… Continue reading


Storm in the Sound of Jura; Mainland Cut Off

7 January 2014 20:11

Digital Detox is grand even when, as this New Year, it’s partly unplanned. Back today from an extended break on the Isle of Jura which, like much of Britain, has… Continue reading

Cape Penguins wearing Christmas costumes

Christmas Quiz 2013

23 December 2013 19:17

That time of year again, I guess. Here is this blog’s fifth annual Christmas Quiz. I hope it has not been compiled in quite as absent-minded a fashion as last… Continue reading


Happy New Year

4 January 2013 10:23

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas and New Year. Mine was, if you care about these things, more eventful and hectic than I’d planned or otherwise anticipated. Each… Continue reading


Christmas Quiz 2012! - Spectator Blogs

22 December 2012 18:23

It’s that time of year again! I’m away to Jura for Christmas tomorrow so posting – indeed internet access – is likely to be light. I trust all readers will… Continue reading

John Lloyd, one of the QI 'Elves', who believes that there is a future for publishing trivia in the internet age. Image: Getty

The future of the trivia book

13 December 2012 10:19

It is, if Noddy Holder is to be believed, Christmas. And so those of us who pen trivia books listen for the ring of tills or, as is increasingly the… Continue reading

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Christmas Quiz 2011: The Answers

5 January 2012 16:12

Back late last night from Jura (fabulous time despite constant rain, gales and all the rest of it) so 2012 blogging will begin soon. Hurrah for that. Here, then, are… Continue reading

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Christmas Quiz 2011

24 December 2011 18:52

It’s that time of year again. So here’s the 2011 of the annual Christmas quiz. As always, there are no prizes and it’s just for fun. Mr Google may help… Continue reading


Land of the Unwell

5 January 2011 11:18

I’m afraid this blogging-hiatus is likely to continue for another day or so. Or at least until the batch of plague from which I’m currently suffering moves on to victims… Continue reading


Christmas Quiz!

23 December 2010 19:54

Just like last year, it’s time for a Christmas Quiz. So here is this year’s edition. You could, I suppose, use Mr Google to get the answers but where’s the… Continue reading


Christmas Quiz! The Answers!

4 January 2010 20:02

As promised, here are the answers to this year’s Christmas Quiz. It turns out that it was perhaps a little harder than I’d appreciated since no-one (or at least no-one… Continue reading


Christmas Quiz!

23 December 2009 4:03

It’s that time of year. There’ll be only a little blogging here until Christmas is done for one more time. So here, as the season demands, is a wee quiz… Continue reading


The Toughest Quiz You’ll Tackle All Year

6 January 2009 1:16

Lost amidst my Christmas hiatus was the annual brain-hurting attempt at the King William's College (Isle of Man) end of year quiz, thoughtfully published, as always, by those nice people… Continue reading


End of year trivia

28 December 2007 20:24

The King Williams College annual quiz is perhaps the daddy of all such end-of-year brain-wreckers. The 2007 edition is here. Good luck! UPDATE: After a first (and Google-free!) run through… Continue reading


St Stephen’s Day Trivia

26 December 2007 16:53

Jane Austen fans should run on over to Norm’s place to tackle his Boxing Day quiz. This blog may yet have a few New Year teasers for you all.


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

25 November 2007 18:41

My friend James Forsyth picks up on another of my favoured non-trivial campaign trivia questions*: Barack Obama got the question about who he would invite to his ideal dinner party… Continue reading


Monday Trivia!

20 August 2007 20:44

Yeah, so it’s been a long time since I posted any trivia questions. Rather than wait for the weekend, here’s something to distract your attention on a Monday afternoon. As… Continue reading