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Israel has not forgotten the history and values which underpinned its foundations, and fights to protect them.

The West has drifted away from Israel — and itself

16 July 2014 9:18

Is Israel drifting away from the West? That was Hugo Rifkind’s claim in his column in the magazine last week. Hugo wrote: ‘Israel drifting away. Never mind whose fault it… Continue reading

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What to savour in this week’s Spectator

27 June 2014 18:46

The new issue of The Spectator is now out, chock-full of the best writing in the English language. Here are a few of my highlights. Damian Thompson argues that religion… Continue reading


We’re hiring at The Spectator: arts editor and blogs editor wanted

12 June 2014 7:38

Those of you who read The Spectator mainly for its peerless arts coverage have Liz Anderson to thank for keeping up a formula of quality, variety, heft and zest. We’re… Continue reading


When The Spectator helped butcher Richard Strauss

11 June 2014 10:34

To be honest I’m not certain that Michael Nyman, The Spectator‘s music critic in the late 60s, was one of the performers on this infamous (and in my opinion greatest)… Continue reading

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The joy of the Spectator’s ‘Portrait of the Week’

13 April 2014 17:53

It’s a gorgeous spring day, and I’ve been spending it reading an out-of-print history of The Spectator from 1828-1928. With out new online archive – which has scans of every… Continue reading

(Image: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Six books to leave unread when you die

12 April 2014 13:32

The recent challenge to compose the most off-putting book blurb imaginable elicited an avalanche of entries. This was one of those competitions that is both a pleasure and a pain… Continue reading


Introducing Spectator Health

9 April 2014 13:25

I am very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Spectator Health, a new magazine from the Spectator. As you can see from our new landing page, it will be… Continue reading

The Speccie and The Staggers will go head to head at the Fortnum and Mason drinks writer of the year award.

Staggers Drawn at Fortnum & Mason Awards

9 April 2014 9:30

As the two leading British political weeklies, the Spectator and the New Statesman, have for many years enjoyed a relationship of jocular antagonism. This amiable sort of rivalry can been maintained as their differences… Continue reading

"Her radiant, joyful smile so surprised me when she turned it on me, it made me laugh" - Jeremy Clarke on Clarissa Tan

Remembering Clarissa Tan, 1972-2014

31 March 2014 14:27

Our much-loved colleague, Clarissa Tan, passed away in the early hours of this morning. We’re all stunned here at 22 Old Queen Street – she had been fighting cancer for… Continue reading

We're delighted to launch a beta version of The Spectator's responsive website today

Introducing The Spectator’s mobile-friendly website

27 March 2014 13:14

Ways to read the Spectator are evolving all the time and we’re today delighted to introduce a tablet- and smartphone-friendly version of our website. In technical terms, we’ve moved to a… Continue reading

Peter Robins, The Spectator's chief sub editor. Photo: Alan Davidson.

The genius of the Spectator’s Peter Robins

26 March 2014 11:11

Some of the best journalists in Britain rarely, if ever, have their names in print. One of them is my colleague Peter Robins, the genius chief sub editor (or, technically,… Continue reading

Alexander Chancellor, inventor of the modern Spectator, on his last day in the job. A 27-year-old political columnist, Charles Moore, was next up.

How I became editor of The Spectator (aged 27)

23 March 2014 17:44

Thirty years ago this weekend, I became editor of The Spectator. In the same month, the miners’ strike began, Anthony Wedgwood Benn (as the right-wing press still insisted on calling… Continue reading

The Spectator magazine through the ages, how has the website changed since it launched in 1998?

The Spectator website through the ages

14 March 2014 18:14

How has The Spectator weathered the first 25 years of the web? In Simon Courtauld’s excellent history of this magazine To Convey Intelligence 1928-1998, he explains how the magazine’s website… Continue reading


Spectator Wine School: a roaring success

6 March 2014 12:48

We’re half way through our first ever eight-week Spectator Wine School. And since I had no part in the planning of it, I don’t feel in the slightest bit embarrassed… Continue reading


Welcome to Culture House Daily

20 February 2014 7:50

From today, The Spectator’s gift for online enlightenment and trouble-making will now extend into the world of culture. Our aim is take the insurgent spirit of Toby Young’s Modern Review, and… Continue reading


The Spectator – now read online by 1.3 million

13 February 2014 12:46

It’s that time of year again, where The Spectator‘s circulation figures are out – and our success continues. In October, I announced that we had more than one million unique visitors… Continue reading

Shirley Temple has died at the age of 85. Here she is pictured in London in 1965. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Shirley Temple, 1928 – 2014, remembered in The Spectator

11 February 2014 11:44

Shirley Temple has died in California at the age of 85. She was known as America’s little darling after she appeared in her first film at the age of three.… Continue reading

The UK Observes Remembrance Sunday

Spectator sport for Tory rebels

5 February 2014 12:58

The leading article in last week’s Spectator, which urged Tory rebels to stop rebelling for the sake of it, has upset many gentlemen of the shires/backwoodsmen. The right-wing rump believes… Continue reading

The first Asians to be expelled from Uganda under the regime of Idi Amin in 1972 to arrive in England. (Photo by George W. Hales/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The Spectator on Britain’s treatment of refugees

30 January 2014 14:51

The British government has said it will allow in some of Syria’s most vulnerable refugees. The Home Office hasn’t specified how many will be admitted but says it will probably… Continue reading

The Spectator's online presence has been refreshed today.

A mini refresh of The Spectator online

13 January 2014 14:40

We have been doing some new year tidying at The Spectator, and the result is a refreshed look to our website. We’ve added a trending bar on the home page… Continue reading

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Archive: Jeffrey Bernard’s Christmas Low Life

21 December 2013 11:00

In this festive Low Life column from the 19 December 1981 edition of The Spectator, Jeffrey Bernard talks us through some Christmases past. I’ve tried ignoring Christmas but the bastard… Continue reading

Caught Smoking

Ten things that went badly right in Britain in 2013

20 December 2013 14:59

This was supposed to be the year of strife, strikes, misery and more. Instead, to the surprise of Britain’s politicians, things have instead gone badly right. I look at them… Continue reading

Receive a year's subscription to The Spectator, full digital access and a bottle of champagne for just £69.99

The Spectator Christmas gift subscription – our best deal ever

12 December 2013 8:23

It’s that time of year again, and there is a very easy answer as to what to get your better half, or your friends, for Christmas. We have just launched… Continue reading

The gorgeous church of St Bride's

The Spectator’s 2013 carol concert: an open invitation

1 December 2013 19:09

It’s December, advent calendars are on the wall and being prematurely raided (in my house, anyway). And it’s just ten days until the event of month: the Spectator’s carol concert… Continue reading


Who’s really to blame for the Co-op Bank crash?

23 November 2013 15:30

The naughty Reverend Flowers will be a comic footnote in the history of the financial crisis — but no more than that. In terms of making ministry relevant to modern… Continue reading