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Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minister: full text

13 July 2016 18:29

I have just been to Buckingham Palace, where Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to form a new government,…


David Cameron’s farewell speech: full text

13 July 2016 17:15

When I first stood here in Downing Street on that evening in May 2010, I said we would confront our…

U.K. Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom Delivers A Speech On The Post-Brexit Economy

Andrea Leadsom gives an apology of sorts. But is it too late?

11 July 2016 7:45

Andrea Leadsom initially tried to go on the attack following the row over her motherhood comments sparked by an article…

The Conservative Party Spring Forum

May must sound optimistic about Brexit

9 July 2016 10:36

Theresa May’s biggest weakness in the Tory leadership race is that she backed Remain while most Tory members went Leave.…


Some thoughts on today’s Tory leadership elections

5 July 2016 17:28

You know what to expect: Theresa May wins, Andrea Leadsom comes second. Liam Fox forced out today, Stephen Crabb probably…


Theresa May’s Ottolenghi revelation is gobsmacking

5 July 2016 10:22

Forget footwear. The most telling thing about Theresa May, as suggested in interview with Robert Peston, is her cookbook collection…

Leadsom on Iron Throne

Andrea Leadsom overtakes Michael Gove to become second favourite in Tory leadership race

1 July 2016 12:00

As Michael Gove finished speaking, the bookmakers have reported that Andrea Leadsom has overtaken the Justice Secretary when it comes…

Boris – without support? Image: Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty Images

Why did Michael Gove suddenly withdraw his support from Boris Johnson?

30 June 2016 14:38

So, what happened? As late as yesterday afternoon, Michael Gove was trying to persuade fellow Cabinet Ministers to back Boris…


Boris Johnson: I will not be the next Tory leader

30 June 2016 11:50

Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the Tory leadership race. Here is his full speech: Last week the people…


‘I’m Theresa May and I’m the best person to be Prime Minister’

30 June 2016 10:24

‘My pitch is very simple, I’m Theresa May and I think I’m the best person to be Prime Minister’, she…

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Boris makes it clear he isn’t interested in a coup against David Cameron

18 June 2016 10:31

The murder of Jo Cox was a moment that leaves you numb; an MP paying the ultimate price for the…

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If Wiltshire Tories regard George Osborne as a socialist, he has a problem

17 March 2016 0:34

BBC Newsnight sent a crew to North Wiltshire today, to interview voters about the budget. Gladys Pek Yue Macrae, a…

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Osborne suffers from being the Microsoft to Cameron’s Apple

15 March 2016 18:20

George Osborne’s battle to become Conservative leader may well be tougher than the battle he faces from the Labour opposition. The…


Boris Johnson: A mixture of principle and opportunism, just like every politician

22 February 2016 18:47

Boris Johnson is a slippery fish, but I don’t think Nick Cohen quite captures him in his blog post earlier…

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Podcast special: Boris backs Brexit

21 February 2016 21:41

If Boris Johnson had behaved and backed David Cameron’s ‘in’ campaign, he would have been foreign secretary by the summer.…

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Boris Johnson supplants Osborne as bookmakers’ favourite for next Tory leader

21 February 2016 17:01

The Mayor has not even filed his Daily Telegraph column yet, but Ladbrokes has announced that he is now the favourite to succeed David…

Photo: Christopher Furlong/AFP/Getty

The EU campaign has begun – and Tory wars are back

8 January 2016 10:11

Liam Fox’s new year party at the Carlton Club has become the traditional start to the Tory Party’s year. This…

U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer George Osborne Presents The Autumn Statement

The EU renegotiation is now the biggest obstacle to Osborne making it to Number 10

28 November 2015 10:22

At the start of this week, everyone was wondering how George Osborne was going to get out of trouble on…

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Boris Johnson’s history of violence

15 October 2015 12:50

Oh dear. With Boris Johnson needing to mount a political comeback pretty soon in order to have any hope of…


The Osborne Powerhouse is paying off: Chancellor soars ahead of other leadership rivals

4 August 2015 14:21

George Osborne is having a good summer. He got in first with wooing the new intake of Tory MPs, to…

G7 Finance Ministers Meet In Dresden

Breaking: Tory leadership contest underway

3 August 2015 10:41

Water cannons at the ready: the Tory leadership contest is officially underway. How does Mr S know this? Well, in…


Theresa May humiliates Boris Johnson with water cannon announcement

15 July 2015 14:36

In case the Labour leadership fracas has distracted you, there is still a Tory leadership contest going on, albeit with…

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Osborne’s audition

14 June 2015 10:58

On Wednesday at Noon, George Osborne will rise to respond for the government at Prime Minister’s Questions. The symbolism of…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Louise Mensch backs George Osborne to be the next Tory leader

15 May 2015 12:42

All this talk from Labour and the Liberal Democrats about who will be their next party leader appears to have got…


Tory backbenchers increasingly reconciled to another coalition

6 May 2015 12:18

Speaking to various senior Conservative backbenchers in the past 24 hours, I’ve been struck by how much support there is…