Taxpayers’ Alliance

Jonathan Isaby with Kevin Maguire a recent 'do' where the TPA won an award.

Times are changing at the Taxpayers’ Alliance

10 December 2013 17:42

Those tortured souls who study the Kremlinology of Westminster think-tanks had some rare excitement last night. Out went Matthew Sinclair…


Finally, a tax cut that Kevin Maguire supports

15 November 2013 17:52

Last night’s Public Affairs News awards in Whitehall was, as usual, an orgy of back-slapping and smooching for the lobbying industry. Mr…

Stamp Duty is affecting ordinary house sales in the Midlands and the North, not just the plusher regions of London and the South East.

Stamp Duty is stomping all over Middle England

6 August 2013 13:40

65 per cent of the people buying a home in London in 2012-13 paid the 3 per cent rate of…


The View from 22 — Cuts, what cuts?, the rise of individualism and the green shoots of economic recovery

20 June 2013 9:25

Is George Osborne cutting enough into public sector spending? In this week’s Spectator cover feature, Ross Clark examines how the…

Eric Pickles. Illustration: Ian Tovey.

If Eric Pickles is cutting the town hall rich list, here are the Tories to talk to

10 May 2013 17:36

Eric Pickles is a driven man on a mission to slash spending and waste in local government. As the latest…

The 1988 Budget defined a decade of Tory radicalism

How do you get more tax from the rich? Cut their tax rates. Lessons from Lawson, 25 years on.

13 March 2013 0:12

I’ve just returned from a dinner given by the TaxPayers’ Alliance for Nigel Lawson to celebrate the silver anniversary his…

Peter Hitchens and Damian Thompson go head-to-head on addiction. Graphic: Carla Millar

Does addiction exist? Peter Hitchens vs Damian Thompson in our new View from 22 podcast

7 March 2013 9:32

Should we be doing more or less to help to tackle drug addiction? And does addiction even exist? Are addicts…

Pounding the streets wasn't enough for David Cameron and Maria Hutchings to convince the voters of Eastleigh. Photo: Getty Images.

The mighty Metis machine that could save Cameron’s bacon in 2015

3 March 2013 17:51

What does David Cameron need to do to win the next general election? Following on from Eastleigh, several of the…

Little Green Street Included In Worldwide Travel Book

Why no conservative should support a mansion tax

18 February 2013 13:47

The Government is expected to raise around £550 billion in tax revenue this financial year. The Centre for Policy Studies…

On the right in this picture - Yves Daudigny, the man who proposed the Nutella Tax in France. Image: Getty

Why do-gooding ‘sin taxes’ always stink of politics

24 November 2012 14:30

Nutella may have been created by Italians, but it is the French who really love it. The hazelnut spread is…


Promoting tax transparency at the petrol pumps

21 August 2012 11:26

Too many taxes are buried in prices. From Value Added Tax to the cost of extravagant subsidies for renewable energy,…


End the #endfossilfuelsubsidies subsidy

19 June 2012 11:30

The European Union has been handing out grants to environmentalist groups since 1997. New research by the Taxpayers’ Alliance today…

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner de

Stop funding Argentina

8 June 2012 16:15

One of the justifications for Britain’s large, and rapidly growing, international development budget is that it promotes our national interests.…


In place of tinkering: the 2020 Tax Commission

20 May 2012 22:41

The report which Fraser mentioned last week, from the 2020 Tax Commission, has just been published – you can download the…


Cameron approaches Lib Dems’ chief tormenter

19 April 2012 14:35

News is breaking at the Telegraph that Matthew Elliott — head of the TaxPayers’ Alliance — is being considered for an…


We need a crack down on tax avoidance

9 April 2012 11:29

After the Budget there was a lot of anger over the pasty tax and the granny tax. Another big rise…


Bercow finally gives a fig

24 February 2012 11:57

It looks like those £32,500-a-year figtrees won’t be staying in Portcullis House for long. While they may add a pleasant ambiance…


Why property tax rises aren’t the answer

23 February 2012 12:56

When Tim Montgomerie first started calling for new wealth taxes I was horrified. Sweden has only just abolished its wealth…


A green-light for HS2 — but the coalition’s political instincts should tell it to stop

10 January 2012 20:20

Earlier today, the Government announced that it is still planning to go ahead with a new high-speed rail line that…

The Climate Change Committee’s suspiciously opaque report

15 December 2011 15:30

The Climate Change Committee, a quango set up to advise the Government on its emissions targets, make a big claim…

Forget the Brussels Summit — here’s how Cameron could challenge EU power at home

8 December 2011 18:01

Much has already been written this week about the negotiating hand that David Cameron should be playing in Brussels over…

How much are we paying towards next week’s strike?

25 November 2011 11:19

Next week, millions of public sector workers will go on strike over proposed changes to their pensions. And yet, even…

What does the ‘carbon floor price’ mean? More emissions and fewer jobs

18 November 2011 11:18

After the Conservative Party Conference, Fraser described this statement in George Osborne’s speech as the Osborne Doctrine: ‘Let’s at the…

Tax busting

4 November 2011 9:03

Back in June 2008, when Gordon Brown’s government was young but already so weak it looked like it might not…

Executive pay: don’t believe the headlines

29 October 2011 10:36

Open yesterday’s or this morning’s papers, and you’ll find plenty of reports about the snouts of FTSE100 chief execs being…