A nasty Tory leadership battle favours one person: Theresa May

1 July 2016 7:47

Even by the standards of Westminster politics, yesterday’s developments will be remembered for a long time. But meanwhile, in the…

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Theresa May launches her Conservative leadership bid

30 June 2016 10:42

Theresa May has launched her Conservative leadership bid this morning. Her scheduled announcement came just moments after Michael Gove announced…

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Will Boris, Gove and the Brexit band of brothers run for No 10 together?

25 June 2016 11:27

Westminster is still digesting what happened on Thursday night. But before Britain can turn itself to the big question of…

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Boris makes it clear he isn’t interested in a coup against David Cameron

18 June 2016 10:31

The murder of Jo Cox was a moment that leaves you numb; an MP paying the ultimate price for the…

Tories pledge not to contest by-election after Jo Cox killing

17 June 2016 13:43

There are few moments in politics when parties put aside their differences to come together. Yesterday’s tragic events in Birstall…

Will the Tories manage an upset in today’s forgotten by-election in Tooting?

16 June 2016 15:28

Amidst the fanfare surrounding the EU referendum, today’s Tooting by-election has come around virtually unnoticed. Triggered by Sadiq Khan stepping…

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Going for Boris just makes the Remain side look rattled

11 June 2016 10:35

All sides of the Remain campaign are turning their fire on Boris Johnson at the moment. But these attacks are,…

Boris Johnson Delivers Stump Speech For The Vote Leave Referendum Campaign

Why the opinion polls still matter

1 June 2016 18:03

This EU referendum is a particularly difficult contest to poll and after the general election we all should be wary…

The Government must do more to ensure the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ becomes a lasting legacy

1 June 2016 9:00

The recent Queen’s speech, along with the growing divisions in the Conservative Party over the EU referendum, have focused attention…

Hilton: Brexit would be the crowning achievement of Tory modernisation

25 May 2016 0:01

In a speech to Policy Exchange today, Steve Hilton—David Cameron’s former senior adviser—will make the case that ‘any intellectual rigorous…

Why today is crucial for determining Theresa May’s chances in the next Tory leadership race

17 May 2016 8:27

Theresa May knows all about the pitfalls of speaking at the Police Federation but she is also well aware of…

teh queen

Why the Queen won’t be the centre of political attention next week

14 May 2016 10:31

In normal times, the government clears the decks ahead of the Queen’s Speech. It wants to ensure maximum publicity for…


What will Labour moderates do now?

6 May 2016 12:32

The election results that we’ve had through so far are a pretty potent combination for the Labour party. Diane Abbott…

Coffee House shots: What’s next for the Brexit campaign?

25 April 2016 12:33

The EU referendum rumbles ever closer but after a bad week for the leave campaign following Barack Obama’s controversial intervention…


Will Ruth Davidson’s ski-doo stunts pay off at the ballot box?

12 April 2016 16:43

Just a few days into the official campaign for the Holyrood elections and Ruth Davidson has had to change her…

The Spectator podcast: Eugenics, Tory wars and poetry

31 March 2016 8:25

We’re delighted to have Berry Bros sponsor our flagship podcast. For some years now their ‘Good Ordinary Claret‘ has been The Spectator’s house red, served to all our guests…

Ministers Attend The Government's Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Iain Duncan Smith warns government in danger of ‘dividing society’

20 March 2016 10:28

In one of the most extraordinary political interviews of recent times, Iain Duncan Smith has warned that the government ‘is…

International Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square

Can Cameron and Boris keep a lid on it?

27 February 2016 10:30

David Cameron’s slap down of Boris Johnson on Monday was one of the most brutal, and personal, that I’ve seen…

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove at last year's Spectator awards. Picture: PA

This referendum is now a battle between two visions of the future

21 February 2016 19:04

George Osborne’s plan for this referendum was to turn it into a question of the future versus the past, for…

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Blow to Cameron as Boris backs Brexit

21 February 2016 16:01

David Cameron used to always remind people who asked him about what Boris would do in the referendum that the…

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Will more than half a dozen Cabinet Ministers back Brexit?

20 February 2016 8:00

The Cabinet convenes this morning at 10am with, at least, six of those present set to back Out. The most…

Which Tory MPs back Brexit, who doesn’t and who is still on the fence?

16 February 2016 15:44

David Cameron has claimed his deal with the EU gives Britain ‘special status’. The PM has also said Brexit would…

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Which way will Gove go?

13 February 2016 10:32

If all goes according to David Cameron’s plan, he’ll have his EU deal by this time next week. But Downing…

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Tories playing ‘petty, grubby’ politics with Trident, Lord West warns

12 February 2016 12:25

The Tories risk playing ‘petty, grubby’ politics by planning to delay the Commons vote on Trident renewal, former head of…

Cabinet ministers pose with Charlie Mullins (Credit: Charlie Mullins)

Inside the Conservatives’ secret ‘black-and-white’ ball

8 February 2016 21:19

The Conservatives have their black-tie billionaire-laden black-and-white ball tonight – an event shrouded in secrecy. So your spy, Mr Steerpike,…