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Just 19 days left to file your tax return: here’s what to do

12 January 2017 11:52

There are just 19 dreary January days left to complete your online self-assessment tax return and – here’s the important…

Christine Lagarde’s conviction could play into the hands of the National Front

19 December 2016 18:54

When Christine Lagarde stood before the Court of Justice of the Republic last week to defend herself against charges of…

The sign on the HM Treasury on Horse Gua

VAT: a back door money spinner that generates billions for the government

13 December 2016 11:23

If conspiracy theorists turned their attention to the economy rather than, I don’t know, aliens or Hillary Clinton, surely it…

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Delivers Opening Keynote At Macworld

Are Apple disrupting the tax system?

30 August 2016 20:41

Reading this week about the European Commission’s verdict that Apple should pay €13 billion in back taxes to Ireland (even…

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Tax cuts are what we need, not interest rate tinkering

14 July 2016 10:35

The national obsession with the Bank of England base rate is beginning to make my blood boil. If low interest…

David Cameron Meets Supporters After A Successful Night At The Polls

Why you should care about a little-known pensions rule

29 June 2016 10:12

When you were a young child, did you ever throw away the packed lunch provided by your parents, then go…

The case for lowering taxes

3 June 2016 9:00

There’s a saying that when you tax something, you get less of it. Sometimes, this is a good thing. The…

The Spectator podcast: tax vs sex

16 April 2016 9:30

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or follow us on SoundCloud. After the row over tax returns,…

House Prices Continue To Fall As The Economy Stagnates

Government U-turn on granny flat tax

14 April 2016 10:39

Since the start of April, anyone buying a home with a granny flat could have found themselves hit by an…


I confess it all… I’ve been dodging tax since the age of eight

13 April 2016 12:44

As someone who still entertains hope of becoming a member of Parliament one day, I’d better come clean about my…

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Forget David Cameron – I want to know about Wayne Rooney’s tax return

13 April 2016 12:14

While we’re on the subject of taxes, what about footballers? That’s a question often put up by bankers accused of…


Today in audio: PM branded ‘dodgy Dave’ as tax row rumbles on

11 April 2016 17:26

David Cameron has been defending himself in the Commons following the publication of his tax return. He said he found…

Osborne and Corbyn publish their tax returns – but are they any more interesting than the PMs?

11 April 2016 16:25

George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn have now both followed in the Prime Minister’s footsteps by publishing details of their tax…

The Coffee House podcast: David Cameron’s tax headache

11 April 2016 15:24

David Cameron has bowed down to pressure by publishing his tax return and now the Chancellor has done the same.…

David Cameron Announces Financial Boost For Mental Health Services

Cameron’s handling of the tax row means it won’t go away any time soon

11 April 2016 10:24

David Cameron will give a statement in the Commons addressing the row about his tax arrangements, with George Osborne expected…


Tax boost for savvy savers

11 April 2016 10:09

Savers have been handed some much-needed support at the start of the new tax year, but the number of government…


Most people try to avoid tax – the rich are just better at it

10 April 2016 12:08

However wicked tax evasion is and however distasteful some tax avoidance may be, people should imagine a world without tax…

Here's the 'evil Cameron' picture that we've seen so much of since he started to lead the press on this late Easter Egg hunt through his family finances.

David Cameron’s tax returns tell us nothing. So why did he publish them?

10 April 2016 6:44

It’s just as well that David Cameron abandoned his career in public relations because he seems to be comically (or,…

Keith Allen with his daughter Lily Allen

Lily Allen in a spin over David Cameron’s offshore trust stake

8 April 2016 17:47

Oh dear. David Cameron’s bad day just got worse. After he admitted to previously owning shares in his father’s offshore fund,…

‘Cameron comes clean’: Newspapers savage PM after offshore tax confession

8 April 2016 7:48

This morning’s newspapers were never going to make enjoyable reading for the Prime Minister following his admission yesterday that he…


Budget blues: who will be the biggest losers?

14 March 2016 9:25

A song is buzzing around my head. ‘It’s the same the whole world over: It’s the poor what gets the…

New Scottish Labour Party Leader Announced

Scottish Labour, peering into the abyss, wake up and decide to do something

2 February 2016 16:45

Last week Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, ventured south to the Imperial capital to brief the…

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Does John McDonnell have any savings for a rainy day?

1 February 2016 16:26

It is very sporting of John McDonnell to release his tax return for us all to inspect. It is reassuring…

Google tax row is convenient for Labour

27 January 2016 9:04

In the Google tax story, which continues to run in the papers today, Labour has found a theme that it…