Kurdish Peshmerga show what they say is a mass grave of more than 50 Yazidis killed by Isis in Sinjar. (Photo: Getty)

A genocide is underway in Iraq and Syria. Why won’t the government recognise this?

20 April 2016 11:02

Later today the House of Commons will vote upon a motion expressing belief that a genocide is underway against Christians,…

Captagon pills seized in Damascus in January (Photo: Getty)

‘You even stop thinking of your own family’: meet the Isis fighters addicted to amphetamine

1 April 2016 17:49

‘We would fight them, slaughter them,’ Aadheen told me. ‘The moment we take a pill we would stop thinking about…

The Spectator Podcast: Putin’s Endgame in Syria

18 February 2016 12:18

In this week’s issue, Owen Matthews discusses Vladimir Putin’s endgame in Syria. He says Russia’s bombing of Aleppo this week…

EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess

30 January 2016 12:03

Even EU officials are now finally admitting that a lot – or, rather, most – of the people we have…


Our leaders should read history books – but not just ones about the Nazis

28 January 2016 17:31

If I was in charge of the Home Office I’d employ someone whose sole area of expertise was Hitler’s Germany and…


Anyone who joins Isis should be tried for treason

28 January 2016 16:26

Fifteen months ago Philip Hammond talked about treason. In an exchange with Conservative backbencher Philip Hollobone in the House of…

Alexander Litvinenko (Photo: PA)

Is the West ever going to stand up to Vladimir Putin?

21 January 2016 15:59

If you walk down Holland Park Avenue, down the hill to Shepherd’s Bush, you’ll come across a statue wreathed with…


Jobs for Syrians: Paul Collier’s advice for the Prime Minister

20 January 2016 10:16

David Cameron is today expected to urge leaders to ease trade rules between Jordan and the EU to help with the Syrian…

Faisal Trad, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Geneva, 
meets with Michael Møller, 
Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (Credit: UN Watch)

The ten worst UN moments of 2015

31 December 2015 16:49

While a new year can mean new beginnings, Steerpike would hate for anyone to forget some of 2015’s more ‘interesting’ incidents. So…

RAF Typhoons begin their operations in Syria (Photo: Getty)

The ground forces problem

8 December 2015 18:33

As the row over David Cameron saying that the Joint Intelligence Committee estimate there to be 70,000 potential anti-Islamic State…


John McDonnell tweets abuse at himself

7 December 2015 14:03

While the abuse Labour MPs — including Stella Creasy and Ann Coffey — have received since they voted for airstrikes…

An Iraqi Sunni fighter after clashes with Isis in Diyala province (Ahmad al-Rubaye/Getty)

I used to mock non-interventionists like Corbyn, but events have proved them right

7 December 2015 12:25

I hate to say it, but Jeremy Corbyn is right where I have been wrong. Corbyn’s protest that the Syrian…

(Photo: Getty)

European countries are now united by the war against Isis

4 December 2015 17:22

If anything positive comes out of the Syrian crisis, and I appreciate it’s like looking for silver linings in the Great…


Family values: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother takes a swipe at Hilary Benn – ‘a disgrace to his father’

4 December 2015 12:25

After Hilary Benn gave a passionate speech in favour of airstrikes, many on the left praised him for his words even…

Can British bombs save the Syrians from Islamic State fascists? (Photo: Getty)

Can ‘democratic’ bombs defeat ‘fascism’ in Syria? I have my doubts…

4 December 2015 10:11

Au contraire. Au contraire. I thought Hilary Benn’s speech was well delivered, but workmanlike in construction and told us nothing…

(Photo: Getty)

Forget Syria: a weak Greece endangers us all

3 December 2015 17:32

There is nothing waiting for people who leave school in Greece today. It does not matter how much young Greeks…

RAF Typhoons begin their operations in Syria (Photo: Getty)

The more we bomb Isis, the stronger they become

3 December 2015 16:52

Isis can’t be seen as a single entity; as one cohesive army. The reality is that probably only a small…

Happier times

Yesterday’s vote wasn’t about Syria’s war. It was about Labour’s

3 December 2015 11:48

Parliament is always in a way a comedy of vanity. Yesterday it was a narcissistic farce. Our elected representatives spent…

A US air strike last year on Kobani, Syria (Photo: Gokhan Sahin, Getty)

What’s the plan in Syria? Yesterday’s debate gave us few answers

3 December 2015 11:22

David Cameron may now have his bombing mandate, but he still has no strategy. The PM’s ‘hope for the best’…

(Photo: Getty)

Commons votes to bomb Islamic State in Syria

2 December 2015 22:54

British airstrikes against Islamic State will be extended to Syria after the House of Commons voted strongly in favour of…


Anybody who uses the phrase ‘Daesh’ is terminally deluded

2 December 2015 17:57

This is a relentlessly busy world, with so many people expressing so many different points of view. We become overwhelmed…

Bombing Raqqa may make the West feel better, but it isn's stopping Isil's advance

Airstrike debate sketch: terrorist sympathisers, anti-Semitism and a basket of old ribbons

2 December 2015 16:10

Bomb Syria. That was Cameron’s priority today as PMQs was sidelined in favour of the debate on airstrikes. His opponents’…


‘National security’ has become our main justification for war

2 December 2015 15:54

I’ve been in touch with Anisa for just over a year, ever since I met her in a dingy refugee compound…

Photo: Ben Pruchnie (Getty)

While ‘Daesh’ prepare to fight, MPs debate how to hurt their feelings

2 December 2015 14:00

Today in the Commons the Tory backbencher Rehman Chishti asked: “Will the Prime Minister join me in urging the BBC…

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 13.32.08

Jeremy Corbyn gives his half of the Labour response to Syria

2 December 2015 13:38

By the time Jeremy Corbyn got to his feet in today’s debate on action in Syria, the House of Commons…