Social Media

How social media won the day for the Donald

19 November 2016 9:00

There are plenty of theories about how Donald Trump pulled off his shock victory. But however he did manage to…

No, thank you, Officer, I will not think before I speak

28 May 2016 13:44

As my daughter was preparing for her AS level exam on 1984 this week, George Orwell’s dystopian classic loomed back…


Facebook is helping the left to eat itself

22 May 2016 7:42

I hate Facebook, mostly because it’s full of other people’s happiness. I appreciate this makes me a terrible person, but…


The internet’s war on free speech

10 May 2016 16:12

The dream of internet freedom has died. What a dream it was. Twenty years ago, nerdy libertarians hailed the web…

Bonnie Armitage and her pony, Linsday. Image: The Armitage Family

The anti-hunt mob have reached a new low

5 April 2016 14:15

Last Saturday, on 2 April, 9-year-old Bonnie Armitage was killed by a kick from a horse. This tragic accident could have happened…


Facebook’s ‘Motherhood Challenge’ is designed for sad exhibitionists

5 February 2016 17:06

Further proof that social media is fundamentally evil comes by way of Facebook’s Motherhood Challenge. It has been doing the…

Jeremy Corbyn speaks on a phone handed to him by a member of the public outside a cafe in Edinburgh.

Labour’s social media clampdown should be the least of its worries

23 November 2015 18:23

Labour appears to be obsessed with its image on social media. If the general election result taught us anything, it’s that…


Yes, we wear poppies. But we don’t print our faces onto them

18 November 2015 15:57

‘What’s worse: people who add French flags to their Facebook profiles, or those who sneer at them?’ asks my colleague…

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.40.16

What’s worse: people who add French flags to their Facebook profiles, or those who sneer at them?

18 November 2015 10:41

Robert Frost famously defined poetry as the moment when emotion finds thought, and the thought finds words. But in the…

'Clowns in Rebellion' protest outside the Palestine border in Jerusalem (Photo: Pallasos en Rebeldía)

Do political activists really need to be naked to make their point?

23 September 2015 10:04

When did political campaigns become so vain? The latest instance involves a bunch of clowns from Spain (they’re literally clowns,…


A big ‘like’ to the ‘dislike’ button – Facebook should be a forum, not an echo chamber

16 September 2015 11:37

Stormy seas ahead for the virtue signallers of this world. Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that he may soon introduce a…

Plates on shelf above white Aga oven in country kitchen

Having an Aga doesn’t make you posh

11 August 2015 10:26

‘I already hate Sam. He’s too chavvy.’ Can you imagine the outrage that would kick off if someone said that about…

Royal Opera's controversial new production of Rossini's William Tell. Photo: Clive Barda

Boo the knee-jerk reaction to William Tell not the rape scene

1 July 2015 13:05

‘I blame Princess Diana’, was my guest’s response to it all. Certainly, there is much we might lay at the…

Students protest against Marine Le Pen's attendance at an Oxford Union debate. Image: Getty

What does the Tim Hunt saga tell us about the future of democracy?

21 June 2015 10:45

A friend of mine, who attends a top UK University, recently attended a generic debate on feminism and sexual violence.…

twitter mensch hitchens

War of words: Louise Mensch vs Peter Hitchens (or could it be Steerpike?)

19 June 2015 15:07

While Mr S is used to reporting from the sideline on Twitter wars, he tends to refrain from taking part…

honor is jihad

Telling young men that ISIS is ‘dangerous’ will only encourage them to go

18 June 2015 11:23

‘The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had’ When we were both sixteen, my then-best friend…

The MNDA advert

We really are screwed if we believe that social media can curse us

11 June 2015 17:27

More bad news for Malaysia, I’m afraid, where a group of tourists have apparently managed to trigger an earthquake simply…

Do independent publishers realise what they are signing up for? (Photo: Simon Lees/Getty)

Do Google and Facebook threaten the free press?

20 May 2015 12:50

What are newspapers for? The answer, of course, is not just to tell us what’s going on and explain the…


Some advice to people angered by the election: add some Tories on Facebook

12 May 2015 16:29

My father recently passed away, and the stories people inevitably tell of the dead brought back memories of childhood. As…

Nicola Sturgeon taking a selfie. Getty Images.

This is a social media election. But in the most miserable, sinister way

24 April 2015 13:29

A friend of mine was notorious at university for photoshopping every single photo of her that went onto Facebook. Every…

(Photo: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle)

She’s wrong, but Katie Hopkins has a right to call migrants ‘cockroaches’

20 April 2015 17:32

I know we’re all supposed to be spitting blood over Katie Hopkins’ Sun column about African migrants. In fact, anyone…


The General Election 2015 viral video chart

14 April 2015 13:24

Last week, the Greens released ‘Change the Tune’, a party political broadcast on YouTube. It features actors playing Cameron, Clegg, Miliband…


Keep trolling the politicians, Twitter

27 March 2015 15:55

A politician’s life on Twitter is rarely uneventful. I have written in defence of all the goodwill and positive communication…


This new crowdsourcing site allows anyone to use their skills to advance basic human rights

16 March 2015 17:36

One of the questions I most often get asked is: ‘What can I do?’  If you agree that actual liberals…


If Isis doesn’t like Twitter, it should invest in its own tech companies

2 March 2015 17:17

Isis has a new bête noir: Twitter. Employees at the social media company have received death threats, as has Jack Dorsey, the…