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Could a strike by Poles bring down Britain?

19 August 2015 14:36

Britain’s Poles go on strike tomorrow to protest the widespread anti-Polish xenophobia across the country, which is literally everywhere. There are about one million Polish people in Great Britain, and… Continue reading

(Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

Trade unions should foot the bill for any economic damage they cause

5 August 2015 18:00

As of 6.30pm this evening, Londoners will (once again) suffer miserably at the hands of the transport unions, which have called another 24-hour strike on the Underground system in support… Continue reading

Commuters make their way down a crowded platform on the underground at Victoria Station during rush hour on day two of a planned 48 hour underground train strike disrupting thousands of commuters daily routines, on April 30, 2014 in London, England.

The Tube is an essential service and should be protected from strikes

5 August 2015 11:20

Today, London feels on edge. For the second month in a row, militant transport unions will shut down the Underground system at 6:30pm, leaving Londoners to face seemingly endless queues for… Continue reading


Trade unionists are putting themselves on the path to obscurity

31 July 2015 9:01

Jeremy Corbyn is the trade unions’ favourite candidate for Labour leader. From the more militant folks at Unite to the moderates at Unison, the comrades are buying into ‘Jez we… Continue reading


Another union backs Corbyn as the antidote to a Blairite ‘virus’

30 July 2015 13:44

Jeremy Corbyn is stormin’ his way through the trade unions affiliated to the Labour party. The Communication Workers’ Union has announced it backs him in the leadership contest, not because… Continue reading

Stand up to Ukip protest

How the trade unions make it more difficult for Labour to win back Ukip voters

6 July 2015 17:37

Do unions like Unite want Labour to win the next election? A fair few people, including a number of Labourites, have been asking this question since the union announced its… Continue reading

Len McCluskey, the General Secretary of the union Unite (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Labour must understand that Unite is its enemy

18 May 2015 11:26

Imagine you are a Labour MP or a trade union official surveying Britain this week. The following points will strike you: Labour has just lost an election it could have… Continue reading

Unite trade union General Secretary Len McCluskey addresses delegates during the second day of the Labour party conference in Brighton, Sussex, south England on September 23, 2013.

Len McCluskey and the trade unions need Labour as much as the party needs them

18 May 2015 9:19

Can Labour’s links with trade unions survive the leadership contest? This morning, Harriet Harman will outline in a speech at Labour HQ how the new party leader will be elected… Continue reading

Commuters wait behind barriers to ender the underground at Victoria rail station during a one day strike by bus drivers in London on Janurary 13, 2015

Today’s strikes in London highlight why we need trade union reforms

13 January 2015 15:53

Londoners were not a happy bunch this morning. Aside from the cold, wet weather, two-thirds of the capital’s buses were not running — thanks to a strike arranged by trade union Unite.… Continue reading


Five reasons why winning in May won’t be that much better than losing

8 January 2015 14:28

Defeat in May would be dire for either Cameron or Miliband. It would end their political career in ignominious failure. But winning would not be much better: they would be… Continue reading

'Red Ed' is the creature of Len McCluskey. (Image: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Ed Miliband’s union bosses would change Britain for the worse

31 July 2014 15:40

Trade unions have an important role in any decent society, but their stranglehold on the Labour Party is something we must fight against. I will never forget walking the streets… Continue reading

Michael Fallon (second right) at the launch of Royal Mail Plc last year. (Image: Royal Mail Group/Getty Images)

Blame it on the bankers’ boogie

12 April 2014 11:30

Vince Cable and Michael Fallon, ministers responsible for the Royal Mail sell-off, have been summoned for another select committee grilling after Easter. Meanwhile, Labour’s irritatingly smug business spokesman Chuka Umunna… Continue reading

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France – worker’s paradise or Steynian Dystopia?

11 April 2014 14:12

Un autre jour glorieux dans la lutte contre réalité économique. France’s major employers’ federation and two unions have signed an agreement whereby employees not subject to the country’s 35-hour labour… Continue reading


Bob Crow, 1961-2014: An old-fashioned trade unionist

11 March 2014 10:45

Bob Crow’s death is a shock – he was only 52 – but it also signals the end of old-school style union operating. Crow was a real old-fashioned union boss.… Continue reading

Michael Levy–Labour's Lord Cashpoint–has urged Ed Miliband to seek donations from the super-wealthy. Image: Getty

The inconvenient truth at the heart of Miliband’s union reforms

6 March 2014 10:49

At a special Labour conference last week, Ed Miliband pushed through his much-trumpeted reforms to the party’s relationship with the unions. But, much as he is laying claim to be… Continue reading

Stratford station this morning. Photo: @symeonbrown.

Sorry RMT, there’s no proof the public support the Tube strikes

5 February 2014 8:19

Statistics can be used to prove anything, a wise man (Homer Simpson) once said. It looks like the RMT union are trying to do just that, with a new poll they’ve… Continue reading


Tube strike shows how Bob Crow is losing his power

4 February 2014 16:49

Just over two years ago, London Tube drivers negotiated a package that took their pay to £52,000 – around £10,000 more than the average Londoner. And yet tonight these drivers,… Continue reading

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey. Picture: Getty

Labour’s NEC backs ‘historic’ union link reforms

4 February 2014 16:01

The Labour party’s National Executive Committee has backed Ed Miliband’s plans to change the party’s trade union links by 28 votes to two, which marks a resounding victory for the… Continue reading


Ed’s tough message to the unions?

24 September 2013 16:57

If Ed Miliband wanted to use this speech – rather than the one he gave two weeks ago to the Trades Union Congress – to set up a confrontation with… Continue reading

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Len McCluskey’s speech at the Labour conference – full text and audio

23 September 2013 12:29

listen to ‘Len McCluskey: ‘If our party is to have a future it must speak for working people and organised labour’’ on Audioboo Harold Wilson once said that if Labour… Continue reading

Consider Conservative

Margaret Thatcher: friend of the unions?

11 September 2013 14:10

When Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 election, she was helped into Downing Street by what many of today’s politicians would regard as an unlikely group of Tory voters. The votes… Continue reading

Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party Harriet Harman Meets With Labour's Candidate For The Eastleigh By-election John O'Farrell

Who donates what to the Labour party?

10 September 2013 19:43

Who donates to Labour? It’s a question asked countless times since Ed Miliband began to reconsider his party’s links with the trade unions but there has been much confusion over… Continue reading

Ed Miliband Speech At The TUC Annual Conference

Ed Miliband avoids a showy showdown with the unions

10 September 2013 17:24

When Ed Miliband peaks, he really knows how to do it. His speech at last autumn’s Labour conference was magnificent. Given the pressure on him to convince the unions to… Continue reading

Ed Miliband Speech At The TUC Annual Conference

Labour must make itself a movement again

10 September 2013 16:32

‘As you enter the dock the sight of the forest of masts in the distance, and the tall chimneys vomiting clouds of black some, and the many coloured flags flying… Continue reading

Trade unions

Ed Miliband vs the Trade Unions (and why Tories should hope the Unions win)

10 September 2013 15:45

There is something distasteful about the latest Tory assault on the Trade Union movement. I hold neither candle nor torch for Len McCluskey and am, generally speaking, opposed to the… Continue reading

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