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Boris Johnson Stand For Selection As An MP

The Boris approach

21 March 2015 11:46

It is sometimes easy to forget that Boris is more than just a personality, that he has policy views too. In interviews with The Mail and The Times this morning,… Continue reading

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Team Boris are catching ‘interesting fish’

19 January 2015 17:29

Who are the latest contenders in the Tory leadership battle and how much support do they have? That’s the question that Tory MPs and pundits love to chew over, even… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Why Boris and the Tory leadership are playing nicely

18 January 2015 10:55

For most of this parliament, Downing Street has been thoroughly paranoid about Boris Johnson and his intentions. Any attempt by the Mayor to reach out to Tory MPs was met… Continue reading


The Blue on Blue action has to stop if the Tories are to win next May

21 December 2014 10:05

There’s little sign of a Christmas truce in the Conservative party this morning. Instead, the row between Theresa May’s camp followers and the rest of the Conservative hierarchy is still… Continue reading

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TM4PM: It’s on

30 September 2014 18:40

Most Secretaries of State tend to lay low the night before their big conference speech, redrafting and practising. Not so Theresa May. The glammed-up Home Secretary was working the party… Continue reading

Boris Johnson and Theresa May. Image: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Theresa May was a tough act for Boris Johnson to follow

30 September 2014 15:11

Boris Johnson and Theresa May both fancy a pop at the Tory leadership and both gave speeches today that showed they were keen. That much is so well-known that it… Continue reading

Gove and Osborne. Image: Getty

Why no Tory can lecture another on leadership challenges

17 March 2014 14:51

The continued speculation about who in the Conservative party is putting the most effort into preparing their leadership hat to throw into the currently non-existent ring is quite amusing. But… Continue reading

David Cameron and David Davis go head to head in the 2005 leadership hustings. Image: Getty

The post-Cameron long-list

3 March 2014 16:23

Boris being Boris, he has managed to rule something out without actually ruling anything out at all. As Isabel noted this morning, the Mayor of London has said he will… Continue reading

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Question Time sketch: Adam Afriyie proves his enemies right

11 October 2013 11:41

Question Time last night featured Tory bad boy, and granny’s favourite, Adam Afriyie. Gosh he was a spectacle to behold. Coiffed and primped like a Savile Row supermodel, he looked… Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s speech to the Conservative conference: full text and audio

1 October 2013 15:13

listen to ‘Boris: ‘It’s time to cut the yellow Lib Dem albatross from around our necks’’ on Audioboo Good morning everyone. Good God … good morning everybody, thank you very… Continue reading

Theresa May today announced that Gary McKinnon will not face extradition to the US. Picture: Getty

May blossoms

9 March 2013 18:08

The question about Theresa May has always been what does she believe? Well, today in the widest-ranging speech of her political career she went a long way to answering that.… Continue reading

Theresa May will face questions when Parliament returns on the efficacy of TPIMs. Picture: Getty

More Tory splits and plots

2 February 2013 11:32

David Cameron arrived back in the UK this morning to newspapers full of talk of Conservative splits and plots. The moment of unity that followed his Europe speech has well… Continue reading

A new poll shows Boris Johnson could narrow the Tories' gap to Labour by 7 points. Picture: Getty Images

Polls suggest Boris as leader could be worth an extra 50 Tory MPs

15 October 2012 17:08

In their first poll conducted fully after all the party conferences, YouGov once again tested what difference replacing David Cameron with Boris Johnson would have on the Conservatives’ poll rating.… Continue reading

Olympics & Paralympics Team GB - London 2012 Victory Parade

Conservative conference: Boris refuses to say if Cameron’s doing a better job than he would

7 October 2012 21:36

Speaking to John Pieenar on  Five Live, Boris Johnson said he wished to deal with the leadership speculation, shoot it down with “six inch guns”. He did so by repeatedly… Continue reading

British Education Secretary Michael Gove

Gove for leader?

22 June 2012 13:00

Michael Gove’s name is being muttered in parliamentary tea rooms, figuratively at least. The leak of his plans to replace GCSEs with a rigorous exam is opium to many Tories.… Continue reading


Shapps leading a reshuffled pack?

28 April 2012 17:25

The wettest drought on record has made work for idle thumbs on Twitter this afternoon. There is a smattering of reshuffle chatter about, prompted by the ‘omnishambles’ as much as… Continue reading


Liddington: EU vote should follow a new treaty

23 October 2011 10:30

David Liddington, the Europe Minister, has just told the Murnaghan Show that the moment for a referendum on the European Union is once a treaty change has been agreed. Liddington… Continue reading


The Tories await Boris

3 October 2011 18:22

In just over an hour, Boris will make his first appearance in Manchester. The Tory hierarchy is acutely aware that for at least the next 18 hours or so this… Continue reading


Boris or Dave?

Schoolboy rivalries never quite go away – just look at the ongoing competition between Boris Johnson and David Cameron. Even though it was Cameron who held up Johnson’s arm in… Continue reading


Boris comes out against high-speed rail

2 July 2011 22:39

The news, via a leaked letter, that Boris Johnson now opposes high-speed rail will come as little surprise to the government. Boris has been moving to this position for quite… Continue reading


Boris versus Osborne

22 June 2011 11:41

One of the staples of the Westminster summer party season is speculation about future leadership contests and so I rather suspect that Ben Brogan’s piece on the coming George Osborne… Continue reading


Cameron needs to tread with care

13 April 2011 17:30

David Cameron’s Oxford gaffe is refusing to die down. Whenever I’ve called Tory MPs or other members of the Conservative family in the last few days, it has been the… Continue reading


Hunt’s rising star

3 March 2011 16:16

The decision on News Corp’s take-over of BSkyB has thrust Jeremy Hunt into the spotlight. The culture secretary is many Tories’ bet to be the next leader of the party.… Continue reading


The Tories take the train to war

28 February 2011 18:32

Philip Hammond should be wary of the ladies of Cranford. The advent of the railways was met with considerable disquiet in rural England, depicted by Elizabeth Gaskell in both Cranford… Continue reading


All across the political spectrum

1 February 2011 14:01

Yesterday’s polls may seem like yesterday’s news – but it’s actually worth returning to YouGov’s effort from, erm, yesterday. It contained some distinctive questions, and results, all set around the… Continue reading