Owen Paterson. Image: Getty

Owen Paterson's speech on abandoning climate change targets – full text

15 October 2014 20:00

Tonight former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson gave the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s annual lecture. Here’s how he said we should go…


MC Dave and post-modern politics

3 October 2014 17:32

After David Cameron’s conference speech, Mr S noticed a YouTube video of the Prime Minister all over Facebook and Twitter.…


The Only Political Speech You’ll Ever Need To Read

3 October 2014 14:50

Political summer holidays aren’t all about body-boarding and pointing at fish for the cameras. For most in the front rank…

David Cameron delivering his conference keynote speech. Image: Getty

David Cameron’s speech had classically Tory messages – but it shows he hasn’t given up on modernisation

1 October 2014 16:23

The Tories leave Birmingham in far better heart than when they arrived. They feel that they have succeeded in setting…

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

Podcast special: David Cameron’s speech

1 October 2014 16:11

Has David Cameron just delivered his best-ever speech as party leader? I discuss it with James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman…

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David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative conference – full text and audio

1 October 2014 12:56

listen to ‘David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative conference’ on audioBoom I am so proud to stand here today as…

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Theresa May’s speech on terrorism and extremism – full text and audio

30 September 2014 12:24

Our values will prevail in the fight against terrorism and extremism Thank you, Alexander, for that thoughtful and inspiring speech.…

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George Osborne’s speech in six graphs

29 September 2014 13:15

George Osborne normally shines at Tory conferences. A historian by training, Osborne knows the power of narrative and he had…

Photo: BBC

Good riddance to rhetoric

25 September 2014 16:32

Autumn is here, and so the political classes celebrate the return of Any Questions and Question Time. (The Dimbleby is…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

‘It just wasn’t a speech that you would say if you were Prime Minister.’

24 September 2014 16:59

Labour conference has now finished. Today was better than the others, but the delegates still struggled to show their enthusiasm…

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper’s excellent speech shows that the Labour party has saved the best till last

24 September 2014 13:49

Yvette Cooper today reiterated her pledge to scrap the Tories’ net migration target as she addressed the Labour conference. Her…

Leader of Britain's opposition Labour Pa

Miliband’s people

23 September 2014 22:14

Have you met Ed Miliband recently? Then he probably namechecked you in his speech earlier today. Unless you talked about…

Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Ed Miliband’s ten-year plan speech – full text and audio

23 September 2014 17:09

This afternoon Ed Miliband gave his last speech to the Labour conference before the general election. There’s full text and…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

Miliband’s dividing lines

23 September 2014 13:15

The more we learn about Ed Miliband’s speech (to be given later this afternoon), the clearer the dividing lines that…

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Ed Balls’ speech on balancing the books – full text and audio

22 September 2014 13:27

Twenty years ago, starting at this Labour conference, we together took the historic step of reforming our party’s constitution. The…


Watch: Gordon Brown’s passionate speech in defence of the Union

17 September 2014 18:10

It’s been called rousing, barnstorming, the speech of his life. Gordon Brown’s passionate message for Scotland, which he delivered to…

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George Osborne’s ‘fight for full employment’ speech – full text

31 March 2014 12:28

In a speech given at Tilbury Port in Essex, Chancellor George Osborne hailed cuts to business and personal taxes this…

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Ed Miliband’s speech on Europe: full text

12 March 2014 11:21

In a speech today at the London Business School, Ed Miliband set out Labour’s policy on an EU referendum: unless…

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Merkel visit: now it’s time for David Cameron to tell us want he wants

28 February 2014 10:23

David Cameron pulled out all the ceremonial stops for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to London and the way in which…

Chancellor George Osborne Speech On EU Reform

George Osborne’s speech on whether Scotland could keep the pound – full text

13 February 2014 12:28

In a speech in Edinburgh today, the Chancellor launched an attack on the ‘yes’ campaign’s intention to keep the pound…

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David Cameron’s speech on Scottish independence – full text and audio

7 February 2014 11:49

At the Lee Valley Velopark today, David Cameron gave a speech where he called on people across the UK to…

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Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ speech: full text and audio

17 January 2014 11:59

listen to ‘Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ banking reform speech’ on Audioboo Today I want to tell you what the…

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George Osborne’s New Year speech on the economy

6 January 2014 11:59

Earlier today the Chancellor gave a speech on the economy where he set up a choice for politicians: cut back…

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Where Boris was right on inequality

28 November 2013 15:04

Hold the front page, Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has made a startling confession: he’s not a communist. Well…

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Ed Miliband’s speech on ‘dealing with the cost of living crisis’: full text

5 November 2013 11:41

It is great to be here in Battersea with you today. Last Friday, I was in my constituency, at the…