Labour break ‘no PM pictures’ pledge after just three days

4 February 2015 15:15

‘Labour promises “no PM pictures”‘ reported the BBC three days ago: ‘The party said it would focus on issues rather than personalities. and not use negative personal campaigning. Its election… Continue reading

Does Balls get dough?

Former chairman of Pizza Express: Labour ignorant of way capitalism works

3 February 2015 15:59

‘The Labour Party is looking to appoint a Business Relations Administrator’ according to their website. Is this the toughest job in Westminster? After a vicious onslaught from Tory sympathising CEOs like Boots’… Continue reading

Dave enjoying a walk.

Dave’s chillaxed approach to keeping fit

26 January 2015 11:29

First it was George Osborne on the 5:2 diet, then the Prime Minister revealed he had ‘given up bread’ in an attempt to shed some pre-election pounds. Today, Cameron has… Continue reading

Lord Brocket with some friends. Image: Getty.

Chelsea fan Brocket dampens Arsenal’s Christmas

17 December 2014 17:23

It could be a bleak Christmas party for Arsenal Football Club on the 22 December, as Steerpike hears their planned festive bash booked in at Brocket Hall in Berkshire may be a… Continue reading

Candy Crush. Image: Getty.

Nigel Mills goes cold turkey on crushing candy

8 December 2014 15:05

When the Sun found Nigel Mills had spent most of a select committee session playing Candy Crush on his iPad, the MP’s first response was to say he’d ‘try not… Continue reading


Russell Brand reveals the pick-up artists he will—and won’t—endorse

20 November 2014 15:00

‘Any system for chatting up women is in itself questionable’ says Russell Brand today in response to the Julien Blanc scandal, that has seen the Home Office ban the controversial… Continue reading


Does George Osborne really lock his office fridge at night?

18 November 2014 17:11

It seems the most exciting thing to come out of today’s Commons press gallery lunch with Danny Alexander was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s claim that George Osborne locks… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Carry on waffling about Europe, Dave – but do the EastEnders approve?

4 November 2014 15:42

Having perused the replies for my call to caption Ed Miliband and Mary Creagh, Mr S is sorry to say that there is no ‘winner’, nor even a ‘favourite.’ There… Continue reading

Manchester, 31 October 2014 (Photo:  Nigel Roddis/Getty)

Caption Ed Miliband and see Alex Salmond’s face in the Halloween pumpkins

1 November 2014 14:38

Even the po-faced Associated Press (video above) couldn’t but describe as ‘toe-curling’ Ed Miliband’s encounter with a homeless hijabi. Pundits agree that Ed appeared ‘terrified’ of the beggar in Manchester. Mr… Continue reading

(Photo from BBC News)

What’s the opposite of a champagne socialist? Phillip Blond

14 October 2014 11:44

Phillip Blond, sporting tinted specs for this morning’s devolution debate, is famed in the wonkier side of Westminster for his unique style. The self-styled ‘Red Tory’, who split with the Cameroons… Continue reading

Millionaire Stuart Wheeler Loses Lisbon Treaty Challenge

Treachery in UKIP?

25 July 2013 12:34

Steerpike is back in this week’s edition of the Specator. Here is a preview: ‘Is there treachery at the top of Ukip? Westminster has been buzzing with the rumour that… Continue reading

It looks like David Cameron will not be relying on Populus during his re-election campaign. (Photo by Darren Staples - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


2 May 2013 14:30

Steerpike is back in print in today’s Spectator. Here’s a taste of what to expect: ‘It’s been a tricky few days for Populus, the ultracool research organisation. Once the Tories’… Continue reading

Vote Stanley, get Boris! Image: Getty

Johnson and Johnson

7 February 2013 8:30

Steerpike is back in today’s edition of The Spectator. Here is a sneak preview: ‘Stanley Johnson, replete with energy and charming as ever, is touring the country looking for a… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger has fallen in love with an over-priced piano. Image: Getty

Alan Rusbridger’s new playmate

24 January 2013 10:59

Steerpike is back in this week’s magazine. As ever, here is your preview: ‘While losses mount at the Guardian, the editor, Alan Rusbridger, has fallen in love. He keeps ordering… Continue reading

A rare glimpse of Sir Jeremy Heywood, sitting in the middle of the Cabinet table and looking warily at the camera. Image: Getty.

Sir Jeremy ‘the Master’ Heywood

8 November 2012 9:00

Mr Steerpike is back in print in today’s Spectator. Here’s a taste of what to expect: ‘Hats off to Sir Jeremy Heywood. The Cabinet Secretary’s bid to delete himself from… Continue reading