The point of an arts degree is the time it gives you to pursue other hobbies (Photo: Getty)

Students worrying about ‘value for money’ miss the point of an arts degree

23 June 2015 12:05

University towns are already awash with fur-trimmed gowns and proud parents, but behind the smiles there’s a glimmer of resentment: four in 10 of those graduating this year think they’ve… Continue reading

Tarquin and Lucretia by Titian

‘Trigger warnings’ are tools for censorship. They have no place in academia

26 May 2015 18:02

I get defensive when feminists are accused of being prudes. There’s nothing prudish in critiquing a monotonously promiscuous culture; in despairing of unrealistic body standards, or believing, as I’ve argued before,… Continue reading


The Greens’ regressive message has lost them student votes

27 April 2015 13:09

‘If you’re not a socialist before you’re twenty-five, you have no heart; if you are a socialist after twenty-five, you have no head,’ goes the old, oft-misattributed saying. But if… Continue reading

Russell Brand Delivers The Reading Agency Lecture

Young votes are there to be won but politicians don’t seem interested

19 April 2015 14:12

If I had a penny for every time a politician or a journalist insinuated that of all the issues facing Britain in the 21st century, public transport was the thing… Continue reading

(Photo: Pedro Armestre/AFP)

Having an abortion means ending a life. Even pro-choice students should realise that

24 October 2014 12:42

Last week, the Tab, an online student tabloid, published an article by an anonymous Cambridge student entitled ‘I shouldn’t have been aggressively reminded of my abortion at Freshers Fair’. The… Continue reading

An Iraqi Yazidi woman in the mountain village of Lalish on 6 October (Photo: Safin Hamed, AFP/Getty)

‘Islamophobia’ strikes again – national students’ union refuses to condemn Isis

16 October 2014 10:01

In a world often devoid of good news, there has been a fine development on the farthest-flung shores of insanity. The British National Union of Students aspires to represent students,… Continue reading

Student Protest

The death of student activism

22 May 2014 16:00

Oxford students heard this morning that, after a three-day referendum, our student union, OUSU, will be disaffiliating from the National Union of Students. I voted to break with the NUS,… Continue reading

Eva-Maria Westbroek as Anna. Photo: Bill Cooper/Royal Opera House

Opera tickets are too cheap

31 March 2014 17:55

A revival of Anna Nicole will open the Royal Opera House new season, it was announced today. And students will be able to get in for £1, tweeted Kasper Holten proudly.… Continue reading

The New Term Begins For Students At Oxford University

How local government is threatening Oxford University’s competitiveness

25 March 2014 10:30

The press love a bit of Oxbridge competition, but Oxford is embroiled in a far older and more ruthless rivalry: town vs. gown. It was in a dispute between the… Continue reading

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

I’m ashamed of myself

9 November 2013 10:30

On waking up (at noon) on Thursday morning, I found I had a text from one of my fellow History freshers. Sent at 6am and accompanied by a screenshot of… Continue reading

2 days into freshers' week, Carola Binney received the reading list for her first essay.

Cheated by freshers’ week

15 October 2013 16:33

My freshers’ pack (a yo-yo, two balloons, a sachet of instant hot chocolate and a condom) is barely visible beneath English Historical Documents, volume 1. Two nights of dancing knee-deep in foam has… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why, once again, a fall in student immigration is good

24 May 2013 13:21

Yesterday came the news that net migration has once again fallen, this time to its lowest level for ten years. In the year ending September 2012, net migration was 153,000.… Continue reading

William Hague has left his mark on the English language. Image: Getty

William Hague’s beery legacy

5 March 2013 13:50

Po-faced Labour MP Grahame Morris has been crying into his bitter this morning at young Tories up at York University who hold an annual ‘Hagueathon’ in honour of the fourteen… Continue reading

Beth Stockbridge, an intern with the US

Will 2013 bring an end to unpaid internships?

17 December 2012 19:45

It’s a bit early for predictions for 2013. But my feeling is that it could be the year of the unpaid intern, or rather, the year of the paid intern… Continue reading

'Champagning' at St. Andrew's University, taken from the video below.

St Andrew’s students beat ‘milking’ with ‘champagning’

12 December 2012 12:43

The Daily Mail got very excited last month over ‘a new student craze’ called milking, where students post videos of themselves ‘pouring milk over their heads in public places’: The… Continue reading

Picture: Getty Images

More left the UK for work in the last year than came here for it

29 November 2012 17:52

Net migration to the UK from April 2011 to March 2012 was 183,000, down by a quarter on 242,000 the year before. That’s the headline figure from today’s Office for… Continue reading

David Willetts today announced that the ONS will now publish two sets of migration statistics. Picture: Getty.

Willetts attempts to limit the damage of Coalition immigration policy

13 September 2012 17:50

There was a flutter of excitement among the Higher Education community this morning, when the education editor of the Times tweeted that David Willetts, the Universities Minister, was about to… Continue reading

The New Term Begins For Students At Oxford University

A U-turn on international students would be welcome

10 July 2012 9:45

If you have been confused over the last couple of days by the mixed messages emerging from Downing Street about the government’s policy on international students, you are not alone:… Continue reading


Another voice: How ministers are gaming the net migration target

14 May 2012 9:22

International students are currently the largest single category of immigrants who count in the net migration figures, which cover all those intending to stay more than a year. In the… Continue reading


Immigration to fall in 2012 — but still not on track to hit the Tory target

1 January 2012 12:35

Immigration will remain at the heart of political debate in 2012. Economic downturns tend to heighten concerns about migrants competing for jobs and depressing wages, and spending cuts tend to… Continue reading


New immigration figures

25 August 2011 10:46

The Conservative wing of this government is on a quest to reduce net migration to, in the words of David Cameron, the “tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands”. Liberal… Continue reading


An American view of tuition fees

2 July 2011 11:45

When I visited the US recently, I got talking to some American teenagers about university. They (like me) had just left school and were trying to decide where to go… Continue reading


In Praise of Alastair Sim

21 April 2011 0:49

There is, I confess, little pressing need to post this clip from The Happiest Days of Your Life beyond the fact that a) it is always good to see Alastair… Continue reading


Across Europe, students are protesting against the end of their entitlements

4 January 2011 18:00

A month ago I found myself in the space of one week in two different countries, yet in the midsts of what felt like the same phenomenon: the political awakening… Continue reading


The government takes the fight to students

30 November 2010 13:58

The government’s response to the protest over tuition fee hikes has stiffened. Nick Clegg has written to Aaron Porter and David Cameron has penned an op-ed piece in the Standard… Continue reading