Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Cross-party EU referendum campaign aims to counter partisan problems

1 July 2013 12:32

The Tory campaign on James Wharton’s EU referendum bill has been very slick but very partisan – I examined some of the problems with this last week when eurosceptic Labour… Continue reading

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The Tories can’t attack Labour without undercutting their own arguments

27 June 2013 18:45

One thing that was noticeably absent yesterday was Tory crowing about Labour having signed up to the coalition’s current spending plans. Instead, George Osborne’s response to Balls concentrated on whether… Continue reading


Tory Wreckers Will Shipwreck David Cameron on the Coast of Belgium

25 June 2013 20:36

Do you understand what David Cameron’s Europe policy is supposed to achieve? If so, you’re way ahead of me. I’ve said before that I think Europe will cripple Cameron unless… Continue reading

George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement On The Economy

Spending review: All departments settle

23 June 2013 22:01

All departments have now reached agreement with the Treasury in the spending review. Vince Cable’s Business Department, which was not expected to settle until the last possible moment, settled earlier… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Europe will end David Cameron’s political career

13 June 2013 13:27

Poor old David Cameron has never been blessed with attractive options on the European front. But for a while it was possible to suppose that it might not ruin his… Continue reading

Tory MP Patrick Mercer leaves Parliament

Telegraph reveals full extent of allegations against Patrick Mercer

1 June 2013 8:00

I suspect that there’ll be a few MPs and peers nervously waiting for 9pm on Thursday night. For this is when the Panorama special on parliament and lobbying, which has… Continue reading


The Boris bandwagon picks up more speed

30 May 2013 18:57

Hardly a day goes by these days without a story about Boris Johnson and the Tory leadership. Yesterday, it was Andy Coulson’s revelation that David Cameron believed Boris Johnson would… Continue reading


Will Nigel Farage and UKIP help ditch Alex Salmond?

21 May 2013 10:05

Yesterday’s Survation poll reported that UKIP (22%) are, for the moment, just two points behind the Tories (24%) and therefore and given the margin of error in these things possibly… Continue reading

Pierre Poujade addresses his troops. Picture: Getty

UKIP, Pierre Poujade and a political class that’s seen to be “out-of-touch”.

20 May 2013 15:49

Parliament is a “brothel”. The state is an enterprise of “thieves” engaged in a conspiracy against “the good little people” and the “humble housewife”. Time, then, for a party that… Continue reading

David Cameron speaking to  some swivel-eyed loons in Nuneaton last month. Photo: Getty

The swivel-eyed loons in the Conservative party are revolting. And they are right to revolt.

18 May 2013 10:05

Clearly it is not a good idea for the Prime Minister’s chums to call members of the Conservative party “swivel-eyed loons“. No, not even at a “private dinner party”. I… Continue reading

The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 4

Who is allowed to speak for, and to, Scotland?

7 May 2013 13:39

I shall be on hiatus for the next week as I’m getting married on Saturday and I have an inkling that this is no time to be concerned that people… Continue reading

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The Tory party holds its nerve – for now

5 May 2013 17:49

The dust is settling from the County Council elections and, crucially, the Tory party seems to have stayed steady. Yes, David Davis has had a pop at the number of… Continue reading

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David Davis and the Tories’ class war

4 May 2013 13:41

To the relief of Conservative Campaign Headquarters, relatively few Tory MPs have taken the opportunity of the County Council election results to sound off. The most prominent exception to this… Continue reading

U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

Labour hold South Shields with Ukip 2nd and Lib Dems 7th

3 May 2013 0:06

The result is now in from South Shields. As expected, Labour have held the seat. Ukip have come second, with the Tories third and the Liberal Democrats a spectacularly bad… Continue reading

Boris Johnson Re-elected As Mayor of London

The Tory Tumbrils Begin to Roll for David Cameron

2 May 2013 22:22

As I type this, pundits in London are stiffening themselves for the tough task of over-interpreting local election results and projecting wildly unrealistic forecasts for the next general election on… Continue reading

London Mayoral election

A Tory party that is spooked by UKIP is a Tory party that will lose the next election

1 May 2013 10:56

UKIP are buoyant and, all of a sudden, everyone’s favourite protest-group. In a curious way, the confirmation that many of their candidates really are boggle-minded, eyes-popped extremists of one stamp… Continue reading

Lucky Escape

Margaret Thatcher and Scotland: A Story of Mutual Incomprehension

8 April 2013 19:48

There is a poignant passage in Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs during which she contemplates her failure in Scotland. She seemed puzzled by this, noting that, in her view, many of her… Continue reading

2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

David Cameron’s Legacy? Preserving the Union or presiding over the Break-Up of Britain

4 April 2013 15:51

Politics is at least partially a matter of perspective. The same object can look very different depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. Which brings me to Brother… Continue reading

Europe's Oldest Surviving Iron Chain Suspension Bridge Connecting Scotland And England To Be Closed

The Scottish Tories Cross Their Rubicon

26 March 2013 13:00

Alea iacta est. And not before time. More than a year ago and at the outbreak of this independence referendum virus I wrote an article for this magazine arguing that,… Continue reading


It’ll take more than Eddie Mair to stop Boris

24 March 2013 20:35

I’ve just watched the Boris interview with Eddie Mair and I have to say, these dogs won’t hunt. Mair threw three accusations at Johnson and I think all three of… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron And Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond Meet To Set Out Independence Referendum Deal

Referendum Spin: Beware the Tory Bogeymen!

21 March 2013 18:50

So we have our date with destiny. Scotland will march to the polls nine days after the 501st anniversary of the Battle of Flodden. September, 18th 2014. There are fewer… Continue reading

Conservatives Consider Family Tax Reform

An Antediluvian Tory Press Causes Problems for David Cameron

20 March 2013 10:52

Today’s papers make dreadful reading for anyone with an interest in modern, reformed conservatism. They are a reminder – if it were needed – that the Tory press is estranged… Continue reading


Which Tories will be Hacked Off’s useful idiots?

17 March 2013 12:55

Reading the Hacked Off memo on how to lobby Tory MPs is to be inducted into a wholly cynical world view. It declares, ‘These people are likely to be people… Continue reading

The plotters supporting Adam Afriyie are continuing their machinations. Picture: Getty

Afriyie fails the interview test

17 March 2013 12:37

The Adam Afriyie leadership speculation has now got to the point where he’s been interviewed by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics. His first big broadcast interview as a potential… Continue reading

Sarah Wollaston

Tory loyalists strike back

12 March 2013 20:10

Lynton Crosby spoke to Tory MPs this evening about the imporance of party discipline. With the Chief Whip in the chair, meetings of the Tory parliamentary party are normally fairly… Continue reading