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Conservative Party Conference Held In Birmingham - Day 3

Don’t blame Theresa May — she did her bit. The problem is immigration from the EU

24 November 2014 8:01

Theresa May is getting some stick this morning because she has admitted the obvious: that immigration is never going to get below the ‘tens of thousands’ target that David Cameron… Continue reading

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Will mainstream parties get the credit for turning up the volume on immigration?

23 November 2014 18:26

David Cameron is set to give his big immigration speech this coming week, according to the Sunday Times, while James reports that Labour is to turn up the volume on… Continue reading

Theresa May on the cover of the new Spectator Life.

Five things we learnt from Theresa May’s Desert Island Discs appearance

23 November 2014 13:31

This week belongs to Theresa May. Although the longest serving Home Secretary in fifty years continues to dodge leadership questions, her movements over the next few days will make it harder to deny that she… Continue reading

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Home Office questions: It’s all Labour’s fault

17 November 2014 16:13

A week after uproar in the Commons over the vote on the European Arrest Warrant that was or wasn’t a vote, depending on what you fancied believing, Theresa May faced… Continue reading

Final Day Of The Labour Party Conference

Government wins European Arrest Warrant ‘vote’

10 November 2014 20:51

So Labour lost its vote delaying the vote on the European Arrest Warrant that wasn’t technically a vote on that measure anyway. The first vote, that the question not be… Continue reading

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Uproar in the Commons: the story so far

10 November 2014 19:29

This is an extract from tonight’s Evening Blend email, a free summary of the day’s political developments from the Spectator team. To subscribe, click here. And to read the email… Continue reading

Operation Trojan Horse allegations

Government wins crunch vote on European Arrest Warrant by NINE VOTES

10 November 2014 17:52

The government has just won the vote extending the debate on the justice and home affairs opt-outs by just nine votes – 251 ayes to 242 noes. This means that… Continue reading


Commons uproar: European arrest warrant debate in a ‘total mess’

10 November 2014 17:22

The government is in a total mess this afternoon. The whole house of Commons has turned on Theresa May and Chris Grayling for the way they have handled the vote… Continue reading

Survey Indicates Scotland Have Different Views On Migration From Rest Of UK

Net migration target becomes an ‘aim’ or ‘objective’

10 November 2014 14:00

When is a target not a target? Theresa May seems quite keen for us to think that Tory pledge to bring migration down to the tens of thousands was a… Continue reading

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May cautious on net migration target

10 November 2014 9:01

Judging by how happy she is to talk about the case for remaining within it, Theresa isn’t expecting a big rebellion on the European Arrest Warrant later today. She may… Continue reading

Downing Street Prepares For Cabinet Reshuffle

European Arrest Warrant rebels predict only 30 will defy government

6 November 2014 11:37

In the Commons this morning, William Hague confirmed Coffee House’s story that the government will hold its vote on opting back into the European Arrest Warrant on Monday. He said… Continue reading

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Sajid Javid tries to cool mobile phone row with Theresa May

5 November 2014 9:49

If Theresa May wants to have a public row with Sajid Javid, the Culture Secretary doesn’t seem particularly keen on continuing it. He tried his best to avoid jumping into… Continue reading


What Norman Baker’s departure tells us about the Coalition – and about Theresa May

4 November 2014 9:14

What does Norman Baker’s exit from the Home Office tell us about the coalition? In many ways, the situation in that department was quite unlike any other, but if another… Continue reading

Norman Baker

Norman Baker quits as a Home Office minister

3 November 2014 23:31

Norman Baker has resigned as a Home Office minister tonight. Baker has quit, blaming the difficulties of working with Theresa May and the squeeze that ministerial office has put on… Continue reading

A Dutch slave ship arrives in Virginia, 1619 (Engraving from Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Happy ‘anti-slavery day’ to Clapham Christians, et al

18 October 2014 17:29

October 18 is ‘anti human-trafficking’ day by 2007 Act of European Parliament; along with ‘anti-slavery day’ by 2010 Act of UK Parliament. So there’s that, for the 29.8 million people worldwide estimated… Continue reading


Politicians’ pyjamas: Cameron wears satin, Balls prefers a string vest and Hague, a kaftan

1 October 2014 17:53

Let’s talk pyjamas. Specifically, let’s talk paisley pyjamas. Never mind what poor Mr Newmark had hanging out of his; concentrate on the garment itself. You never think of politicians in… Continue reading

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Why are the Tory party in such a good mood?

1 October 2014 17:20

Two things have been puzzling Tory high-ups in Birmingham this week: does Nigel Farage have another defector in his back pocket, and why is the Tory party in such a… Continue reading

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TM4PM: It’s on

30 September 2014 18:40

Most Secretaries of State tend to lay low the night before their big conference speech, redrafting and practising. Not so Theresa May. The glammed-up Home Secretary was working the party… Continue reading

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Why is Theresa May pretending that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’?

30 September 2014 18:14

In advance of the Home Secretary’s speech today the Conservative party issued an advance briefing of its ‘new strategy for tackling extremism’. It was gratifying to see that a huge… Continue reading

Boris Johnson and Theresa May. Image: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Theresa May was a tough act for Boris Johnson to follow

30 September 2014 15:11

Boris Johnson and Theresa May both fancy a pop at the Tory leadership and both gave speeches today that showed they were keen. That much is so well-known that it… Continue reading

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The Afghans found in Tilbury Docks remind us that slavery is back in Britain

18 August 2014 9:43

How seriously should we take modern slavery? To some, the very phrase sounds hysterical: slave markets are seen as something belonging to 18th century Jamaica (or present-day Mosul) but not… Continue reading

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David Cameron aims at Ukip and attacks Labour with immigration clamp-down

29 July 2014 8:46

The government has unveiled a set of measures to curb immigration. David Cameron has written an article in the Telegraph about what the government has already achieved and what it… Continue reading

Concern Grows Over Trojan Horse Inquiry At Birmingham Schools

Nicky Morgan and Tristram Hunt respond to the ‘Trojan horse’ schools report

22 July 2014 13:45

Nicky Morgan described the findings of Peter Clarke’s report into the Birmingham schools scandal as ‘disturbing’, and laid out how she plans to respond. listen to ‘Nicky Morgan’s statement on… Continue reading

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The Home Office acts busy, hoping to avoid a ‘tide of public anger’

8 July 2014 14:12

Theresa May updated the Cabinet this morning on the inquiry she has launched into how public bodies have dealt with allegations of child abuse. The name of the inquiry panel… Continue reading

Theresa May Speech On Organised Crime

Theresa May announces independent inquiry into child abuse allegations

7 July 2014 17:24

Theresa May has just given as comprehensive a response as possible to the allegations of child abuse in the Commons. Insisting the government will leave no stone unturned in pursuit… Continue reading