Why Theresa May isn’t the new Iron Lady

15 January 2017 8:00

Curbs on executive pay, restrictions on foreign takeovers and workers on boards. Not Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for Britain, but ideas…

Britain’s troubled housing market is fuelling social immobility and resentment

7 November 2016 12:00

‘Prefabs to solve housing crisis,’ screamed the front page of the Sunday Telegraph last weekend. Can the shortage of homes…


Tory MP compares unpaid internships to the slave trade

1 November 2016 15:27

As the government considers a ban on unpaid internships, Theresa May has been accused of pursuing a ‘purge of the posh’.…

Tories on 47 per cent share of the vote in latest poll

19 October 2016 16:27

Polls have made miserable reading for Jeremy Corbyn ever since he won his first leadership election last year. And the…

Theresa May is Blue Labour at heart

15 October 2016 12:18

I never really agreed with the central-thesis of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — that ‘42’ is the answer…

V Festival 2010 - Day One

Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn wins over a Tory voter

12 October 2016 9:03

Mr S has an apology to make. On Monday, Steerpike suggested that the news that Paul Weller — a man who…

Speakers Rally To Commemorate The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Cable Street

Tories open 17-point lead over Labour, in post-conference poll

10 October 2016 15:12

Today’s ICM poll makes grim reading for Labour MPs. The poll – based on samples taken from Friday to Sunday – shows that…

Should we be nice to foreigners? The new Brexit vs Remain divide

10 October 2016 9:11

Amber Rudd’s proposal to make companies publish lists of how many foreign workers they employ inflicted significant damage to one…

Theresa May has helped Brexit seem doable

9 October 2016 14:33

People attack the whole business of having an EU referendum, but one of its pluses was that it invited millions…


Full text: Theresa May’s conference speech

5 October 2016 14:19

When we came to Birmingham this week, some big questions were hanging in the air. Do we have a plan…


Full text: Amber Rudd’s conference speech

4 October 2016 12:35

I succeed one of the most successful Home Secretaries of modern times. You may define success as holding the post…

Conservative party conference, day two: The Spectator guide

3 October 2016 8:00

Philip Hammond takes to the stage today at Tory party conference to discuss the Conservative’s plans for an economy that…

Full text: David Davis’s conference speech

2 October 2016 15:59

Ladies and gentlemen, on the 23rd of June the British people voted for change. And this is going to be…


Full speech: Theresa May on ‘Britain after Brexit’

2 October 2016 15:39

81 days ago, I stood in front of Ten Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, and I…


May’s Brexit offering

1 October 2016 22:47

Theresa May’s biggest conference dilemma was what to say about Brexit. She doesn’t want to trigger Article 50 yet, or…

Conservative Party annual conference 2015

May will have to say more on what Brexit means — and soon

1 October 2016 10:31

Theresa May will receive a rapturous reception from Tory activists tomorrow. She is not just their new leader, but—as I…

Trump fans should be proud to call themselves ‘the Deplorables’

25 September 2016 8:30

Hillary Clinton hazarded that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’. The Kaiser called the BEF a…

David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister (Getty).

Will David Cameron only be remembered for Brexit?

15 September 2016 12:21

At the moment, the consensus is that Brexit will be Cameron’s legacy, that the thing people will remember about his…

GCSE students take an exam at Maidstone Grammar School, in K

Cameroons fume about May’s grammar school plans

10 September 2016 10:01

Theresa May has picked the first defining fight of her leadership—and it is the same one that David Cameron chose.…

Could Theresa May’s grammar school plans trigger an early election?

9 September 2016 15:25

Predictably, Theresa May’s speech on new grammar schools and expanding selection across the education system has attracted some strong criticism…

Theresa May makes her grammar schools pitch

9 September 2016 14:02

Theresa May spoke for almost half an hour before she actually mentioned the ‘G’ word: Grammar schools. But before she…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Theresa May: We have selection in state schools already, selection by house price

7 September 2016 21:00

Theresa May received the traditional desk banging reception when she addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers. May pleased Tory…

Liz Truss confirms there will be a British bill of rights. But we still don’t know when

22 August 2016 13:18

It’s been over a month since Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street. And yet the process of…

Must Corbyn win?

7 August 2016 12:56

Thoughtful writing about the Corbyn phenomenon is not just impossible to find, it is impossible to imagine. Admirers live in…

An ode for Theresa May: Spectator poetry competition winners

6 August 2016 9:35

There was a good response to the call for poems on a political theme entitled ‘May day’ but the mood…