Watch: Gordon Brown’s passionate speech in defence of the Union

17 September 2014 18:10

It’s been called rousing, barnstorming, the speech of his life. Gordon Brown’s passionate message for Scotland, which he delivered to an enthused crowd at the Maryhill Community Central Hall in Glasgow,… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s ‘fight for full employment’ speech – full text

31 March 2014 12:28

In a speech given at Tilbury Port in Essex, Chancellor George Osborne hailed cuts to business and personal taxes this week as the ‘biggest in two decades’ – and committed… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s speech on Europe: full text

12 March 2014 11:21

In a speech today at the London Business School, Ed Miliband set out Labour’s policy on an EU referendum: unless there are further transfers of powers, there won’t be one. Here’s… Continue reading

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Merkel visit: now it’s time for David Cameron to tell us want he wants

28 February 2014 10:23

David Cameron pulled out all the ceremonial stops for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to London and the way in which she played along is testament to her desire for the… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Speech On EU Reform

George Osborne’s speech on whether Scotland could keep the pound – full text

13 February 2014 12:28

In a speech in Edinburgh today, the Chancellor launched an attack on the ‘yes’ campaign’s intention to keep the pound as the currency of an independent Scotland. Here’s what he… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s speech on Scottish independence – full text and audio

7 February 2014 11:49

At the Lee Valley Velopark today, David Cameron gave a speech where he called on people across the UK to speak out for the UK and against Scottish independence. Here’s… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ speech: full text and audio

17 January 2014 11:59

listen to ‘Ed Miliband's ‘One Nation Economy’ banking reform speech’ on Audioboo Today I want to tell you what the next election is about for Labour. It is about those… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s New Year speech on the economy

6 January 2014 11:59

Earlier today the Chancellor gave a speech on the economy where he set up a choice for politicians: cut back on welfare, or hurt ‘hard working families’ with tax rises… Continue reading

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Where Boris was right on inequality

28 November 2013 15:04

Hold the front page, Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has made a startling confession: he’s not a communist. Well not quite, but almost. Boris in fact said in a… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s speech on ‘dealing with the cost of living crisis’: full text

5 November 2013 11:41

It is great to be here in Battersea with you today. Last Friday, I was in my constituency, at the local Citizens Advice Bureau. And I talked to some people… Continue reading

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View from 22 podcast special: Cameron’s land of hope and Tory

2 October 2013 15:22

Isabel Hardman thinks David Cameron’s speech was very well delivered but lacking in any actual news, while James Forsyth believes it was given to draw a clear dividing lines between the Tories and… Continue reading

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Cameron’s speech shows he wants a re-run of 1992

2 October 2013 13:25

David Cameron’s Chequers speech writing session was held hours after Ed Miliband had finished speaking at Labour conference, and it showed today. This was Cameron’s passionate, sometimes angry, response to… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative conference – full text and audio

2 October 2013 12:23

listen to ‘Cameron: ‘Together we will build that land of opportunity’’ on Audioboo This week in Manchester we’ve shown this Party is on the side of hardworking people. Helping young… Continue reading

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Boris Johnson’s speech to the Conservative conference: full text and audio

1 October 2013 15:13

listen to ‘Boris: ‘It’s time to cut the yellow Lib Dem albatross from around our necks’’ on Audioboo Good morning everyone. Good God … good morning everybody, thank you very… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s speech to the Conservative conference: full text and audio

30 September 2013 12:48

listen to ‘George Osborne's speech to the Conservative conference’ on Audioboo At every Party Conference since the election, as we have gathered, the question for us, the question for me,… Continue reading

William Hague

William Hague is charming, but what he says won’t satisfy the Eurosceptics

29 September 2013 17:53

William Hague has to be one of the most charming men in the Cabinet. Today, rather than attacking his Lib Dem colleagues for being ‘woolly’, as Philip Hammond did, the… Continue reading

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Look who’s back: Steve Hilton returns to help with Cameron’s conference speech

29 September 2013 13:07

When Steve Hilton left Downing Street he regarded his friend David Cameron’s premiership as a disappointment. As Matt d’Ancona reports, Hilton regarded Cameron as ‘reactive not transformative’. When he didn’t… Continue reading

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Labour conference: Ed Miliband’s speech – full text and audio

24 September 2013 17:18

listen to ‘Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour conference’ on Audioboo It’s great to be in Brighton. And I want to start by thanking somebody from the bottom of my… Continue reading

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Red Ed is bringing back populist socialism

24 September 2013 16:16

‘Red Ed is back,’ said the Daily Mirror’s Kevin Mcguire, and it’s a fair summary of today’s speech. He has pledged to use state power to force the hand of… Continue reading

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Labour conference: Ed Balls’ speech – full text and audio

23 September 2013 14:28

Below is the text and full audio of Ed Balls’ conference speech given today in Brighton, as released by Labour’s press office. But there’s one section missing. It’s the one… Continue reading

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Len McCluskey’s speech at the Labour conference – full text and audio

23 September 2013 12:29

listen to ‘Len McCluskey: ‘If our party is to have a future it must speak for working people and organised labour’’ on Audioboo Harold Wilson once said that if Labour… Continue reading

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Nigel Farage’s speech at the UKIP conference – full text and audio

20 September 2013 12:59

listen to ‘Nigel Farage’s speech at the Ukip conference’ on Audioboo Well, here we are. After twenty years. What an audience. Look at you. All that work. All those leaflets.… Continue reading

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Lib Dem conference: Nick Clegg’s speech – full text and audio

18 September 2013 17:18

listen to ‘Nick Clegg: 'We want to get in to government next time around'’ on Audioboo Three years ago – nearly three and a half – I walked into the… Continue reading

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Lib Dem conference: Danny Alexander’s speech – full text

17 September 2013 16:12

listen to ‘Danny Alexander: There's no spending bonanza around the corner’ on Audioboo Conference, it’s great to have you here in Scotland. In Glasgow or, as we like to call… Continue reading

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Lib Dem conference: Vince Cable’s speech – full text

16 September 2013 13:55

listen to ‘Vince Cable's speech to the Lib Dem conference 2013’ on Audioboo Friends. It is a special pleasure to speak to Conference in the city where I had my… Continue reading