A worker poses outside the Dwa Koty Polish delicatessen in Crewe, England (Photo: Getty Images)

There is no such thing as ‘immigrants’ – only Poles, Yanks, Somalis…

6 November 2014 15:50

There was much glee about yesterday’s publication of a report into the economic impact of immigration, which concluded eastern Europeans had provided a net benefit of £4.4 billion to the… Continue reading


Four-wheel-drives are to ISIS what longbows were to the English at Agincourt

12 September 2014 14:37

What exactly, I found myself wondering, would jihadists do without modern four-wheel-drives? Car ads are customarily shot on the French Riviera’s Grande Corniche or on a very particular road in… Continue reading

Elephant tusks being transported in the Congo. Image from Twitter, via @GatelyMark

How al-Shabaab is keeping the black-market African ivory trade alive

16 November 2013 16:50

It has taken a while, but finally the world appears to be taking the illegal trade in ivory seriously. Why now? Reports of a ‘terror trail’ that links al-Shabaab and… Continue reading

William Hague led this afternoon's Commons debate on Europe. Picture: Getty

William Hague: Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan is where the threat to the British homeland is coming from

3 February 2013 12:29

On the Sunday Politics, William Hague confirmed that the greatest terrorist threat to the British homeland come from Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But he argued that without intervention, the Sahel… Continue reading


The man of the moment

16 July 2011 14:41

Andrew Mitchell has announced that DfID will provide £52.25 million in emergency aid to ease suffering in East Africa, which has been wracked by drought. The supplies will be distributed… Continue reading


Apparently, Britain is less stable than a country in danger of collapse

23 June 2011 14:55

If there is one global index it is best not to be on, it is the Fund for Peace’s annual Failed States Index. It ranks 177 countries using 12 social,… Continue reading


A tale of two statesmen and a wary industry

21 September 2010 11:01

The only readable part of Tony Blair’s Lawrentian romp of a memoir, is the epilogue. He explains why the state must be trimmed in the future and how globalisation is… Continue reading


Andrew Mitchell: the answer to global terrorism

17 September 2010 11:32

Al Shabaab and al Qeada are brothers in arms – Somalia is a hothouse for terror. Jonathan Evans, director general of MI5, has openly expressed his view that it is… Continue reading


The “sleeper issue” of 2010: Yemen

31 December 2009 14:37

As Melanie Phillips says in her article for this week’s issue of the magazine, the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab highlights the role of other, less frequently discussed, countries in… Continue reading