So much for the Northern Powerhouse (Photo: Getty)

Rail investment reflects how ministers like to travel

26 June 2015 8:30

No matter how desperate the banana republic, the international airport is always a shimmering palace of perfume and croissants. It is only when you get out onto the dirt roads… Continue reading

Photograph: UK Stock Images Ltd/Alamy

My ‘fare-dodging’ hell

2 September 2014 12:01

At least every other time a ticket inspector boards a train or bus I’m on, I pretend I can’t find my ticket or Oyster card. I then miraculously find it… Continue reading

Paul Dacre (Photo: Getty)

Stonegate fare-dodger: it wasn’t Paul Dacre

2 August 2014 19:02

The mystery is over. A man named Jonathan Burrows has been exposed as the Stonegate fare-dodger. Our own Charles Moore must share a train with this enterprising man. Back in… Continue reading


View from 22 podcast special: Should Gatwick Airport be expanded?

7 July 2014 9:51

In this special View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson discusses the case for the expansion of Gatwick Airport. Guest speakers include Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport, Mark Reckless, Tory MP… Continue reading

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Pinstripes and shorts – Tim Montgomerie vs the Institute of Directors

25 June 2014 13:43

There is a nice little spat brewing between Tim Montgomerie and the Institute of Directors, after the former Times comment editor and founder of ConservativeHome ‘unloaded both barrels on Britain’s… Continue reading

Leeds Town Hall, scene of the 'Le Grand Depart' for the Tour de France in 2013, a symbol of urban renewal in the North. (Image: Getty)

Britain must realise George Osborne’s vision of a northern powerhouse

24 June 2014 11:31

If you walk around our great northern cities, you’ll see stunning examples of civic pride. Albert Square in Manchester and Leeds Town Hall reflect resurgent local confidence. Old narratives of… Continue reading

The Uber app (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Uber is for Londoners. Black cabs are for tourists

11 June 2014 9:30

Black cab drivers are striking in London today because they are angry that Uber – a rival taxi service supported by Google – is undercutting their market. They will argue… Continue reading

You can 'jet' to the Cannes Film Festival, courtesy of San Francisco-based tech firm Uber. (ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

How to bug the French government

13 May 2014 11:35

Mr has news from La Belle France, where authorities have incensed several foreign tech companies by proposing to ban geo-locating software apps to protect the antediluvian local taxi service. One… Continue reading

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HS1 was a godsend. Bring on HS2

28 April 2014 18:48

It used to take one hour and forty five minutes to get by train from where I live in Canterbury to central London. Now, as a consequence of HS1 and… Continue reading

Train ticket prices are just one area that the government needs to address.

The Budget must address the cost of living – especially for the young

17 March 2014 11:40

Transport It is ruinous travelling by train these days. Have you tried it? My advice: don’t. Aside from re-nationalising the railways, the Budget could make some gesture of goodwill to… Continue reading


What I’d like in the Budget: more support for teachers

15 March 2014 16:29

To start on a glamorous note: subsidised bus fares for those in full-time education outside London. I turned 16 in the same year my dad turned 60, and just as… Continue reading

Protests Are Held Throughout The UK Opposing The Coalition Government's Spending Review

‘Almost a conservative’ – in praise of Bob Crow, 1961-2014

11 March 2014 10:28

Very sad to hear of Bob Crow’s death. Doubtless his erstwhile political opponents will be falling over themselves to say that he will be ‘sadly missed’. But I’ve admired him… Continue reading


What’s Lord Adonis up to?

19 February 2014 15:53

Lucky Lord Adonis has spent the last few days travelling around London by bus as part of his ‘London By Bus’ campaign. He’s been chatting to commuters and sharing interesting… Continue reading

Train services were brought low by the recent storm. (DANIEL SORABJI/AFP/Getty Images)

Media storm stops a train near you

28 December 2013 12:06

It’s right, isn’t it, that the storm we’ve just had was far, far, worse than the Worst Storm In A Million Years © we had a month back and which… Continue reading

englandinfrastructure copy copy

London is different: the government will spend money there

4 December 2013 18:14

The chart at the top of this post comes from the government’s National (sic) Infrastructure Plan 2013. (Sic because it is largely a plan for England.) You can find it… Continue reading

Miliband and Balls disagree over how HS2 was handled at this year's Labour conference. Photo: Getty Images.

Ed Miliband and Balls: still split on HS2

19 November 2013 12:10

More details of the split Eds have emerged. As Guido reports, Balls has never been to the pub with Miliband, nor knows ‘if he likes the pub or not’. And,… Continue reading

Cars are great in places like Montana. But they are a disaster in big cities. (Jan Hennop/AFP/Getty Images)

Drivers are a menace to society

8 November 2013 16:44

I hate drivers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all of them, just a considerably larger proportion than I hate of the population as a whole. And, like most… Continue reading

Boris Johnson Unveils Final New Bus For London Designs

Sir Peter Hendy’s complaints procedure

23 October 2013 18:07

All London bus users are equal, but some are more equal than others. Especially if your name is Sir Peter Hendy. On his way to a meeting at the Houses… Continue reading


Why do we cringe at the term ‘third class’?

20 October 2013 16:20

Alas, it looks like the return to third class travel won’t happen. The papers had got terrifically excited about what seemed like a rolling back of 56 years, when British Rail… Continue reading


Tory cost of living drive begins in earnest

9 October 2013 8:39

At their autumn conference, the Tories managed to get the last word in on the cost of living debate by explaining that you can’t just talk about living standards while… Continue reading

Senior Figures Speak At British Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference

Labour conference: who knew about HS2?

24 September 2013 10:25

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle has the unenviable task this morning of standing up in front of the conference and trying to espouse Ed Balls’ new We-don’t-know-to-HS2 strategy. The… Continue reading

HS2 high-speed rail plan

The coalition’s new case for HS2

7 September 2013 12:08

The coalition government is preparing a new case for HS2. Concerned that public and political support for the project is slipping away, there’ll be a major effort to renew enthusiasm… Continue reading

Commuters have survived the advent of the Oyster card. But Labour says that the onset of more ticket machines will have a ‘devastating effect’ on commuters.

Ignore Labour’s rage against the machines

13 August 2013 12:01

Two months ago I walked into the railway station at Biarritz. Without thinking I headed to the ticket machine on the concourse, pressed the small Union Jack on the touchscreen,… Continue reading

Bikers for Britain has launched today, to get a better deal from the EU for motorcyclists.

Why bikers need a better deal from the EU

8 August 2013 13:25

Since I was elected to Parliament in 2010, I have taken every opportunity to push back against the EU’s move towards ever closer union. I have also been a long-time… Continue reading

Eric Pickles. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

Parking-obsessed Pickles stands up to Norman Baker on fines

15 July 2013 14:16

Coalition relations are fairly harmonious at the moment. There is, though, a wee row brewing that embodies the different ways in which the two Coalition parties think about the world.… Continue reading