Spice Girls

The Spice Girls illustration from the 1996 interview

Spice Girls get cold feet about Brexit

12 April 2016 13:19

When Simon Sebag Montefiore interviewed the Spice Girls for The Spectator, the five pop starlets surprised a lot of fans…

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Britain’s ‘top entrepreneur’ Victoria Beckham faces a fine

11 November 2014 13:01

When Victoria Beckham was crowned Britain’s top entrepreneur by Management Today there were sniggers from an unkind few, while others…

Geri Halliwell has said that she admires Mrs Thatcher. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/GettyImages)

That’s more like it Geri

12 April 2013 11:23

Well how about this for a turnaround? After Steerpike highlighted the somewhat dubious ‘girl power’ Geri Halliwell, who praised Thatcher…

Whatever happened to Girl Power? Image: Getty

Spineless Spice Girl deletes Thatcher tribute after Twitter abuse

8 April 2013 18:05

The political tributes and barbs cast after the news of Margaret Thatcher’s death have been covered on Coffee House today,…

2012 Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony

The Olympic show is over

13 August 2012 12:32

I have hugely enjoyed the French verdict on London 2012: the whole thing was botched and all our athletes cheated.…


An Olympic triumph

13 August 2012 0:29

What a superb closing Olympic ceremony. Normally, government chokes the life out of any arts project it takes on and…


Spicing up my life

11 August 2012 17:34

I do not necessarily wish to imply I have the gift of prophecy. But this is either uncanny or part…


Any Spice is too much

10 August 2012 11:06

It’s actually happening. Leaked rehearsal snaps (via Twitter) confirm the very worst suspicions about the Olympic closing ceremony. Yes, that’s…