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Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

Was it Evgeny Lebedev wot won it?

17 May 2015 7:03

During this election, every newspaper endorsed the party that most of their readers support – with two exceptions. The Independent and the Evening Standard, who have left-leaning readerships, both backed… Continue reading

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The dodgy science behind the claim that exercise doesn’t help you lose weight

27 April 2015 14:00

You may have heard the news that the nation’s doctors have had a change of heart about physical activity and no longer believe it to be a sensible way of… Continue reading

Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

Does Evgeny Lebedev fancy being Mayor of London?

27 February 2015 17:11

While the Tories scrabble around for a candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election, Mr S hears one millionaire is already eyeballing the 2020 race. Barely an edition of the Evening Standard… Continue reading

Is Charles Saatchi interested in The Independent? (LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images))

Will #TeamSaatchi rescue the Indy?

17 January 2014 17:36

Roy Greenslade has set the hare running with his claim that Alexander Lebedev and his mini-mogul son Evgeny are looking to offload the Independent titles. The ‘viewspaper’ is understood to… Continue reading


Gendercide, abortion and hypocrisy of the pro-choicers

15 January 2014 14:48

There was a lovely little ultrasound picture of a foetus to illustrate the Independent’s splash today about the incidence of sex-selective abortions in Britain. According to the paper’s analysis of… Continue reading


Is the new Indy editor a Countryside Alliance supporter?

17 October 2013 17:12

Right on types at the Indy look away now. It would appear that your trendy new editor, Amol Rajan, is a supporter of the Countryside Alliance. He appeared on the… Continue reading

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The Melanie Phillips Mail mystery

17 September 2013 14:26

Why was Melanie Phillips ousted as the Monday columnist for the Daily Mail? The Guardian suggests that she was frustrated by the ban on writing about Israel, which is not a restriction placed… Continue reading


The View from 22 – Ex-Benedict, Mexican Horsemeat and goodbye to Sindy

14 February 2013 9:12

What does Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation mean for the future of the Catholic church? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Daily Telegraph’s Damian Thompson and Freddy Gray discuss… Continue reading