The Queen


Laura Kuenssberg suggests the Queen did back Brexit

26 December 2016 11:02

During the EU referendum, the Sun ran a front page with the headline ‘the Queen backs Brexit’. The paper reported that the Queen…

Boris’s Royal Yacht obsession shows his weakness for vanity projects

14 October 2016 13:24

I would like to think that the lack of obvious progress on negotiating a post-Brexit deal with the EU is,…


The Guardian declares war on street parties: ‘a front for a middle-class nationalism that celebrates austerity’

12 June 2016 20:21

Barely a week goes by without the Guardian declaring war on a seemingly harmless food type. According to the paper tea-drinkers…

Queen Elizabeth II Opens Refurbished East Wing of Somerset House

John McDonnell’s advisor calls for ‘Royal Aid’ to fund the Queen

11 June 2016 9:35

Weary that his republican views could put-off some Labour voters, Jeremy Corbyn has been keen to make clear that he…

State Visit Of The President Of The People's Republic Of China - Day 2

Introducing Jeremy Corbyn’s new spokesman: the ex-Labour aide who called the Queen a ‘scrounger’

24 May 2016 13:19

Although Jeremy Corbyn managed to survive the Queen’s Speech relatively unscathed last week, his republican beliefs are likely to be…


What was the Queen meant to say about the Chinese officials?

11 May 2016 16:46

A retired diplomat I know had no doubt about where the blame lay for the Queen’s Very Rude episode. ‘Sounds…


Watch: Jeremy Corbyn suggests the Queen is a secret Gooner

21 April 2016 13:02

Although Jeremy Corbyn’s aides refused to confirm whether he would give a tribute to the Queen on her 90th birthday, the…


Do as I say (not as I do): Nick Clegg’s Privy Council double standards

14 March 2016 12:43

Last week the Sun roused anger after they ran a front page claiming that the Queen backs Brexit. The paper…

Queen Elizabeth II Opens Refurbished East Wing of Somerset House

Was Michael Gove present at the Queen’s ‘Brexit’ lunch?

9 March 2016 9:48

Today’s Sun claims on its front page that the Queen backs Brexit. The paper reports that the Queen clashed with…

Photo: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty

There’s nothing wrong with public grieving

14 January 2016 11:28

One of the things that repeatedly comes up with David Bowie fans talking about their hero is how much he…

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The Queen crops Charles out of her Christmas message

25 December 2015 15:29

The Queen always judges her Christmas message perfectly – and today was no exception. As she knows, her subjects are…

The Queen records her Christmas message in 2012 (Photo: John Stillwell/AFP/Getty)

Christmas tips from Jacob Rees-Mogg, Susan Hill and Alexander McCall Smith

24 December 2015 17:00

Jacob Rees-Mogg The three highlights of my Christmas are Midnight Mass at Downside Abbey, children tearing open their presents and…

Photo: Chris Jackson (Getty)

Spectator books of the year: Mark Mason discovers the royal family’s ‘Marmite strategy’

20 November 2015 15:00

Royalty Inc. by Stephen Bates (Aurum Press, £20) is a superb account of how ‘the Firm’ (Windsors rather than Krays)…

Thatcher and Gorbachev  in 1984 (Getty).

The lunch that began the end of the Cold War

22 October 2015 15:35

It is one of the great counterfactuals of contemporary history, what if Mikhail Gorbachev had walked out of that Chequers…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Holds His Monthly Press Conference

Sorry Corbyn, Nick Clegg is the expert on snubbing the Queen – not you

8 October 2015 13:03

Today Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled his attendance at what would have been his first meeting of the Queen’s Privy Council…


John Prescott: how I hopped before the Queen

27 September 2015 15:16

Given the criticism that Jeremy Corbyn received when he failed to sing God Save the Queen at a Battle of Britain…

(Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty)

Revealed: how Jeremy Corbyn could avoid kissing the Queen’s hand

15 September 2015 13:25

With Jeremy Corbyn accepting an invitation to join the Privy Council, the republican will have to kneel before the Queen…


Take it from a Muslim: British coronations should be Christian

9 September 2015 17:12

In 2012 as the Jubilee celebrations began, I was honoured to meet the Queen twice. At Lambeth Palace, three Muslim…

The Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Wales

WATCH: Nicola Sturgeon sings God Save the Queen

9 September 2015 16:16

As the Queen celebrates becoming Britain’s longest-serving monarch today, David Cameron led tributes for Her Majesty this morning in the Commons ahead of…

The Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Wales

Our longest-reigning monarch has presided over a second Elizabethan age

9 September 2015 8:15

That the Queen has lived to become our longest-reigning monarch is in itself a sign of the golden age of…

Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation (Photo: STF/Getty)

The Queen will do her duty. It is the duty of her peoples to match her example

9 September 2015 8:00

This leader was originally published in The Spectator on 5 June 1953, following the coronation of Elizabeth II on 2 June.  The…


There’s only one person who can save the Queen’s corgis

29 July 2015 11:16

The Queen, we learnt earlier this month, has decided not to take on any more corgi pups as, at the…

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The photo of the young Queen playing Nazi is an important historical document. It should shock us

18 July 2015 19:12

What can a image from 1933 ever really tell us? In July 1933, Der Stürmer, the Nazi newspaper, published a cover image of a…

Queen Elizabeth II waits to give the Queen's Speech from the throne in the House of Lords next to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R) at the Palace of Westminster on May 27, 2015 in London, England.

Podcast special: the 2015 Queen’s Speech

27 May 2015 14:57

In this View from 22 special podcast, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss the first Conservative Queen’s Speech in…

Queen Elizabeth II delivers the Queen's Speech to the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster during the State Opening of Parliament on May 27, 2015 in London, England.

2015 Queen’s Speech: the new bills announced

27 May 2015 11:47

Her Majesty has just delivered the first Conservative Queen’s Speech in 19 years — or as David Cameron described it,…