Obesity doesn't seem to be a problem in Hong Kong. (Image: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Dieting, Hong Kong style

28 July 2014 15:00

Three weeks in to my six week stint as an English teacher in Hong Kong, I’ve been struck by how unusual it is to see a fat Chinese person. While… Continue reading

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Addresses MIT Graduates

Don’t blame good results on grade inflation. Blame the teaching

22 April 2014 7:58

I was delighted to read that my university is apparently over-generous when it comes to awarding top degree classes. Oxford is among 21 universities accused of grade inflation after a Higher… Continue reading

Mr S could have been an Ukrainian egg decorator, but he didn't have the minimum PTTLS. (DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/GettyImages)

Eggcellent openings in Westminster

2 April 2014 11:45

Westminster City Council is advertising the role (offered by the Westminster Adult Education Service) of tutor in ‘Ukrainian egg decoration’ – at £25 an hour. Anyone who thinks that the job… Continue reading


Educating Yorkshire was, for the most part, self-indulgent pap

28 October 2013 9:28

I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary series, Educating Yorkshire, which has been as depressing as you might imagine from the title. Some of the teachers in the film… Continue reading

The New Term Begins For Students At Oxford University

Give me a tutorial over a lecture any day

23 October 2013 16:53

I’ve been at university for 17 days, and yesterday had my fifth contact hour: my second tutorial. ‘Tutes’ are what an Oxford education is all about. They’re the reason any… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Speaks At The Conservative Spring Forum

Michael Gove’s planned national curriculum is designed to renew teaching as a vocation

2 April 2013 17:37

Michael Gove’s planned national curriculum, heavily influenced by American reformer E.D. Hirsch, came under strong attack over the weekend. Critics claim that it will de-professionalise teachers. NUT activists and their… Continue reading

(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Another weird sacking

3 March 2013 10:42

Another teacher has been sacked for what looks like a wholly fatuous and unjust reason; these stories come in at the rate of about two a week. Christopher Hammond, head… Continue reading


Michael Gove’s schools ultimatum pushes up standards

14 December 2012 17:36

Michael Gove’s reformation of the education system from top to bottom has so far been unstoppable. Often though, the Education Secretary’s detractors bellow there is a lack of proof that… Continue reading

From the teaching unions' response to the decision to introduce performance-related pay into the teaching sector, you'd think Michael Gove had put Voldemort in charge of teacher pay. Picture: Getty

Do teaching unions not trust head teachers?

7 December 2012 12:45

Michael Gove had a very good autumn statement: not only did he get £1bn for new free schools and academies, but he also got performance-related pay for teachers. Gone will… Continue reading

Michael Gove has demanded that the Labour leadership apologise to a schoolgirl heckled at the Labour conference for going to an Academy. Image: Getty.

Gove kicks back at school bullies

4 October 2012 14:52

A Labour conference delegate was heckled from the floor when she mentioned her school. Joanne, an immigrant who came to this country seeking political asylum and is about to read… Continue reading

Teaching unions oppose regional pay, even though a study today suggests it could help schools retain good staff and raise grades. Picture: Getty.

Pay study embarrasses teaching unions

22 August 2012 15:55

The teaching unions like to dismiss talk of introducing regional pay to the public sector as a plan that will hit deprived areas hardest. Their fierce opposition to the plans… Continue reading


Obstruction overruled

21 June 2012 17:15

The Spectator’s Schools Revolution conference is being held on Tuesday next week. One of the speakers, Mark Lehain, writes below about his experience setting up a free school. Other speakers… Continue reading

The Conservative Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 3

Repeat after me…

19 June 2012 19:30

The fuss stirred up by the mere suggestion that poetry might be part of the school curriculum was extremely suspicious. Just as George Osborne quietly announced his u-turn on the… Continue reading


Gove gets covering fire

1 May 2012 9:54

Good teaching matters; that’s something we don’t need to be taught. But how much does it matter? What are its measurable benefits? Today’s education select committee report collects some striking,… Continue reading


The teachers’ unions take on Ofsted, Osborne and Gove

10 April 2012 11:35

I counted five issues which the NUT conference suggested that teachers might strike over. But in a conference full of the usual bluster, the most noteworthy threat was not to… Continue reading


First, Liquidate the Teaching Unions

12 March 2012 17:03

There are few sights more pitiful, more vexing or more predictable than the sight of teaching unions on the whinge. This time it is the EIS and the other unions… Continue reading


When failure actually counts as success

22 February 2012 8:58

Michael Gove’s latest prognosis for schools was delivered at a lunch in Westminster yesterday, but it’s important enough to repeat the morning after. The Independent has a full report here,… Continue reading


Gove takes on bad teachers

13 January 2012 12:18

Michael Gove’s giving a robust defence of his plans to make it quicker and easier for schools to sack bad teachers. ‘You wouldn’t tolerate an underperforming surgeon in an operating… Continue reading


First, Shoot All the Teachers*

1 December 2011 16:16

Our local paper, the Southern Reporter, reports that “2,000 public service workers” took the day off work yesterday. Sorry, withdrew their labour to protest against a monstrous government regiment that… Continue reading


Teather pledges to double the pupil premium

18 September 2011 13:17

Assorted acolytes from the teaching unions are padding around the Lib Dem conference, fomenting discontent around activists who are opposed to the coalition’s adoption of academies and free schools. Officials… Continue reading


Miliband: We can’t spend our way to a new economy

13 September 2011 18:20

David Cameron and IDS have been promoting the Work Programme this afternoon and they reiterated that jobseekers must learn English to claim benefits if their language difficulties are hampering their job applications.… Continue reading


Cameron’s well-schooled argument

9 September 2011 12:47

When Michael Howard offered David Cameron the pick of the jobs in the shadow Cabinet after the 2005 election, Cameron chose education. Howard was disappointed that Cameron hadn’t opted to… Continue reading


Beating Labour’s education legacy

25 August 2011 17:30

If it is GCSE results day, there must be a row about government education policy. True to form, the NASUWT — a union whose role often appears to be to… Continue reading


A victory for common sense

11 July 2011 15:45

For years, teachers have been increasingly reluctant to restrain unruly pupils — for fear of being slapped with a lawsuit. But now, it seems, the government is trying to ease… Continue reading


These strikes are wrong, ad nauseam

1 July 2011 12:27

Okay, as it’s Friday, here’s footage of that weird, repetitive Ed Miliband interview that has been bouncing around the blogosphere since yesterday: