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What the papers say: Donald Trump’s deal with Britain

16 January 2017 8:51

It’s difficult to escape from Donald Trump’s interview with Michael Gove in the Times this morning. The president-elect’s view that he wants a…


Revealed: Danny Finkelstein was David Cameron’s stenographer

20 September 2016 13:09

There’s a great scoop in The Times today. A political columnist, former chief leader writer of a national newspaper was, unbeknown…

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

Michael Gove returns to The Times

5 September 2016 8:00

In the aftermath of the Leave vote, it’s safe to say that not every Brexiteer’s career path has played out as…

The Conservative Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 1

How Sayeeda Warsi duped The Times

20 June 2016 10:00

Today The Times have splashed on the revelation that Baroness Warsi is defecting from Out to In as a result…

Quality Litter

Did The Times get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

17 May 2016 11:43

Oh dear. While Mr S is not himself immune to the pitfalls of journalism in the digital age, today’s Times…

Edward Watson as Leontes in Royal Ballet's The Winters Tale

Height, weight, hair colour, race, bum size: critics must be allowed to discuss how performers look

13 May 2016 16:44

‘Dancer sees red at critic’s ginger jibes’ was the Times headline on Tuesday. You can call the Royal Ballet dancer…

David Cameron Supports Conservative Mayoral Candidate At Campaign Event

David Cameron’s old pal on why she won’t vote for Zac: ‘he doesn’t look as if he cares’

27 April 2016 9:11

As Zac Goldsmith lags behind Sadiq Khan in the polls ahead of the London mayoral election, it’s a case of all hands…


Sorry, Danny Finkelstein, but you didn’t change Iain Duncan Smith’s career

23 March 2016 17:19

A few years back, Mr Steerpike wrote a blog entitled ‘How Danny Finkelstein botched the reshuffle‘ – revealing how those…


Did The Times get cold feet about the ‘desperate chancellor’?

17 March 2016 12:59

Yesterday George Osborne found himself accused of using spin to distract attention from his missed financial targets — with the…

maria miller

Why are MPs meddling with women’s toiletries?

19 January 2016 10:34

The Times has a fascinating splash today on the discrepancy in prices between products for women and men. It reports…

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In praise of Phil Webster

13 January 2016 15:20

Today, one of the greatest political journalists of my lifetime retires: Phil Webster, former political editor of The Times,  is…

Galaxy Book Awards: Arrivals

Evening Standard bring Richard Attenborough back from the dead

11 December 2015 17:53

Earlier this year the Times were forced to issue an apology after they falsely claimed that Karol Wojtyla was the…


Chuka Umunna pops the question

27 October 2015 9:47

When Chuka Umunna pulled out of the Labour leadership race earlier this year, he explained in a statement that he…


The Times on Pope Francis and abortion: the worst piece of religious reporting ever?

2 September 2015 20:24

The headline on page 33 of today’s Times reads: ‘Repent and we will forgive abortions, Pope tells women’. It’s a…

Pope John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyla (Photo: Getty)

Correction of the day: is the Pope Catholic?

11 August 2015 11:32

The results are in. After scrolling through today’s papers, ‘Correction of the day’ goes to the Times for an apology which…


Déjà-lu in today’s Times — but where was the Spectator’s credit?

7 August 2015 16:37

Mr S couldn’t help but notice that the Times made for familiar reading this morning. A leader titled ‘Ending the…

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Is David Aaronovitch taking the piss out of himself?

30 July 2015 11:05

This job is getting harder and harder, because it is no longer possible to parody or satirise the blithe stupidity…

Middle class people are not the most at risk from alcohol-related harm, despite drinking more

The myth of the ‘middle class drink epidemic’

24 July 2015 11:48

With alcohol consumption falling every year for over a decade it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the myth that…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Appears Before The Committee Investigating The On The Runs Scheme

Revealed: The ‘Blairite’ crime policy that never was

21 July 2015 11:11

With rumours flying around the Commons that if elected, Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn would appoint a Shadow Peace Secretary…


Backbench ‘plot’ deprives Alan Mak of his favourite spot at PMQs

17 June 2015 16:40

Unfortunate timing for ambitious new Tory MP Alan Mak to be turned over by the Times today, after he was…

Ed Miliband and Lord Mandelson at a press conference at Millbank Tower in central London, on January 8, 2010.

Five things we’ve learnt from The Times’ Ed Miliband investigation

10 June 2015 16:21

The dissection of Labour’s election defeat continues with a very thorough series of pieces in today’s Times by Rachel Sylvester and Michael Savage. Describing…


Rupert Murdoch jets into London to see off Miliband

2 May 2015 10:00

Ed Milband used his interview with Russell Brand as a chance to bash his arch-enemy Rupert Murdoch. The Labour leader…


Wallace and Gromit creator not happy about Ed Miliband cartoons

13 March 2015 16:55

Since the Times cartoonist Peter Brookes first drew Ed Miliband in the image of Wallace from Nick Park’s cartoon Wallace and Gromit, the Labour…

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 18.49.25

A deserving winner – and undeserving losers – from last night’s UK Press Awards

11 March 2015 18:02

Last night’s UK Press Awards stood out for deserving winners – and some undeserving losers. Andrew Norfolk of The Times…

Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Parris vs Monty rumbles on

2 September 2014 13:50

As Mr S predicted yesterday, the row between Times colleagues Matthew Parris and Tim Montgomerie has simmered on. And turning…