Richard Davies of the Economist is set to join the Treasury. Photo: BBC World News.

George Osborne hires Economist journalist to chair Council of Economic Advisers

30 July 2015 13:32

George Osborne has recruited Richard Davies, The Economist’s economics editor, to replace Rupert Harrison as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Coffee House understands. This position is essentially the Chancellor’s top… Continue reading

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Revealed: Top secret Treasury plan

9 July 2015 17:02

Budget day may have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean the Treasury team have been taking it easy. Mr S has got wind of a very important top secret Treasury… Continue reading


Why is the NHS ring-fenced but the justice system isn’t?

6 March 2015 10:24

Earlier this week, Sadiq Khan MP ‘admitted Labour could not reinstate £600m of legal aid cuts imposed by the government’. These are cuts which continue to have a very real impact… Continue reading

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Jeremy Vine and the truth about government spending

10 December 2014 15:57

Those who complain about the BBC (myself included) usually only refer to a small part of a massive and divergent operation. Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 is just superb – not… Continue reading

EU flags in Brussels. Getty Images

How Brussels’ sanctions could bleed Britain dry

14 November 2014 13:32

London is at risk of another blow from Brussels. Currently, the UK Supreme Court is hearing a sanctions case involving the Iranian Bank Mellat, which could prove pivotal in the… Continue reading

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George Osborne vs eurocrats

3 June 2014 7:57

Improving the supply of new housing, adjusting the Help to Buy scheme if necessary, revaluing council tax bands and accepting that universal credit won’t solve all of Britain’ welfare ills:… Continue reading


Chris Leslie: Labour cannot afford to reverse the Coalition’s cuts

30 May 2014 16:05

Chris Leslie’s speech today is intended to show that Labour is very fiscally responsible. It’s a noble task, and one the party knows it needs to hammer away at as… Continue reading

Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

Scottish Independence: The Cost of Living Like This

28 May 2014 13:40

Yippee! The number-crunching boffins are at war again. The UK and Scottish governments have today released rival forecasts for life in an independent Scotland. It will not surprise you that… Continue reading

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne Visit Lloyds TSB Bank

Today’s borrowing figures are bad for the Tories, but they’re not good for Labour either

21 February 2014 17:59

Today’s borrowing figures are, on the surface, not good for the Tories. The surplus on the public finances in January 2014 was lower than for the same month in 2013,… Continue reading

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What is Alex Salmond’s plan for the currency now?

14 February 2014 13:05

Alex Salmond is now a man without a plan. He is offering Scots a future of uncertainty and instability. Threats of a debt default leaving Scotland and Scots with a… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Speech On EU Reform

George Osborne’s speech on whether Scotland could keep the pound – full text

13 February 2014 12:28

In a speech in Edinburgh today, the Chancellor launched an attack on the ‘yes’ campaign’s intention to keep the pound as the currency of an independent Scotland. Here’s what he… Continue reading

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Today’s GDP figures are useful ammunition for the Conservatives

28 January 2014 11:16

That the UK economy grew by 0.7 per cent in the final three months of 2013, leading to the fastest growth annually since the financial crisis, is obviously very good… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 10.49.03

Explaining the IDS vs Osborne split on welfare

24 January 2014 11:29

‘Do you know what they used to call us?’ asked Theresa May ten years ago. ‘The nasty party.’ No one used that phrase, but ‘they’ had a point. The Conservatives… Continue reading


The top level of government isn’t riddled with personal hatred – thanks to Osborne

23 January 2014 9:48

Now that the economic statistics are looking better, people are beginning to rediscover the once-fashionable thought that George Osborne is a great strategist. Things are coming together before the 2015… Continue reading

George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement On The Economy

How corporation tax cuts are helping wages

6 December 2013 17:07

Yesterday’s autumn statement included the results of the Treasury’s study of the dynamic impacts of the cuts to Corporation Tax, which George Osborne is down from 28 per cent to… Continue reading

An Alternative View Of The Labour Party Annual Conference

Ed Balls: OBR forecasts show cost of living will continue to haunt Tories

5 December 2013 17:07

Ed Balls has not had a good day. He has just given his post-autumn statement briefing, at which he argued that Labour had set the agenda for this statement with… Continue reading

Love is in the air at the Treasury as the nights draw in. (JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Mr and Mrs Treasury

30 October 2013 15:01

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Treasury. HMT has today announced the appointment of Sharon White, the current Director General over at Horseguards, as Second Permanent Secretary. Who she? Well, she’s… Continue reading

Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole featured in a National Lottery advertising campaign in 2006.

Our rulers don’t seem to care that the National Lottery fleeces the poor

3 October 2013 15:12

Now the latest on the Politicians Keeping In Touch front. It’s funny how it’s the wives who take the brunt of the endeavour. It was Samantha Cameron yesterday who had to… Continue reading

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Treasury questions: George Osborne takes aim at Labour’s record in opposition

10 September 2013 14:22

Listen to Osborne and Balls’ exchange at Treasury questions here:- listen to ‘Osborne at Treasury Questions: 'We're enjoying this'’ on Audioboo ‘I hope this is not our last encounter across… Continue reading

Ed Balls in a quiet moment last week. Picture: Getty

Focusing on borrowing means mutually-assured humiliation for Labour and the Tories

25 June 2013 14:50

Strangely, both sides at Treasury questions today wanted to talk about something that does their own party no favours at all to mention. The Labour whips had sent their loyal… Continue reading

Osborne arriving at the IMF conference this morning. Image: Getty

The chancellor survived the IMF report, but there’s another challenge ahead

22 May 2013 16:12

George Osborne has got through the IMF’s report on the UK economy. It is far from a ringing endorsement of his approach but, as Isabel notes, its criticisms are couched… Continue reading

George Osborne

Two versions of Osborne’s benefits speech

2 April 2013 14:12

The Times’ Sam Coates picked up on a couple of discrepancies between the text of George Osborne’s Morrisons speech sent out by CCHQ, and the one published by the Treasury.… Continue reading

Two workers leave the downgrade factory.

Why Britain lost its AAA rating

22 February 2013 22:41

Even the pessimistic analysts had given Britain until September to lose its AAA rating. That it has happened now, before the Budget, shows just how fast things are moving. Moody’s… Continue reading

British Finance Minister George Osborne

Mr Micawber Goes to the Treasury

18 February 2013 12:52

John Rentoul draws attention to a new ComRes poll that goes some way towards explaining George Osborne’s predicament when it comes to managing government finances. Put simply, the public is… Continue reading

Mark Carney giving evidence to MPs today.

Mark Carney: I want a debate on inflation target

7 February 2013 15:22

If Mark Carney had any reservations about his move to Threadneedle Street later this year, he might now add to his list regular sessions with the Treasury Select Committee. His… Continue reading