We no longer have a pensions system, just a mess caused by the Treasury

10 January 2017 11:52

Back in the 1980s, when I was embarking on a lifetime of sweat, toil and tears in order to bring home…

Donald Trump is right to take action against China

10 January 2017 11:33

It’s a mistake to think of Donald Trump as a protectionist, as Boris Johnson will have discovered during his recent…

George Osborne’s stamp duty hike is starting to bite the Treasury

8 December 2016 13:06

The existence of the Laffer Curve can be proved by thought-experiment alone. If a government levies an income tax rate…

What the papers say: Boris’s ‘indiscreet’ way with words and Project Fear comes unstuck

17 November 2016 8:32

In the run-up to the referendum, the Treasury warned that unemployment would rise by half-a-million. Today, this prophecy comes in…

Don’t listen to the doom-mongers: A rise in inflation isn’t some kind of crisis

18 October 2016 12:10

It takes quite a determined Cassandra to see the rise in Consumer Prices Index (CPI) from 0.6 per cent in…

The Treasury’s ‘Hard Brexit’ warning shows Project Fear isn’t over yet

11 October 2016 9:45

Can someone please tell HM Treasury that the referendum is over? During that campaign, it made history by producing a…


The Brexit bounce continues – ten forecasters up their predictions for 2016 growth

21 September 2016 12:49

The Brexit bounce continues. HM Treasury has today released forecasts of the economists it follows, as it does every month.…

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.41.54

Mark Carney clashes with Jacob Rees-Mogg over BoE’s Brexit warnings

12 July 2016 13:12

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Mark Carney’s clash at this morning’s Treasury Committee was a masterclass in passive aggressiveness veiled in pleases…

Bank Of England Governor Mark Carney And U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer Speak At Annual Mansion House Dinner

George Osborne ditches ‘Project Fear’ as he breaks his Brexit silence

27 June 2016 7:55

George Osborne has turned his back on ‘Project Fear’ after finally breaking his Brexit silence. The aim of his speech…

Mark Carney uses interest rate decision to put the boot in over Brexit again

16 June 2016 12:36

The Bank of England’s decision to keep interest rates pegged at 0.5 per cent won’t surprise anyone. What is more…


Bank of England Brexit bust-up shows the referendum campaign is getting nastier

16 June 2016 9:21

With a week to go until the referendum, nerves are running high in both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns. This…


Why Brexit wouldn’t leave voters out of pocket

8 June 2016 13:22

The Treasury says that the cost of the UK leaving the EU would be £4,300 per household – but compared…

The Treasury’s Brexit forecast is ludicrous. We’re better off out of the EU

4 June 2016 8:30

Leaving the EU should boost pay and create more jobs. Spending our own money on our own priorities ensures that…

Brexit might cause a short-term shock but it won’t be as bad as the Treasury makes out

23 May 2016 17:07

There’s already quite a wide consensus around the basic assumption of the Treasury’s latest report that there would be a…

Photo by Daniel Leal-Olivas - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Treasury’s Brexit short-term impacts analysis: A bit high, a lot political

23 May 2016 16:46

The Treasury’s analysis of the short-term impact of Brexit offers us two scenarios for the two years following the referendum: a base ‘shock’…

The Treasury dishes up more Brexit fearmongering. Will it work?

23 May 2016 7:58

It’s now exactly one month until the EU referendum and the Treasury has marked the moment with another economic warning…

Today’s inflation figures tell us nothing about Brexit. Why does the Treasury pretend otherwise?

17 May 2016 12:16

We’re now at the stage in the EU referendum debate where every announcement is explained in terms of its relationship…

The IMF serves up more Project Fear – and it’s working

13 May 2016 13:18

Another day, another warning about the economic bombshell which would follow Brexit. This time it’s the turn of the IMF.…

Conservative Party Donor Arron Banks Turns His Support UKIP

Leave.EU hit back at Osborne over Brexit comments: ‘if this is our economic team, we are in deep s–t’

18 April 2016 16:42

George Osborne’s claim that the Treasury thinks Brexit would make you £4,300 worse off has gone down like a cup…

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 18.58.34

The deceptions behind George Osborne’s Brexit report

18 April 2016 14:02

Sometimes, George Osborne’s dishonesty is simply breathtaking. Let’s set aside the way he has positioned himself over the years (if he…

The Coffee House podcast: George Osborne’s Brexit warning

18 April 2016 12:15

George Osborne has warned today that Brexit will cost each household in the UK around £4,500. The Chancellor also said…


Watch: John McDonnell heckled in Commons debate – ‘shut up your face’

1 March 2016 12:43

Punch and Judy politics is clearly the mood of the moment in the House of Commons. Last week, David Cameron…

SNP Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

David Cameron is going to have to give the SNP what it wants

15 February 2016 18:39

All Westminster might be agog with the latest shenanigans vis-a-vis the got-to-happen-at-some-point EU referendum but most sentient folk in this…


More Google woes at the Treasury

28 January 2016 18:34

Oh dear. It’s not turning out to be a great week for staff at the Treasury. After George Osborne declared…

Richard Davies of the Economist is set to join the Treasury. Photo: BBC World News.

George Osborne hires Economist journalist to chair Council of Economic Advisers

30 July 2015 13:32

George Osborne has recruited Richard Davies, The Economist’s economics editor, to replace Rupert Harrison as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers,…