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Tristram Hunt with fellow rising stars Gloria de Piero and Emma Reynolds. Picture: Getty

Labour lurched towards honesty in its reshuffle

8 October 2013 7:38

Labour types are pretty grumpy that yesterday’s far-reaching reshuffle of their ranks is being billed as another ‘lurch to the…

Stephen Twigg at the Labour conference today. Photo: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/GettyImages

Stephen Twigg pitches himself against Gove on cost of living

22 September 2013 19:52

Like his colleagues in the Labour party, Stephen Twigg used his speech this afternoon to focus on the cost of…

The Education Secretary opens a free school in Birmingham (Photo: Getty)

Super-sized primary schools will damage education standards

3 September 2013 17:45

This morning, as parents were getting their children ready for their first day at school, the Education Secretary was taking…

David Cameron is delighted at the government's progress on schools. Photo: David Bebber/WPA Pool/Getty Images

How can Labour respond to the rapid rise and popularity of free schools?

3 September 2013 15:59

As the new school year begins, the Department for Education has announced 93 new free schools are opening — more…

Both Michael Gove and Stephen Twigg want to tackle abuse of multiple exam entries. Photo: Getty Images.

No need to fret Stephen Twigg, Gove is already tackling multiple exam entries

22 August 2013 19:10

At last, something Michael Gove and Stephen Twigg agree on. Both the Education Secretary and his opposite number agree that…

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Twigg fights reshuffle fears with Sharknado

6 August 2013 16:24

Ed Miliband is rumoured to be on the verge of sacking shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg, who is simply no match for…

From September 2013, this will become The Kings Priory Academy. Photo: Sebastian Payne for The Spectator.

The King’s School merger will go ahead unchallenged — Labour should be celebrating

6 August 2013 11:57

The battle for The King’s School is over, and Labour has lost. As reported in today’s Newcastle Chronicle, North Tyneside…

Image: Getty

What Stephen Twigg doesn’t understand about Sweden’s for-profit schools

19 July 2013 13:04

As a Swede, I’m always intrigued to hear the British Labour Party say how Sweden’s free school system has been…

Posters in Tynemouth shops supporting the new Kings Priory Academy. Photo: Sebastian Payne.

Parents vs. the system: which side is Labour on?

12 July 2013 17:45

Should Labour support private schools joining the state sector? Yes, is probably your immediate response but in reality, Labour’s position…

Michael Gove

New curriculum offers political points to Tories

8 July 2013 8:37

The funny thing about the new National Curriculum, published today, is that after all the fuss of the past few…

Stephen Twigg was conspicuously absent from Gove's fantasy Labour education team. Picture: Getty

Michael Gove’s fantasy Labour education team

24 June 2013 16:57

Michael Gove and his colleagues have enjoyed poking Labour on education policy recently. His catty letter exchange with Stephen Twigg…

Michael Gove

Michael Gove kindly warns Stephen Twigg: people think you’re weak

19 June 2013 15:59

What a lot of fun Michael Gove is having with Stephen Twigg’s latest policy pronouncements. The Education Secretary has written…

Michael Gove

School choice is not a scandal: Gove nails Twigg’s rum brand of localism

17 June 2013 15:14

Michael Gove is naturally having some fun with Stephen Twigg’s schools speech. The Education Secretary has responded to Twigg’s plan…

Stephen Twigg joined his Labour colleagues in trying to wrest localism from the Tories. Picture: Getty

Labour is after the Tories’ localism crown

17 June 2013 11:55

Stephen Twigg is, as he probably expected, coming in for a bit of flak on his U-turn on free schools…

Stephen Twigg

How should Labour deal with the teaching unions?

11 June 2013 11:40

While dealing with the teaching unions is a simple stand-off for Michael Gove, spare a thought for poor old Stephen…


Michael Gove gets his way with GCSEs…in the end

4 June 2013 12:16

You just can’t keep Michael Gove down. After beating a very public retreat by u-turning on plans to replace GCSEs…

Anthony Seldon wants schools to teach good character. Picture: Getty

Schools can teach good character and the 3 Rs

22 January 2013 16:44

Education debates are riddled with false choices, as Michael Barber notes in his recently published essay Oceans of Innovation. It’s…

Tim Loughton giving evidence to the Education select committee.

Tim Loughton vs the Department for Education, round 2

22 January 2013 14:57

The battle between Tim Loughton and the Education department rumbles on, with new foot soldiers joining the fray. The latest…

Michael Gove has demanded that the Labour leadership apologise to a schoolgirl heckled at the Labour conference for going to an Academy. Image: Getty.

Gove kicks back at school bullies

4 October 2012 14:52

A Labour conference delegate was heckled from the floor when she mentioned her school. Joanne, an immigrant who came to…

Labour is keen to paint Michael Gove as a pantomime villain. Picture: Carla Millar.

He’s behind you! Michael Gove is the pantomime villain who inspires Labour

4 October 2012 13:57

There was plenty of panto on the conference floor this week in Manchester. Ed Miliband encouraged delegates to boo several…

Stephen Twigg

Labour conference: Stephen Twigg to launch New Deal for teachers

4 October 2012 0:01

It doesn’t seem entirely fair that Stephen Twigg’s speech has been left to the final day of the Labour conference,…

Stephen Twigg

Will Labour accept Gove-levels?

17 September 2012 8:45

Nick Clegg and Michael Gove will announce their joint plans to reform GCSEs today, a day earlier than they had…


Twigg takes aim at Gove on school playing fields

15 August 2012 19:42

The Olympics may be over, but the political row over school sports fields is set to rumble on into the…