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The Afghans found in Tilbury Docks remind us that slavery is back in Britain

18 August 2014 9:43

How seriously should we take modern slavery? To some, the very phrase sounds hysterical: slave markets are seen as something belonging to 18th century Jamaica (or present-day Mosul) but not… Continue reading

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David Cameron aims at Ukip and attacks Labour with immigration clamp-down

29 July 2014 8:46

The government has unveiled a set of measures to curb immigration. David Cameron has written an article in the Telegraph about what the government has already achieved and what it… Continue reading

Concern Grows Over Trojan Horse Inquiry At Birmingham Schools

Nicky Morgan and Tristram Hunt respond to the ‘Trojan horse’ schools report

22 July 2014 13:45

Nicky Morgan described the findings of Peter Clarke’s report into the Birmingham schools scandal as ‘disturbing’, and laid out how she plans to respond. listen to ‘Nicky Morgan’s statement on… Continue reading

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The Home Office acts busy, hoping to avoid a ‘tide of public anger’

8 July 2014 14:12

Theresa May updated the Cabinet this morning on the inquiry she has launched into how public bodies have dealt with allegations of child abuse. The name of the inquiry panel… Continue reading

Theresa May Speech On Organised Crime

Theresa May announces independent inquiry into child abuse allegations

7 July 2014 17:24

Theresa May has just given as comprehensive a response as possible to the allegations of child abuse in the Commons. Insisting the government will leave no stone unturned in pursuit… Continue reading


Theresa May to give ‘significant’ statement on child abuse row

7 July 2014 8:55

What can we expect from the government response to the growing child abuse dossier row? Government sources are stressing this morning that Theresa May’s Commons statement will be ‘significant’ and… Continue reading


Video: Frank Field pulls apart the coalition’s Modern Slavery Bill

3 July 2014 13:28

How radical is the coalition’s Modern Slavery Bill? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Labour MP Frank Field discusses the government’s efforts to clamp down on slavery and… Continue reading

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The Snooper’s Charter is back – and Nick Clegg will kill it again

25 June 2014 11:38

That Theresa May is now making a last-ditch effort to revive the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ should come as no surprise to Coffee House readers: we reported in June 2013 that the… Continue reading


Jihadists to Joe Bloggs: a ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ would mean everyone could be spied on

25 June 2014 11:29

Theresa May has suggested she may reignite plans for a ‘snoopers’ charter’, in order to provide intelligence services with greater surveillance powers.  She has called for new powers in order… Continue reading

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Chairman Vaz’s passport checks

17 June 2014 17:28

Keith Vaz has a better nose for a story than a lot of journalists: this afternoon he’s organised Home Affairs Select Committee hearings on the passport backlog and on extremism… Continue reading

Home Secretary Theresa May Speaks At The College of Policing Conference

May sends more staff to Passport Office

11 June 2014 11:50

She might not be worried enough to do anything more than a pooled clip to broadcasters, but Theresa May is clearly sufficiently concerned by the backlog in processing passports to… Continue reading

Home Secretary Theresa May Speaks At The College of Policing Conference

Is Theresa May worried by passport backlog?

11 June 2014 8:24

Theresa May hardly needs another row this week after losing one of her special advisers as a result of last week’s bust-up. But the occupational hazard of running the Home… Continue reading

Operation Trojan Horse allegations

Labour fails to land any blows on Gove or May over Trojan Horse schools

9 June 2014 17:36

How to deal with Islamist extremism is one of the great issues of our time. What has gone on in these Birmingham schools is a reminder of how real a… Continue reading

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David Cameron has let the extremism row go on – and Labour go on the attack

9 June 2014 12:50

Yvette Cooper has been granted an urgent question on the extremism row at 2.30 today in the Commons, focusing on the conduct of ministers within government. The Shadow Home Secretary… Continue reading


Will Theresa May now become the Gordon Brown of this government?

8 June 2014 11:49

You can judge a minister by their special advisers. Ambitious ministers surround themselves with aides who view their primary loyalty as being to the minister rather than the Prime Minister… Continue reading

Lynton Crosby needs moved into No10

Cameron should stop the Tory wars – or send for the man who can

7 June 2014 20:06

Modern Conservatives seem to be allergic to success. Every time things are going right, the party spasms. Sir John Major’s government nurtured a remarkable economic recovery, yet was beaten after… Continue reading

Michael Gove And Theresa May Give Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

May adviser resigns as Cameron takes control of extremism row

7 June 2014 19:09

Theresa May’s adviser Fiona Cunningham has resigned as part of the fallout from the Cabinet row over extremism as David Cameron seeks to regain control of his ministers. The Prime… Continue reading


Michael Gove’s moral mission

7 June 2014 11:40

Few modern-day political speeches need to be read in full, but Michael Gove’s today does. The speech to Policy Exchange’s Education Conference contains what must be the moral core of… Continue reading


Gove and May ensured the Queen’s Speech wasn’t the day’s main story

4 June 2014 16:38

Downing Street must be hopping mad with Theresa May and Michael Gove for pursuing their own row on the day of a Queen’s Speech that was carefully crafted so as… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s inaction has fuelled the row between Michael Gove and Theresa May over extremism in schools

4 June 2014 11:47

The row between Michael Gove and Theresa May over how best to tackle Islamist extremism in schools is typical of how tense things get between these two whenever the subject… Continue reading


Tories, Tories everywhere

29 May 2014 19:07

If you are a lobbyist looking to access a government minister but want to circumvent the tedious checks enforced by civil servants, then Newark-on-Trent is the town for you. This… Continue reading

"Are you boys going to come quietly?" Theresa May takes on the cops

Theresa May vs Police Federation – the showdown as it happened

22 May 2014 23:01

Theresa May’s speech to the Police Federation yesterday will go down as one of the most significant moments in this parliament (writes Fraser Nelson). Below is the best account I’ve seen of… Continue reading

Michael Gove And Theresa May Give Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

One member of Team Gove is a Theresa May fan

7 May 2014 9:45

Sarah Vine is famed for using her column in the Daily Mail to share embarrassing personal anecdotes about Michael Gove (often involving his underpants) and to offer deeply unhelpful advice… Continue reading

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Theresa May wins battle with Number 10 over stop-and-search reform

30 April 2014 15:42

So Theresa May has won her battle with Number 10 on stop-and-search reform, sort of. She announced a number of changes this afternoon to the power for police – but… Continue reading

Theresa May Visit Hertfordshire After Results Show A Reduction In Crime In The UK

What does new Number 10 hire mean for stop-and-search reform?

24 April 2014 17:00

As James revealed on Coffee House earlier, Max Chambers will take over from Patrick Rock on the home affairs brief in the Number 10 policy unit. One thing that will… Continue reading